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Trees are undoubtedly valuable and growing assets to every property that needs full care. Apart from that, healthy trees serve many purposes in the local community. In school, everyone learns about the importance of trees, and that’s why many people consider them as the single most essential thing on this whole planet next to bees. Moreover, they play a significantly crucial role in the environment as they give oxygen to human beings by consuming CO2. In short, every life form does not live without trees. Now, if you talk about your home in perspective to the trees, they offer tremendous value when the point is of the overall ambiance. That’s why most people these days prefer taking home with a yard or having some trees near them. Certified Arborists –

But if you want your home and property to be the best, you have to provide your trees with the proper care. In short, offering adequate care to the trees will prevent the home and property from any damage. Moreover, trees do not only increase the value of the house but also have a great impact on the outer look. However, some of the homeowners prefer to take care of trees themselves, but if you want your trees to be alive for the long-lasting period, consider contacting a certified arborist.

What is a certified arborist?

In simple words, certified arborists are tree surgeons who have done practice of arboriculture. However, it is the study of managing and cultivating trees, shrubs, or other perennial woody plant life in horticulture. In short, the individual who got the training in the art and science of plantation, care, and maintenance of each tree is known as certified arborist. 

The certification offered to certified arborists is via ISA, a non-governmental and voluntary process in which individuals can document their knowledge base. The individual with ISA Certified Arborist has basic knowledge of arboriculture. Additionally, they should have three years of working experience in the tree healthcare sector. 

However, if you talk about the work of tree arborists the scope of work has a pretty wide range. That means they spend ample time with different types of trees. Apart from that, they also have to work next to power lines for which they are given some extra training. Moreover, arborists are required to work up in a tree, and several different techniques are used to get access to heights.

Various services arborists can offer

  • Pruning

An arborist is a person who very well knows the type of pruning mandatory to maintain and improve the health of the tree, safety, and appearance. Some of the pruning techniques that include removing limbs are: –

  • Damaged by storms
  • Dead, weak, and pose an unacceptable risk
  • Sidewalks
  • Interfere with structures
  • Insect-infested

Many other pruning techniques are used for maintaining proper structure in young trees, helps in improving tree shape, and most importantly, reduce the likelihood of future damage during any natural disaster.

  • Emergency tree care

Natural disasters can become the reason behind limbs or full trees to fall, landing on other trees or structures. However, the storm weight of the damaged tree is great, and they are hard or drastic to trim. But an arborist assists in safely performing this job without damaging the property.

  • Planting

Not all but some arborists help plant tree species according to the particular location and weather. The major reason associated with this is selection of the wrong tree in the inappropriate location. Further, it leads to future issues such as insects, diseases, and poor growth.

  • Tree removal

The removal of the tree is the last step, and it is only done when no option is left to save a tree. Here the arborist plays an essential role in deciding whether the tree must be removed or not. However, removal of the tree is recommended when: –

  • Replace by a more suitable specimen
  • Located in that areas where new construction needs removal
  • Causing any type of obstruction which is impossible to correct via pruning
  • Dead or dying

Some of the other services offered by arborists are: –

  • Plant Health Care for keeping trees in appropriate health while reducing any insect, disease, or other problems
  • Soil fertilization to improve the tree health
  • cabling or bracing for for the week branches
  • soil aeration for improving growth of root
  • install the lightning protection systems
  • applications for managing specific problems regarding insect and disease
  • Provide expert guidance regarding trees

Why you should choose a certified arborist

In the above blog, we have discussed what a certified arborist and the services offered by them is. Now, the major question is what are the reasons behind hiring a certified arborist for care of plants?

The below-mentioned are few reasons to hire them: –

  • Arborists have proper training in tree care

The most common reason of hiring a certified arborist is for your tree care. Well, there are many reasons behind the concern of tree health and prosperous. But it is irritating when you are observed the worst condition of your tree dying in short time.

This is a prevalent scenario for most homeowners who want to keep their yard full of trees and attractive. Here the need for certified arborists comes as they very well know which fertilizer is best for the tree and which tree is best for which location. In short proper tree care via a certified arborist is like an investment that can surely give substantial returns after some time.

  • An arborist will work on maintaining good condition of property

If you want your home with a wonderful lawn and healthy trees that will dot the landscape, then a professional certified arborist will help you achieve it. Just like any other professional, you must hire a certified arborist to select new trees and to take care of existing ones so that they will thrive for years to come.

Services like tree pruning, cabling, bracing, etc., are essential for trees to keep them healthy and robust are offered by a certified arborist.

  • Tree arborists know which time is best for pruning and trimming

Some of the trees need pruning and trimming at a certain point of time, while others need some others in other seasons. As the common homeowner, you are not aware of these things. 

So, the tree surgeon knows when is the perfect time for pruning or trimming to get the best benefits and keep your property safe.

  • Provides preventive methods to maintain the health of tree

When you hire a certified arborist, will they inspect your property and tell you the best method to keep these trees healthy? Well, the process is simple, like fertilizing or staking them to grow straight and don’t get blown out even in strong winds.

Whatever be the reason, a certified arborist knows what needs to be done to ensure the trees remain healthy and strong.

  • Have the right tools for the job

These days every profession has advanced tools to do the job with perfection, and a certified arborist is no exception. That means they use advanced and specialized equipment like chippers, pruners, chainsaws, etc., to take care of trees.

However, the best part is the professionals are highly experienced, skilled, and qualified to operate these tools, so you can trust them to keep your trees safe.

  • Can easily recognize early signs of tree diseases

The tree can also be infected by various diseases, especially fungal diseases, which can quickly overtake a tree if not caught and treated on time. The early indications of tree diseases are tiny cankers. These cankers are located on the twigs spots on the underside leaves. These are not easily detected. But, certified arborists are trained to spot these signs of diseases.

They can also guide you about how serious tree disease different from minor. 

  • Certified arborists know how to perform their job safely

Trimming trees is a precarious business, especially when removing big and damaged limbs. But a certified arborist has done proper training or spent extended hours learning tree-trimming safety techniques so that neither the property gets damaged nor injured.

  • Certified arborists know what they are doing

When you hire some professional person to do the job, they know what they are doing and offer the best advice on how to keep the trees healthy in the future. So, if you hire an arborist, they will help your trees grow safely where you and your family can enjoy happy living.

The bottom line

I hope after reading this blog you got an idea why a certified arborist is best to keep your trees healthy and strong, apart from that, how they will help keep your property safe and increase its value.

So, if you have trees on your property and want them healthy, hire a certified arborist to take care of them. The reason is they are vast lifesavers for your wallet, and they also ensure the trees will pass down from one generation to another.

I hope you liked this article!


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