shahveer jafry age

Is it just the Shahveer Jafry age that you are looking for? Or is the appealing personality that has brought you to this page to know more about him? Well, to be honest, no matter what, currently, this Pakistani YouTuber is one of the most searched about personalities on the internet.

And when people are enquiring about him, how can we refrain from letting you know more about him? So, let’s take you through this personality’s life and much more in the following segments. Are you ready? Let’s get started?

shahveer jafry age

Who is Shahveer Jafry?

Well, a Canadian resident but he belongs from Islamabad is surely becoming a sensational topic to discuss for the funny videos he puts up on YouTube and Facebook.

With a large fan-following, this YouTuber has become exceedingly famous. And it’s not only because of the funny videos that he puts up and entertains his people but also because of his looks.

Not only girls but even guys are eager to know about Shahveer Jafry age, marital status, and other personal details.

Jafry has a mixed ethnicity because of his background belonging to Asia and Canada. However, we have no information about his parents as of now. But we do know that this personality has four brothers out of which some have an interest in the social media business, just like Shahveer.

Currently, Shahveer’s younger brother Sunny is already following his footsteps and turning out to be a sensational star on several social media platforms. However, he still hasn’t managed to reach the fan following Jafry is currently enjoying.

shahveer jafry age

Family & Birth Details of Shahveer

Shahveer Jafry age is one of the most searched topics currently. And people insanely want to know what the social media star’s current age is. So, to break the news to everyone, currently, Shahveer is 28 years old.

The place of Islamabad was lit when Shahveer took birth on November 28, 1993. But Pakistan didn’t have Shahveer for very long. Soon, to complete his studies this personality shifted to Canada.

Currently, he is staying there and living a lavish life, and earning quite a bit from his social media popularity.

Shahveer Marital Status

With the rising popularity, this man has surely gained plenty of women and men fans. And everyone is solely eager to know whether or not Shahveer is married.

Shahveer is straight and was dating Ayesha Baig. We have no idea how long the two dated each other, but they got engaged to each other in 2020 December.

It wasn’t later than a year that Shahveer tied the wedding knot with Ayesha in 2021 October. The couple lives in Canada and is happily spending their life.

Who is Ayesha Baig?

We do not know much information about Ayesha, but it seems that this gorgeous lady is independent. And she has managed to secure a great place as a fashion designer. Just like her husband, Ayesha is also active on social media and manages two accounts on Instagram.

But it surely seems that the gorgeous lady knows how to do her promotion well. Ayesha owns a business account on Insta in the name of @ayeshabeigcouture. Plus, she also has a personal account where she puts up pictures of her personal life, which is in the name @ayesha.

Shahveer Jafry Net Worth

As per records and information present on the internet, Jafry’s net worth is around $3 million. But that’s not what Shahveer is going to stick to. He is going to increase his income and net worth in no time as his fan following is massively increasing with the great videos that he is putting up.

Shahveer Jafry Takeaway

It’s not just that this personality has stuck himself to his YouTube account. He uses his Instagram account to put up great snaps and quotations too. So, let’s take a look at some of the ideologies this personality holds and what inspiration they bring to us. Here are the following:

·       If you don’t have a hater, you don’t have a motivator ..

Through this quotation, it is quite evident that Shahveer, alongside having a large fan following, also has many haters. And these haters work like a motivation for Shahveer. The content that he creates is, of course, fresh and absolutely something that makes us happy.

But this doesn’t come from thin air. The man fights with himself and creates something happening and funny for people to enjoy. So, this is indeed something that we can take back with us today.

·       Once you go slap, you never go back ?✋

Another quotation that we have collected from Shahveer’s Instagram account is this one. He is surely not only funny but also determined about what he wants to do in this life. Through this quotation, Jafry clearly tells his audiences that if you want to slap or make a point, you don’t have the option to go back.

But that’s not all. This quotation does have a second meaning as well. Through the quotation, he also means that once you do something wrong, you don’t get the opportunity to go back. Indeed this clearly tells us that Shahveer has mindfully analyzed his life.

·       If you know how to self love, you can love yourself ??❤

This is indeed a funny quotation that Jafry has come up with and is telling us that if we love ourselves and with full intensity, that’s the time we know what to do with ourselves. So, always do what your heart tells you to do.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our little blog today, surely you know much about this YouTuber, and I’m sure you are taking back something with you today. No matter how big or small you are, there is always something to learn from someone, and we surely have learned a lot from Jafrey. We wish him a successful future ahead!




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