Efficient Gas Furnace

Whether you are looking to significantly lower your heating costs or you are keen to do something for the environment, a highly efficient gas furnace could be just what you are seeking. Today, people are looking at ways to save money by spending less and at the same time, minimize their carbon footprints. And, a high-efficiency gas furnace fits the bill. In this article, you will know about Qualities Of A Highly Efficient Gas Furnace

Just a decade or two ago, gas furnaces were not as efficient as the ones you can procure today. Nonetheless, if you are looking to keep your home snug and warm this winter while ensuring that you also pollute less, you need to consider the features and qualities of gas furnaces so that you can weed out the ones that are not highly efficient. Also, for maintaining the efficiency of a furnace it is essential to get it examined twice annually. For this, you can hire experts that can detect the smallest of troubles and provides skilled services like the one at Ace Plumbing.

What makes a highly efficient gas furnace efficient?

The credit for high-efficiency gas furnaces goes to technology. The heating industry has witnessed new and emerging technologies that have allowed these furnaces to become efficient. Thanks to the advances in technology, gas furnaces today have the ability to extract more heat from the gas and they use merely that much of energy that is required to heat a room or home. 

Here are some of the qualities that a highly efficient gas furnace should possess:

AFUE Rating: Check out the AFUE rating that the gas furnace has. It should be a minimum of 80. This rating denotes that the furnace has the ability to transform a minimum of 80% of the gas that it consumes into heat. However, for a gas furnace to be considered highly efficient, it should have an AFUE rating of at least 90. 

Variable Speed Blowers: A high-efficient gas furnace with variable speed blowers can save electricity. They do this as the blowers can work efficiently at a lower speed, thus consuming less electricity, and by also reducing the rates of cycling. Hence, such a gas furnace will be quieter and also provide uniform heating. 

Electronic Pilot Light: A gas furnace with a standing pilot light means that it is constantly using gas whether the furnace is working or not. On the other hand, a highly efficient gas furnace usually comes with an electronic pilot light that ignites only when the furnace is required. As a result, it minimizes the consumption of gas.  

Automatic Vent Damper: In a high-efficiency gas furnace the vent damper automatically works to close the flue pipe when the burners are switched off. As a result, the heated air stays inside the room/building, thereby reducing the amount of heat that is lost. 

Smart Control Features: Most high-efficient gas furnaces come equipped with smart control features. The different control systems interact in a smart manner with the thermostat to optimize the heating with minimal use of gas, and this works to enhance the efficiency of the furnace. 

Installing a highly efficient gas furnace can be an expensive affair. However, the cost of operating the furnace, in the long run, will prove to be a wise and smart decision, especially when you enjoy significant savings. So, if you happen to live in an area that has extreme winter, this is the furnace to opt for. Make sure it has the abovementioned features. However, before you decide to install the furnace, get an expert to check out the duct system in your home. You can get an HVAC professional to perform an energy audit to find out if you have leaks. Once they are identified, get them fixed and then install the highly efficient gas furnace. It is only then that you will smile each time you get your gas bill. 


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