Prevent Car Rust

Rust seems to happen when you least expect it. It creeps in over time, and before you know it, you have a huge rust patch on the hood or fender of your car. Not only does rust look like an eyesore and detract from the trade-in or sale value of your vehicle, but it can even begin to cause mechanical issues over time if it’s not taken care of. As is the case with most car troubles, prevention is the best sort of medicine when it comes to rust and the problems it poses, and it’s best to try to stop oxidation from occurring in the first place before you need to invest in a strong rust neutralizer. Fortunately, there are several easy precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of your car rusting throughout the year. This blog belongs to how to Prevent Car Rust.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Rust forms when the paint and protective coating of your car’s metal is damaged. Damage most often occurs when your paint comes into prolonged contact with salt, chemicals, dirt and debris you encounter on your everyday drives. Unless you stop driving altogether, there’s no avoiding these threats, but they can be dealt with swiftly with a sponge and a bucket of water in most cases. Wash your car regularly to keep debris – and rust – at bay. If you live in an area near the sea where there’s lots of salt in the air or in an area where the roads are salted in the winter, you’ll want to wash your car at least once per week. Otherwise, once every two weeks is recommended.

Cover Up During Storage

Leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements for long periods of time does it no favors. This is why having car covers on hand is always a good idea. Car covers block out a wide range of threats that could cause rust to form on your ride over time, including:

  • Sand, dirt and grit
  • Snow and other strong elements
  • Sun damage that wears away paint

It’s an accessory that’s straightforward, easy to use and offers you an extra layer of rust protection like no other.

Dealing With Existing Rust

Not everyone’s fortunate enough to stop rust in its tracks before it can happen. If you’ve already got a rust spot or two on your vehicle, it’s imperative that you take the proper precautions to keep it from spreading. If you’re wondering how to prevent rust from getting worse, the answer is simple: remove it. To do this, you’ll need a dual action sander that offers complete control. Using this, sand through both the paint and primer surrounding the rusted area. From there, you can either use a metal grinder to forcibly remove the rust or a chemical rust neutralizer that will allow you to simply wipe the rust away. After this, your car may need a repaint in order to discourage more rust from forming.

Preventing car rust is the easiest way to avoid the negative impact of its presence on your ride, but if you’re already dealing with a rusty ride, it’s not too late to act. Talk with the experts at your local auto parts store to get hints, tips and tool suggestions for dealing with rust in the long run and restore your car to its best, sleekest self in no time.


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