Jesse Jackson Net Worth

The civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson has recently retired from the Rainbow/PUSH. He has been a great activist for the last five decades. But besides his political activities, Jesse Jackson net worth is also a subject to be curious about. So here’s a glimpse of this former Politician’s fortune and career in detail.

Who is Jesse Jackson?

Jesse Louis Jackson is a notable American political activist. He has also been a Baptist minister and a seasoned politician. He achieved fame during the 1980s as a politician and civil rights activist

Notably, he is the father of former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. and the present Representative Jonathan Jackson.

Jesse Jackson Net Worth

In 1984, he had had an impressive third place for the Democratic nomination. From 1991 to 1997, he took on the mantle of a shadow U.S. senator for Columbia.

Today, Jesse Jackson stands as a luminary in the ongoing struggle for civil rights. He is one of the most prominent African-American activists of the 21st century.

Short Bio of Jesse Jackson

Full Name Jesse Louis Jackson
Born October 8, 1941 (age 81)
Birthplace Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m)
Profession Politician, American political activist, Baptist minister
Political party Democratic
Spouse Jacqueline Brown ​(m. 1962)
Social Media Facebook, Twitter
Net Worth $9 Million
Annual salary $120K

What is Jesse Jackson Net Worth?

As of 2023, Jesse Jackson owns a net worth of $9 million. Jackson’s main income comes from the organizations he’s involved with. Reportedly, he earns about $120K every year from these groups. But that’s not all. He also hosts a TV show on CNN and makes around $5,000 each week from it.

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Early Life

Born in 1941, Jesse Louis Jackson hails from Greenville, South Carolina. His family came from different backgrounds, including Cherokee, African-Americans.

When Jesse was born, his mom married Charles Henry Jackson, who worked at the post office. Charles adopted Jesse and gave him his last name, but Jesse still felt very close to Robinson, considering them both as his dads.

Jesse’s childhood took place during a time of segregation. He had to follow unfair rules. He studied at Sterling High School, a school only for Black students.

After finishing high school in 1959, Jesse could have played professional baseball. But he decided to go to the University of Illinois on a football scholarship. However, he faced racism there and transferred to North Carolina A&T.

In 1968, Jesse became a minister. This was a way for him to bring together his belief in justice. Even though he didn’t finish his master’s degree, he received an honorary degree later in 2000.

Political Career

Sr. Jesse Jackson began his political career at the heart of the civil rights movement. He collaborated closely with the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and became an integral part of the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference). One of his notable contributions was his involvement in Operation Breadbasket.

Jesse Jackson Net Worth

In 1971, Jackson founded Operation PUSH. It was to manage pressing socio-economic challenges. PUSH arose as a platform advocating for better jobs, improved education, and economic justice. As time went on, PUSH evolved into the Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC) in 1996.

Historic Presidential Campaigns

Jackson made groundbreaking bids for the presidency in 1984 and 1988. And he eventually, became the first African American to ascend credible challenges for the Democratic Party’s nomination. His campaign platforms were rooted in principles of civil rights, social justice, and inclusivity.

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Although the presidential nomination ultimately eluded him, Jackson’s influence reverberated throughout the political discourse.

In response to various tragic events, Jackson continued to be a steadfast advocate for change. He praised efforts by public officials to review police conduct and policies following the tragic killing of Breonna Taylor.

Ongoing Activities

Jesse Jackson’s involvement in pressing social and political issues remained consistent. He voiced support for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. That highlighted the need to redirect resources towards domestic priorities and urgent challenges like climate change.

Also, he participated in protests advocating for the end of the filibuster. It was the protection of voting rights and an increase in the federal minimum wage.

In July 2023, Jackson stepped down from the Rainbow/PUSH organization. This move was majorly due to his advancing age and health challenges. As he has had a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and hospitalizations.


While he may not be the leader now, Jackson’s impact on the civil rights movement still remains there. And his unwavering advocacy for social justice remains deeply influential.

Final Thoughts

It’s not Jesse Jackson net worth that impresses people. It’s his civil rights activities that made him a highly respected person today. He has spent so many years fighting for the people’s rights. No wonder people still love him and will remember him for decades.