lou dobbs net worth

If you are a 90s kid, you must have seen how your parents used to be glued when the super interesting personality on CNN! Yes, you guessed that correctly, we are talking about Lou Dobbs! Currently, the 77-year-old man personality is a talked-about topic, and people eagerly want to know about Lou Dobbs net worth and more!

Are you not interested to know why? Well, if you are, start scrolling down, and we’ll give you a complete guide about Lou Dobbs net worth, wife, and where he is! So, let’s get started and learn more about this famous personality!

Introducing Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs, just as he has the looks, he possesses immense talent as well. The super-talented 77-year-old-man is a TV host, news anchor, radio host, and journalist. So, you can well imagine how he has been involved in many ventures.

Dobbs has been a part of CNN since its inception. However, he didn’t work there as a vice-president and left the company in 1999. But it’s needless to say that Lou Dobbs had an emotional connection with CNN, and that very well reflects the fact that he rejoined CNN in 2001.

However, with the experience Lou Dobbs had gained, he felt CNN could no longer provide him with the exposure he wanted. So, Lou Dobbs decided to finally quit the company and explore other spheres of his professional career.

Again in 2011, the Dobbs fans were elated with the presence of this handsome personality on a television show, which was named after him and was called – Lou Dobbs Tonight. The program aired on Fox Business Network.

The Lou Dobbs Tonight show was a super hit! And it was soon declared as the highest rating show, and it’s of no surprise as the presence of Lou Dobbs was enough to make the show a hit.

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But that didn’t stay for long! In 2021, Feb, Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business Network was canceled. However, there is no official declaration about why the superhit show was canceled. But this news left all Dobbs followers and fans in utter disappointment.

lou dobbs net worth
Lou Dobbs with Wife

Lou Dobbs Wife, Children & Other Personal Details

Just as you can see people eagerly wait to learn more about this known face, let’s take a close look into his personal life.

Lydia Mae and Frank Dobbs were blessed with this super talented boy in 1945 on September 24. Texas’s Childress County of the United States lit up with the birth of this multi-talented personality.

Lou Dobbs went to Minico High School and completed his further studies at Harvard University. Dobbs tied his wedding knots in 1969. However, even after having a child, the marriage didn’t last! And the couple broke off in 1981.

So, to break the news to all Dobbs fans about Lou Dobbs wife, he got married again in 1982, and his current wife is Debi Segura. The couple’s love blossomed, and they were blessed with four children.

So, Lou Dobbs is the father of five children!

lou dobbs net worth

Lou Dobbs Physical Information!

Just as fans are mad over Lou Dobbs’s personality, they love the way he looks too! So, today we thought of highlighting some of this as well. Let’s check out more about this man!

Lou Dobbs is blessed with an excellent height of 6 ft 2”. With brown pupils and blond hair, this man is sure to have the looks. With the pictures we see of this handsome personality at the age of 77, we can well surmise that this man is sure to sweep plenty of women off their feet at a young age.

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Lou Dobbs Net Worth

There is no doubt that this famous personality has gained immense popularity. But that’s not all! Lou Dobbs has also been able to sprout up his bank balance too.

The work experience of being in Fox Business and CNN has surely brought Lou Dobbs a lot of fortune too!

Lou Dobbs net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Dobbs owns a luxurious house that he currently resides in with his second wife. The house is built on a 300-acre land and is around $1.2 million.

So, you can understand that this personality has surely worked hard to build the empire he resides in today.

Recognition of Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs is estimated to have a lot of fortune, and this is earned by him through a lot of hard work. Along with hard work, Lou Dobbs has gained immense popularity and has been awarded as well.

Let’s check out some of his achievements. Lou Dobbs has been graced with the Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award. Alongside, he has also gotten the Cable Ace Award. Some other recognition he got was the George Foster Peabody Award, the National Space Club Media Award, Horatio Alger Association Award, and more.

Where is Lou Dobbs Now?

Well, with such an outstanding career graph, everyone wants to know what Lou Dobbs is doing! But to break the sad news, Lou Dobbs is currently not working on any projects after the discontinuation of the Fox channel show.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly about Lou Dobbs net worth and much more. Even though the super interesting man is not working on any project but we presume he would start working on something soon. And even if the 77-year-old-man decides to lead a retired life, the fans have enough of his appearances on television watch again.

We hope Lou Dobbs the best for his future endeavors and wish he remains in good health always!