how to get pregnant fast and easy

Motherhood is a blessing and throughout the journey, you get introduced to all sorts of unknown feelings that no doubt complete your identity of being a woman. Playing the role of a doting mother is the world’s most unforgettable gift that a woman receives when the first time she conceives. The little one inside her growing gradually makes her feel like she is really connected to someone. The one who is still unborn and the one is going to be her future best friend. But there are scenarios when pregnancy does not come easily, conceiving becomes a dilemma. Hence we will share some of the facts related to how to get pregnant fast and easy.

How is the process of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the period that actually defines the journey of 40 weeks. It starts with the last month of the period till the delivery. It is a duration when the fetus develops in the womb of the woman. According to the gynaecologist, this period of the pregnancy is called the trimesters.

Significant health benefits of getting pregnant

Giving birth to a child is definitely a boon for the mother. Therefore, in regards to that today we will discuss some of the facts that tell what the importance of getting pregnant is.

Periods get easier and no cramps

Many of the women feel very low during the period days. That is because of the menstrual bleeding and the cramps they face. It becomes painful with time. But once you get pregnant and undergo normal delivery actually it releases the menstrual cramps. It is because during the normal delivery the uterus gets stretched which eases the whole menstrual process.

Fortification from breast cancer

Nursing your little one after delivery is one of the best things as it gives you protection from breast cancer. That means during pregnancy you are freed from the menstrual cycle and that means it reduces the exposure to the hormones like progesterone as well as estrogen. These typical hormones to some extent make the woman prone to suffer from breast cancer.

One more thing is that during the lactation period, cells in the breast get more resistance which shields the breast cells from getting affected with cancer.

Less chance of getting multiple sclerosis

You have heard of that multiple sclerosis actually impacts the nerve cells in both the spine area and brain. Obviously getting pregnant will enhance the immunity system of the women and that will help to reduce the MS. In addition to that, it will reduce the chance of improving the autoimmunity. Note that mothers having more children experience enhanced immunity. Also, that minimizes the chance of getting any kind of inflammation. On top of that after the delivery, the cells of the baby remain there in your body which strengthens the immune system on the whole. Initially, women diagnosed with multiple sclerosis were asked to stay away from conceiving. However now doctors found that it can be minimized with pregnancy.

Healthy wealthy heart

Women are likely to suffer diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems. But the exciting fact is that pregnancy can help you get rid of that at once. That means when you get pregnant you get the opportunity of breastfeeding. And this nursing reduces the chance of falling prey to heart attacks. The oxytocin produced during breastfeeding can solve any type of heart problems.

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Mood gets lifted

Honestly, pregnancy is not an easy journey lots of turmoils do come and go. But just after the delivery you will see that moms do suffer from postpartum depression. But note that this lasts for only a couple of days only. Then you gradually overcome that holding the little one on your chest. The soft and sweet fingers cuddling your face makes you feel so fulfilled from within. Immediately, when you get that most endearing touch you begin to feel like a surge of ecstasy. Obviously, this is all because of the hormone called the oxytocin that makes you feel so much attached to your cutest bundle of joy.

Increases confidence

It is true that with pregnancy you discover a new self. The journey of 9 months actually shows you the untraveled paths and lets you explore those. For those who were impatient so far also learns to come to terms with patience. In addition to that also learns to build confidence. Post-delivery you literally discover the strength and confidence, which helps you, becomes an all-rounder mom.

Thus, these are some of the benefits, which you can get from getting pregnant. But now we will discuss some of the facts related to how to get pregnant.

Quick tips on How to get pregnant fast and easy

Once you are on the internet you will see that this is the most searchable question on how to get pregnant fast and easy. It is true that a woman always longs to hear the golden loving word “ Mommy”. So here’s our take on that makes sure that you follow the below-mentioned points.

Stay away from smoking

Many women are into smoking. They should be very much aware that once they really want to get conceived they have to leave the cigarettes at once. It is because smoking can affect the birth and weight of the baby. Even in some cases, you can encounter defects during the birth as well.

Engage in Exercise

Exercising is one of the healthiest habits and you should always indulge yourself in that. You can actually start with small steps like using the staircase instead of the lift. Else you can even opt for joining the dance class. But make sure that you don’t overdo in any case because it might impact the menstrual flow.

