types of exhibition walls

At the trade show, you often compete with the competition to attract the most visitors to your booth. One way of doing this is with an eye-catching exhibition stand. Have your exhibition wall printed (translation: beurswand bedrukken) with your own corporate design. This makes your booth stand out among the competition. Exhibition walls come in different types, shapes, and sizes. Five of these are highlighted in this article.

Pop-up wall

The pop-up wall is a slightly curved presentation wall. The wall comes in a handy trolley which can also be used as a trade fair desk. The frame of the pop-up wall is pulled out like a harmonica. You then attach magnetic strips to which you can attach the magnetic plates. With a pop-up wall a professional exhibition wall is guaranteed! A pop-up wall is available in two slightly curved formats. 

Presentation Wall

The presentation wall is similar to a pop-up wall. The difference is that it is straight and that instead of magnetic plates and decotex cloth is stretched around the frame. These can then be fastened with Velcro. The presentation wall is available in two different sizes.

Roll-up banner XXL

If you have a small budget you can also opt for a mega large roll-up banner. Put several of them next to each other to create a wall. A roll-up banner can be produced quickly and is therefore ideal if your order is urgent. The roll-up banner xxl has a size of 200 x 300 cm.

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Zip wall

The zip wall consists of a frame and a canvas that you simply pull over it. Then you close it with a zipper. The advantage of a zip wall is that you have many sizes and shapes to choose from. The shapes you can choose from are slightly curved, vertical, straight and wave. In addition, the fabric is stretched taut over the frame.

Show your logo in a subtle way

A trade show is an ideal time for networking. This is often accompanied by a drink and a bite to eat. This is the perfect time to display your logo in a subtle way. This way your (potential) client will recognize your organization next time. For this purpose, get beer mats or greaseproof paper printed (translation:  vetvrij papier bedrukken) with your logo. Greaseproof paper is very trendy for serving snacks or wrapping sandwiches.