Beauty tips for teenage girls

If you are a teenage girl, you adore to look your best when ever you are going out to watch movies with your friends or going to your school or college. At this age you may be battling with acne. Therefore, the beauty tips for you, being a teenage girl, have to be selected with care so that your acne problem is not aggravated. We here share with you best beauty tips for teenage girls.

14 Beauty Tips For Teens

1. Acne: The foremost problem teenagers face is acne. Follow our home remedies for acne. If the acne problem still persists, make it sure to visit a dermatologist. Instead of spending $ 100 on your jeans, getting rid of pimples is the best investment for you.

2. Take care of your skin: Whatever you do, without a healthy skin you will not look beautiful. So take care of your skin by following organic skin care tips. Wash your face every night with a good cleanser to remove the oil and dirt from you skin. After washing your face use a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.

3. Avoid the foundation: Teenage girls should not tempt to cover their acne with thick layer of foundation. Foundation in teens hides their natural beauty. It suits women over 30. For teenagers best is to cover up their blemishes with concealer and then apply a powder or tinted moisturizers.

4. Never rub concealer, instead pat it: The best way to apply concealer is to pat it over blemishes or acne. Never rub. There are some concealers that contain medication to treat acne. Put a little on the pad of your middle finger and pat it in.

5. Avoid too much make-up: Don’t overdo it. Beauty tip for teens is to keep it simple instead of piling on eye shadows and blush. Even up your skin tone with tinted moisturizer and then apply pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Make your eyes prominent with gold eye shadow and a couple of coats of black mascara. Apply light pink or nude lip gloss to your lips.

6. Balance out your eyes and lips:If you like heavy eye makeup then go for nude lips with just a bit of gloss. And if you like having dark lipstick, keep your face light and don’t use heavy blush rather wear only mascara on your eyes with a light eye-shadow. Also then avoid heavily lining your eyes. Remember not to line lips in a color darker than your gloss or lipstick.

7. Don’t play up everything, everyday: Never try to wear everything, foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eyes-shadow, and lip-liner and gloss daily. At teenage the best beauty tip for you is to use a great mascara, concealer for blemishes and gloss. Add on a bit of blush in winter. Too much make-up is not only bad for your acne but a looks spoiler also.

8. Line just at the eye-lash line:Do not line the inside of your eyes. It will make your eyes appear smaller. An obvious line looks un-natural also.

9. Beauty Tips for Teens about Hair Care:

(i) Avoid using hot blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. They damage your hair.

(ii) The teenage girls should keep their hair moisturized and healthy. This you can do by getting your hair trimmed every alternate month and limit the heat hair styling.

(iii) For dry and damaged hair, consider deep-conditioning of your hair once a week. You can use olive oil for this purpose. Warm up 1/4 cup of olive oil and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with shampoo. Learn here best way to deep condition your hair at home.

(iv) Long layers are good for any hair type. It makes curly hair appear manageable, thin hair appear thicker and wavy hair just right. However, don’t get too many layers cut in.

(v) Follow hair growth tips from an early age to have healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss in later years.

10. Vaseline: It is not only good for setting your chapped lips smooth and soft but also an inexpensive eye make-up  remover.

11. Sunscreen, best friend for teens: Whenever you go out in direct sun light for extended periods, apply sunscreen. The sun’s ultra violet rays can penetrate even car windows. These rays are not good for your skin and moreover contribute in creating wrinkles on your skin.

12. Teen Beauty Tips about Fingernails and Toenails: When you meet some body and shake hands or discuss something with someone with your  hands over the table, the people do notice your hands and fingernails. So take care of your nails with following beauty tips for teenage girls:

(i) Never bite your fingernails. This is not only unhygienic but it leaves your nails misshaped and curved.

(ii) Use a nail file properly. Don’t do sawing motion on your nails. Sawing motion on your nails create tears on your nails. The proper way is to file in the same direction.

(iii) While trimming your nails, don’t try to clip the nail in one cut. Use multiple cuts till the nail is trimmed to get a proper shape.

(iv) Don’t keep too long toenails.

(v) Keep your nails clean and of same length.

13. Play up your best feature – A Teen Beauty Tip: If people tell you, you have lips like Angelina Jolie; do not miss to wear gloss and go for bold lipstick colors. If it’s your eye color which attracts the people most, experiment with different eye-shadow colors that compliment them and do not miss to wear mascara. Also find out which colors shirts and tops look best on you and go for those colors.

14Real beauty is from inside: You must have noticed that many times a girl who is overweight, without wearing make-up, looking ordinary but if she is happy and cheerful, will attract more people than other girls. So if you are happy and cheerful, you will look 10 times prettier than the other girls sitting next to you. So the most important beauty tip for teenage girls is to be happy and cheerful, always.

 Follow the above outlined beauty tips for teens to look gorgeous and beautiful.


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