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With the advent of eCommerce platforms, online stores have grown in terms of worth revenue-generating business. eCommerce has not only provided a platform for the retailers even though it has changed the definition of store businesses. The increasing mobile use and internet-dependent life are the main cause of it

When it’s about building your own online store, you should always be aware of all the related giveaways. If you’re already blown away with WordPress open-source environment, then you must hold your breath to know about some of its most responsive plugins. All together have helped so many eCommerce websites to grow in this highly competitive environment.

To let you know all about them, we have come up with a list of top 5 WordPress plugins. Each plugin has its niche for completing some specific tasks.

Here you go,


WooCommerce: Our first plugin is often referred to as one of the best solutions if you’re up for building and expanding online stores. With its totally free cost, you can afford to create a store for a blog and its five products or include a big collection of thousands of products. As long as your hosting and site infrastructure can handle it supports you for unlimited products and visitors also.

Moreover, WooCommerce has its own extension store, right there you can find a huge range of third-party developers, which are there to create extensions for WooCommerce.

If you are still paying for certain elements like WordPress themes, shopping carts and beautiful product galleries to integrate them with WooCommerce. You can stop and save your money now. With it, Wonderpush Notifications and WooCommerce Push Notifications should be you must-have plugins for your websites, which will let your subscribers update and connect with your business through its messages deliveries. Did you know about it earlier? If yes, then it’s great, if not then you need to know a lot more. Let’s jump into another plugin.

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Easy Digital Downloads (EDD): EDD or easy digital standards gives you an intuitive plugin that is meant to manage and sell digital products on WordPress. No doubt, WooCommerce has the support for the same, but EDD is known for its more focused features on digital sales, and user-friendly interface. If your business is only about selling eBooks and PDF files, or audio clips, which nothing includes anything physical. Then, you should consider EDD very seriously in use over any WordPress eCommerce plugins. The reason to include it in your business performing list and its success is its free cost. And you also have a very personalized digital sales platform including features for discount codes, activity tracking, and file access control.

Hence, you can think about it to include it in your eCommerce platform. 

Cart66 Cloud: If you are not a developer and don’t want to mess with add-ons then cart66 cloud is a better option. It is because of its smart platform for all types of people, which approaches to reduce the number of add-ons needed for the smooth work-flow of the plugin. As you know it is tricky to work on your site with a collection of add-ons and extensions. Thus, Cart66 cloud offers you a WordPress eCommerce plugin which includes mostly features included in it. 

Moreover, it is easy to configure and use that’s why most reviews regarding it are positive. Like said earlier, if you are a regular person and don’t know anything about website development then its smart design might help you to solve add-ons.

WP eCommerce: If we talk about WP eCommerce then it is frequently considered as a direct alternative to WooCommerce. The reason behind it is the plugin set-up design of WP eCommerce is similar to WooCommerce, which includes, dashboard, interface, and pricing model. The pricing says you can download the core plugins for free and if you can pay some amount then you can add-ons to add more features. The difference between both platforms is that WP offers a golf Cart extension, which is a premium offering and its price is $99 for a single site. It provides you features like live search, premium gateways, and grid view for your product galleries.

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Moreover, the advanced packaging is included in the package, whereas you need to add-on in WooCommerce. 

EcWid Ecommerce shopping Cart: The Ecwid eCommerce shopping cart is about boasting excellent ratings. Its setup looks like Woocommerce but it is quite different. The main difference to include is that Ecwid can be used on any website, whereas in WooCommerce you cannot. Also, if you have a drupal site, you can use Ecwid to launch an online store. And do you know? The same goes for WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, and many more. WooCommerce is the only WordPress plugin that is an alternative to it. The plugin is good to use, but it has one drawback that it is limited to one content management, But Ecwid is less expensive than WooCommerce, and other WordPress plugins. It has only one-month plans, but you get core plugins absolutely free and furthermore you will get more built-in features as opposed to a library of add-ons.

We hope that our piece has helped you to know about new exciting plugins that you can include in your eCommerce business. Don’t forget to mention your feedback down below in the comment box.



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