Mobile apps are ruling the world, and over time, many technologies have come to ease the mobile app development process.
One such technology is cloud computing technology that has evolved the entire process to create a successful app. According to a survey, 94% of developers agreed that they saw an improvement in app development with the use of cloud technology.

cloud technology

Cloud along with big data, AI, and other trends will develop profitable apps that will provide higher returns to firms and developers. Cloud helps enterprises make apps that are more accessible, fast and efficient. It also encourages investments in real-time mobile app development.

Advantages of cloud that makes it ideal for app development

⦁ Ease in functioning

A firm or enterprise using web-based apps on the cloud does not need to worry about maintaining the system. It is the job of the cloud provider to maintain and make the cloud system easier to use.
The firm who uses cloud technology gets solutions, which are exclusive to them. It is the main reason why mobile app development companies are using multiple cloud platforms for creating their applications.

⦁ Development for multiple OS

With the aid of cloud computing services, you can access the app on multiple platforms as they are web-based apps. You don’t have to create a specific app for every OS.

⦁ There is no chance of data loss

As a cloud mobile app works on a server, the chances of the app crashing and losing data is less to none. All the essential data is stored on the server and you can access it anytime.

⦁ More focus on app development

Usually, a developer spends a considerable amount of time managing the server. But with the help of cloud computing services, they can focus solely on developing the app’s features and functionalities.

⦁ Cloud technology provides developers with advanced features

When a developer uses cloud technology for building apps, they get exposed to additional features. These features were not available to them when they used other app development technologies.

With cloud technology, you get features that can bring about massive changes in app development. Due to cloud integration, the enterprise has access to features like geo-location and social media networking. It allows developers to add various features and develop multiple apps as they like with ease.

⦁ It is scalable

The cloud technology is scalable. It means that they allocate resources to numerous apps. When a developer uses cloud technology, he/she doesn’t have to worry about installing any additional hardware.
Since the cloud server is online, developers can easily allocate resources with a single click. It ensures that the app won’t stop running due to insufficiency of resources.

⦁ Cost-effective

To support a cloud environment, a mobile app development company outsources their data centers, servers and so on to vendors. It means that the development company has to invest in limited resources, making their investment manageable. It makes the cost of mobile app development using cloud technology affordable.

⦁ It is fast, quick and speedy

A firm that uses cloud technology for deployment, and app testing, can get the entire process done quickly. Besides, cloud technology enables developers to invest in real-time mobile app development.

Three Significant Contributions of Cloud Technology

Hybrid cloud environments are more significant for enterprise mobile app development
In recent years, companies have shifted to hybrid cloud environments as they are better for enterprise app development. The developers are choosing cloud technologies that share workloads and are not equal. There are some companies who are choosing public cloud. Others are using a private cloud that has more security and low latency.
An example of this is a real-time health app where critical data of patients must be stored in a private cloud. For the same app, its developer can store the backend process on a public cloud. Hence, at such cases, hybrid cloud deployments are becoming the first choice for developers. It lets them store and execute the app on the cloud that suits them best.

A security solution that are unified and fully integrated

App development teams are trying to close the gap between business and IT sector by integrating security solutions of a firm across the cloud system. A company whether approaching cloud solutions or already using it has to provide their developers with skill training. It is necessary to teach them how to use these integrated services to reach desired results.
With the development of AR and VR, cloud technology will reach even bigger heights.

Social media enabling and feature of Geo-location

Cloud computing technology has given mobile app development companies capability to build amazing user experience with low cost. With the aid of the cloud, developers have the option of adding social login feature to the app.
Also with cloud services, you can add geo-location feature to your application across multiple devices and platforms.


In the last few years, cloud technology has changed the process of building apps. It is because of cloud computing technology that the mobile app development process has become easier and quicker for businesses. Moreover, real-time mobile app development is possible due to this technology.
Developers now have more access to cloud-based applications. They are integrating these services into the network. The report shows that 91% of companies have found cloud beneficial to make apps that follow the standards set by the government. Thus, if you haven’t yet shifted to the cloud, it is high time to do a transition.


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