Balanced and sound diet

Junk is an all-time favorite of all. Almost every third among the one loves to gorge on fried foods. But if you really want to search for the answer on how to pregnant fast and easy. Then you will have to follow a balanced food regime.  Like you should follow different types of fruits and vegetables so that you won’t run out of any minerals or vitamins.

Try to relax

If you are among those who get stressed out easily, then you need to learn to chill. It is because unless you let go of the stress it won’t be easier for you to know about how to pregnant fast and easy. For that, you resort to getting a relaxing and deep body massage at the spa. Even you can resort to the favorite corner of your home and listen to mind soothing music. In addition to that, you can lend your ears to meditating music as well.  On the whole, your motto should be to stay stress-free at any cost.

No more alcohol

Many of you like to spend the evenings by raising the toast. But you should pause that for a while. It is because boozing actually not good if you want to get pregnant. First of all, it disturbs fertility for both men and women.  On top of that it can leave dangerous after effect like prolonged physical change, still baby, miscarriage, or intellectual deformity.

Keeping laptop heat away

Remember that pregnancy is not only about girls. It does not always state about the dos and don’ts about the female counterpart. Well, males too need to make sure that they don’t keep any kind of heated items like laptops on top of their lap. It is because it will affect sperm count in men. Else they should be aware not to wear underwear which is too tight because that might disturb erectility.

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Get on a vacation

Conjugal bonding is very much important. That is why you should take care that both of you spend time with each other. Take time to unwind and know each other. The more both of you connect at the emotional level, the easier it would get to become pregnant.

Avoiding contraceptive pills

Parenthood is again one of the unknown ventures for many. But it happens with many couples that in the initial days of your marriage you actually try to prevent the pregnancy with contraceptive pills. But do you know that has an after effect the fertility factors in the later years might work expectantly when you actually want to conceive? Therefore be cautious about such things.

Thus these are some of the quick tips that you should follow as this gives the answer to the question of how to get pregnant fast and easy.

get pregnant fast

Insight into getting pregnant faster

In this section, we will cite some of the more ideas that will literally help you with planning your pregnancy the right way. And also you will get the complete answer to the query of how to get pregnant fast and easy.

Early follow up

The first thing that you should do is consult a well-established gynecologist. From him or her, you will come to know about the most effective drugs and treatments that will enhance the pregnancy process. Like the doctors might prescribe you some of the folic acid tablets, prenatal vitamins, etc. These are very important in the early stages of the pregnancy actually.

Keep a record of the period cycle

You have to be very sure about the period cycle. It is because it will perfectly justify the question of how to get pregnant fast and easy. That means the prior to ovulation is the right time to get pregnant. In fact, during this time you will see a change in the cervical mucus. You can also come across the kit prediction tool for the ovulation as well. Precisely you need to keep a track of the first day of the periods. And you should continue testing unless the kit shows positive.

Don’t panic with the position for getting pregnant

The next important thing is that you should refrain from the idea that a mating position has anything to do with getting pregnant. But yes you should stick to the traditional lovemaking posture rather than sitting or standing. Now you may doubt that why sitting or standing is not a suitable position actually. It is because when you are in this type of postures, the sperms don’t actively work.

Just lie on the bed once you are done with intercourse

Well, as per the advice of the doctors once you are done with the lovemaking. Make sure that you simply lie down for a span of 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t move much because this is the best time when the sperm travels to the cervix and will stay there in the cervix only.

But don’t cross the limit

At times, it happens that you get this inside your head that you have to get pregnant faster. Now this predominating thought might push you to indulge in too much intercourse. But engaging in intercourse every day during the span of ovulation is not healthy. No, need to worry much as the sperm remains there inside the female for 5 days. So there is no chance of rushing after doing every day.

Overall a healthy lifestyle

You should never underestimate the statement that a healthy lifestyle actually matters the lot. That means make sure that you discard the sedentary lifestyle idea. Many of you have this habit of sleeping late at night, following an unhealthy diet routine, eating untimely. If you want to get pregnant fast, then you will have to give up these habits at the earliest.

Final thoughts

After a lot of discussions, we are finally in the conclusion part. In this segment, we will simply tell follow each of these tips because all of these are tried and tested. Nothing is more precious and beautiful than getting pregnant. Motherhood is the most auspicious feeling a girl can ever get. But do make sure that you also take equal care of your male counterpart. We hope that the article would give the answer to your most awaited question of how to get pregnant fast and easy.