ssniperwolf net worth

With the name of the heading, there isn’t any way you will fail to understand the person we are going to talk about is a gamer by profession. And currently, people who aren’t quite keen on gaming have also developed a query to know more about Ssniperwolf net worth because of the quirky and interesting videos this personality has been putting up.

Yes, we are talking about Ssniperwolf, aka Lia Wolf, who is a YouTube and has gained stardom throughout the world. Let’s take a look at this personality’s life and much more to find out more about her and how she has turned her passion into her profession.

ssniperwolf net worth

What Does Ssniperwolf Do?

Very few people in the world have the capability to live their dreams and do what they want in life. But when you have examples like Lia Wolf, you surely get the zeal and enthusiasm to live your life the way you want to.

Ssniperwolfis is a famous name in the YouTube world, and it’s not only because of the videos she puts up about games. But also the passionate approach she shows in each of her videos and the love she has for games.

Lia belongs to the United Kingdom, and she has been interested in these games from a really young age – so much so that her parents would give her games and would encourage her tremendously. And this clearly shows that her parents have encouraged her interest massively.

Even though the lady has had an immense interest in gaming, it wasn’t until 2013 that she launched her YouTube channel. Currently, Lia has over 31.2 million subscribers with over 2950 videos on her channel.

Today, Ssniperwolf is quite a famous name among gamers and people beyond as well. So, now that you know what Lia does let’s check out in detail about her love life and much more.

ssniperwolf net worth

Lia Wolf Birth & Education Details

Lia’s real name is Alia Marie Shelesh. The lady took birth on October 22, 1992. And her birthplace is England, but she no longer lives there. Later in her childhood days, Lia moved to the United States and currently lives there.

As a child Lia did have a bright career and was quite good in her studies. She had taken up medicine and studied pharmacy for quite some time. However, that’s not something she did for long. Soon she gave up on her studies and decided to continue her career as a gamer.

Currently, Alia is counted as one of the most famous names who has established herself in the gaming industry. We have no concrete information about her parents, but we do know that she has two siblings.

In some of her videos, Alia shows her younger sister as well. But we have no details about exactly where she is living in the United States, nor do we have any new information about her parents.

ssniperwolf net worth

Ssniperwolf Net Worth

With our brief mentioned above, it is quite evident that this star has surely attained some amount of fortune that is sure to stay. Alia has not only attained wealth because of her YouTube channel but has also gained immense popularity on other social media platforms like Twitch and Instagram.

Currently, she has millions of subscribers who have given her the fandom that she is enjoying right now.

With the lavish lifestyle that this lady has been living, she certainly earns quite a bit. As per records and other sources of information, it is noted that Ssniperwolf net worth is over $7 million USD. Alia is an owner of a lavish house that has several bedrooms and a perfect place that people dream of staying in.

At the moment, this lady is surely becoming an icon as she is one of the most famous YouTubers whose earnings are whopping.

It is noted that she is currently earning around $1 million a month. So, we are not sure if the net worth is 7 or even more. However, Alia has made her way to Forbes magazine as one of the most famous influencers in gamers in the year 2017. Even though this happened 5 years back, this lady never fails to be at the top of gamers to date.

Physique Details Of Alia

Not just talent, this lady is surely possesses the blessings of perfect looks as well. Alia is 29, and yet she looks stunning, like in her teens.

With an adorable figure, she weighs around 52 kilograms. Plus, Alia is blessed with a height of 1.62 m which is perfect for a lady of this weight. Seemingly, her BMI seems to be just in place.

Alia Other Keen Interests

This lady has surely made it to the top of her career and become one of the most talked-about personalities. Apart from gaming, Alia has a keen interest in dogs as well, namely – Kuz and Tuna. She owns two dogs which are quite close to her heart.

Also, it seems with the ownership of lavish cars, Lia has an interest in driving or purchasing cars. Currently, she owns Mercedes and Chevrolet. But we are not sure about any other cars she owns.

Final Thoughts

Even being in the eye of several controversial topics, this lady has surely shown how to change one’s passion into their profession. It is true that many have done this but truly speaking, and not everyone has the opportunity or fortune to do so.

We wish this gorgeous lady acquires more wealth in the future and keeps striving towards her dreams and reaching new heights each day. If you have any more information about Ssniperwolf, don’t hesitate to bring it up in the comment section below – there is nothing like sharing great information with each other. 



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