The Advantages Of Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card In Sunrise, Florida

Since Florida enacted its medical marijuana program in 2016, a lot has changed for patients. Legal access to cannabis opens the door to a whole new buying experience for consumers and introduces patients to new approaches to their health. Here are some of the top advantages of getting your medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida.

Quality of Product

When you buy medical marijuana legally from a dispensary, you can be assured of the product’s quality. Florida statute 381.986 requires that medical marijuana in Sunrise, Florida be subject to testing to ensure the quality and safety of products. The testing regulations apply equally to flower, low-THC cannabis, and processed cannabis products such as concentrates or edibles.
Testing must be carried out in a state-approved laboratory and will check the product for potency and contaminants such as pesticides and fungus spores. Products found to be unsuitable for human consumption can’t be sold. As such, you can be assured of the quality and safety of your cannabis by purchasing from a licensed dispensary with your medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida.

No More Black-Market Purchase

One of the worst parts about buying cannabis illegally is dealing with the black market.
Your cannabis may be contaminated, and you’ll have no idea what cultivar you’re buying or where your cannabis comes from.
Dispensaries, on the other hand, are subject to strict controls in terms of quality, safety, and sourcing. Any product purchased from the dispensary has been tracked from seed to sale by the state. This means that you can be sure what you’re buying and can expect consistency and quality every time.

Having Choice Over Your Medication

Getting your medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida gives you the freedom to pursue a more holistic approach to your health. You may prefer to avoid pharmaceutical drugs due to their potential links, or may have tried various pharmaceuticals and failed to find the relief you’re looking for.

As a legal medical marijuana consumer, you’ll have access to a range of quality marijuana products. This means that you can experiment to find what works best for you. This can be a great first step in taking control of your own health without expensive medical bills and endless doctor visits.

Easy Access

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida are typically open during normal business hours.
Once you’ve got your card, you don’t need an appointment to visit the dispensary. Best of all, you can generally count on dispensaries to have the products you’re looking for.

Medical Marijuana Reduces Costs

You may balk at the initial cost of a medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida but, in the long run, it can work out much cheaper. Pharmaceutical drug prices in the US have been climbing in recent years, and patients on low incomes are struggling to afford conventional treatments.
Depending on how much cannabis you need to use, medical cannabis can be a lot easier on your wallet.
Compared to the high cost of insurance payments, copays, and prescription charges, medical marijuana can be great for your wallet as well as your health.

Access to Professional Advice

Medical marijuana doctors in Florida are required to undertake state-approved training before making recommendations to patients. This means they can provide professional medical advice about cannabis and how it might interact with your existing medication.
Dispensary budtenders are also very knowledgeable about their products and will be able to tell you everything you need to know about what’s on offer. Compared to buying from the black market, access to this expert knowledge means you’ll have no problem finding the cannabis product that works best for you.

Range of Products

Since Florida legalized smoking medical marijuana, you’ll find a full range of medical cannabis products in your local dispensary. Options include:

  • Cannabis flowers – traditional cannabis for smoking and vaping
  • Concentrates – concentrated cannabis which provides powerful relief
  • Vape pen cartridges – these attaches to nearly any regular vape pen and can be a healthier option for medicating
  • Creams, lotions, and balms – topical cannabis products to treat skin conditions and localized pain
  • Cannabis oil – either pure or in a carrier oil; normally taken under the tongue, these are commonly used to treat serious medical conditions.

Quality of Service

Your local medical marijuana dispensary is set up like the pharmacy: locations are clean, well lit, and safe.
Staff members are highly trained and knowledgeable. Products are lab tested and tracked from seed to sale.
This means that you can expect quality, professional service comparable to any other legal business when you have a medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida.

Supporting job creation

The legal cannabis industry has been great for the American job market. Research shows that more than 200,000 Americans now work in the cannabis industry. In 2017, Florida employed 1,290 workers in its cannabis industry and is expected to add a further 9,500 in 2019.
Cannabis industry jobs, which often require expert knowledge and training, are typically well paid and come with full benefits. Both employers and employees pay their taxes like any other profession. By buying your medicine from the legal market, you’ll help to support your local economy.

Social Acceptability

Just a few short years ago, admitting to your friends and neighbors that you’re a cannabis smoker might have been unthinkable. Firing up a joint at home risked a visit from the Sheriff’s Department, or worse. Nowadays, everything is above board, offering you some protection from legal and social repercussions
As a holder of a medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida, friends and family can be sure you’re medicating with your doctor’s blessing. All of this means that, with the advent of legal medical cannabis, the stigma surrounding marijuana is going up in smoke.
Peace of Mind
Perhaps the most important aspect of getting your medical marijuana card in Sunrise, Florida, is peace of mind!
Knowing where your product comes from, that it’s safe, and that the police won’t kick down your door for using it is a blessing. This gives you the freedom to relax, enjoy your medication, and take control of your own health without worry and anxiety.
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