Johnny Bananas Net Worth

The reality television star, Johnny Bananas is such a vibrant figure in entertainment. He is one of the most popular names on MTV reality game shows. And with so many shows and wins, he has earned a notable fortune. Keep reading on to know how much Johnny Bananas net worth is and his career in detail.

Who is Johnny Bananas?

John Amadeus Devenanzio, popularly known as Johnny Bananas, is an American Reality television personality. Since 2006, Devenanzio has actively participated in a variety of reality shows. Among his shows, “The Challenge” and “The Real World” are super popular.

Johnny Bananas Net Worth

So far, Devenanzio has participated in more than thirty-five successful shows. Out of which, he won nine Challenge shows. He has been runner-up in several shows. In between, he has also been hosting a show, 1st Look, since 2019.

Full Name John Amadeus Devenanzio
Born June 22, 1982 (age 41)
Birthplace Fullerton, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.77 m)
Profession Reality television personality
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $200 Thousand

How Much is Johnny Bananas Net Worth?

MTV’s star Johnny Bananas boasts an impressive net worth. That reflects both his success and his knack for staying in the spotlight. As of 2023, he owns around $200 thousand in net worth.

Early Life

Born in June 1982, John Devenanzio hails from Orange County, California. Growing up in a middle-class family, Johnny always had an interest in entertainment and adventure. His zest for life was evident from a young age.

Devenanzio got his nickname “Johnny Bananas” when he was in college at Penn State. He was known for his crazy antics at PSU. So his friends would often call his pranks “bananas.” And that’s how the nickname stuck.

Source Behind Johnny Bananas Net Worth

Reality TV Shows

Johnny Devenanzio’s journey through reality television is like a thrilling ride that spans over a decade. From his early days on The Real World to his recent adventures on The Challenge, he’s been an amazing entertainer. And as the winner of these shows several times, he’s received notable prize money.

Rising Star on “The Challenge”

Devenanzio’s first TV show was “The Real World.” Starting with “The Duel”, he progressed through seasons like “The Inferno 3” and “The Island.” But it was only in his early years that he began to become a fierce competitor.

Johnny Bananas Net Worth

In seasons like “The Challenge: Rivals,” and “Rivals II”, Johnny made his wins. And he eventually, became a tough competitor. In MTV’s other shows. His performances kept viewers hooked.

Further Seasons and Other Shows

As “The Challenge” continued, Johnny remained a central figure. He kept participating in several other spinoffs of the series. Additionally, he made appearances on shows like “Fear Factor” and “The Tonight Show”.

Beyond the battlefields, Johnny also ventured into new territories. He took on the role of host on “1st Look.” It was his first and is still an ongoing show on NBC.

Also, the challenger has been a contestant on “Worst Cooks in America.”

Recent Shows

In recent years, Johnny has continued to impress audiences with several shows. He has been the winner of “The Challenge: Total Madness.” His presence extended beyond competition, with guest appearances on shows like “Ridiculousness”. Also, he hosted “Celebrity Sleepover” for a short time.

In the ongoing saga of reality TV, Johnny remains an enduring presence. Recently, he participated in The Challenge’s two other seasons, “Ride or Dies” and “World Championship”

His upcoming show is House of Villains. Once again, he is one of the contestants on this show. This time, all the Contestants will be competing for a $200K prize money.


While he has gained much popularity in TV shows, Johnny has launched his own clothing line. He has his own online store, where all his signature apparel and merchandise are available. He is very much active in his online business. From hoodies to t-shirts, collections for men or ladies, he has expanded his online shops even on social media (Facebook).


Along with the prize money from the shows Johnny won, his business is also contributing to his earnings.

Online Personality

Not just on television, Johnny Bananas is also a popular social media personality. He is so active on social media that he often considers himself an Instagram model. Whether with his travel blogs or sneak peeks of his shows, Johnny keeps his followers engaged and entertained.


Are Johnny Bananas and Moriah still together?

No, Johnny Bananas and Moriah are not together anymore. They split in 2021.

Is Johnny’s last name really bananas?

No, Johnny’s last name is not really Bananas. His full name is Johnny Devenanzio. The name “Johnny Bananas” is a nickname that he got from his friends.

What movies has Johnny Bananas been in?

Besides TV shows, Johnny Bananas worked in minor roles in the “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” and “The Head Thieves” movies.

Final Thoughts

Being a reality TV icon is really a great journey for Devenanzio. And Johnny Bananas net worth is growing through his shows and side businesses. He started small, but now he’s a big name in TV. People love watching him, and he keeps giving them reasons to cheer.


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