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Recent graduates are already steeped in debt and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t save as much as you can. Until you get a steady job that pays well, this might be the best strategy. After all, studying is not enough to get a job anymore, you must also intern at reputable companies to increase your chances of employment once you graduate. And, as anyone would tell you, internships end up costing money. In this article, you will know about Save Big During Internship: 6 Tricks That Will Make Your Money Last Longer.

According to Bloomsburg, during summer 75% of college students work as interns. We are all aware of how internships work. While the experience you get is extremely useful and increases the chance of getting a job, managing your commute, lunch and outings on low stipends is hard. It’s stressful for interns to save money while doing internships. Sure internships provide students with an opportunity to build skills as well as meet people working in their preferred industry, but at a cost and one that not all can bear. A good internship means a good job, but sometimes that internship can end up costing more than it pays back financially, especially when they’re unpaid.

Although many companies are trying to offer paid internship programs, there are still quite a few companies that hire interns for unpaid internship. If you’re a student, no matter whether your internship is paid or not, you should always be careful about how you spend your money at the office. 

You already have to pay for commute and food, and you might also want to partake in get together with colleagues. Doing activities and hanging out with co-workers is fun, but it’s not fun if there isn’t any money in your bank account. Then again, if you use your resources for office plans, you might not have enough to spend on outings with family and friends and that is no way to live, especially in the summer when the weather is great and people have free time to spend. However, worry not. Here are some tricks to help you save money while you’re doing your internships.

Start Cooking

When you cook your own food, your expenditure decreases dramatically. Taking lunch on an internship would help you save a huge amount of money. On a summer internship, there would be so many exciting things to spend money on. You can save money by taking lunch with you rather than buying from outside. If you live alone, you must learn cooking anyway. It is a life skill and sure to come in handy.

Get Cheap Space and Share it

If your internship is based away from your home, accommodation can be tricky and costly. A great way you can save in this area is by getting a dorm in a university or subletting an apartment on campus. You can even share a space with a friend. You’ll get some bonding done as well as save some cash.

Let Discounts Guide You

There are many student discounts available from movies, clothing stores and gyms, to restaurants and more. If you want to hang out with your co-workers, you can check out those deals. Also, you should check online for coupons as well to get discounts.

Get Cable-Internet Bundle

Internet and cable are essential for life. Cable helps you de-stress, helps you relate to society more, scares away boredom. Internet makes you more productive. Buying them separately can end up costing a lot so while you’re at it we’d suggest you bundle the deal. If you love some of those premium channels, we’d also recommend you upgrade to packages that offer them at no additional cost. For example, subscribing to Spectrum Silver will give you HBO which otherwise might cost more. If you’re sharing living space with someone, maybe you could split the cost as well. That’s sure to reduce your monthly expenditure.

Make your own Coffee

Coffee is the manna that keeps you going. But this elixir of life costs a fortune at shops. If you want to save some serious cash, consider using the coffee maker at the office instead. Most offices have them and they just might also offer the flavors you’re gaga about. Definitely worth asking about, right?

Cut Down Transport Costs

Sure, getting your own car and driving it to work sounds cool. Too bad, it costs a lot. A sure way to decrease you expenditure is to use public transport, or if you’re too fancy for it, carpool with office mates. Bike too is a great option if you’re into it. 


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