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The offer of online bingo

If the security factor related to sensitive data and banking transactions is a priority in the offer of bingo sites, this is not enough to make it a reliable and safe virtual place. There are, in fact, many other factors to consider: the graphics, the number of bingo rooms, the jackpot, the bonuses and promotions.

The Chat

The chat is often important while you play so you can comunicate with other players. Sometimes to exchange games information or in the case of bingo online chat to make friends in the virtual bingo all. Having a chat while you play makes more fun the games and helps people to feel more in a community which share the same interest. 

The graphics

The best bingo sites have pages with attractive graphics, full of colors and banners. A graphically curated page, with texts free of grammatical errors, aesthetically pleasing is already a good business card.

The number of bingo halls

An online gaming platform offering bingo must allow players to choose from at least 4 rooms, one for each bingo variant. Then the opportunity to play 90 ball, 75 ball, 30 ball bingo and a Housey room will be offered.

This is because the game sessions have different playing times and durations, variable ticket prices and jackpots, more or less high prizes. Playing always and only in a room is not economically profitable and can also be quite boring.

Online bingo halls are usually open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and ticket prices often also depend on the playing time.

The jackpots

The jackpots in the bingo halls may already be fixed or are linked to the number of players who are participating. The more players in the room, the bigger the jackpot will obviously be. Most rooms, however, also offer jackpots when bingo is played within a certain number of draws.

It is up to you to decide whether to buy several low-priced folders or a few with a slightly higher cost, also because the folders start from € 0.02 up to a maximum of € 0.06, therefore accessible to everyone.

Bonuses and promotions

Choose rooms with high welcome bonuses: just because you have registered and made a first payment, you will be rewarded with figures that can even reach 200% of the top-up. Obviously you will not be able to withdraw this money but you will have to

The best sites also offer many promotions during the year or loyalty bonuses and have numerous and varied games that allow you to “round up” your winnings while having fun.

The safety of online bingo halls

Upon registration, all the mechanisms for verifying the data entered start, crossing the personal data with the social security number, checking the security of the password, checking the credit cards or electronic wallets inserted in the gaming account. All this is done to protect the customer from fraud or identity theft. Otherwise, you cannot proceed with registration And all this takes place not only to protect the customer but also the platform itself from scam players or criminal organizations that could use third party data.

Online bingo halls must have certain requirements, as required by the law of our country.

Many checks have to be passed, there are basic rules, especially regarding safety and managers have to respect many rules to obtain the license. The presence of government licence logo certifies that the checks have been passed and that the platform is in perfect order.

Some of these requirements are:

  • Data encryption system;
  • Secure connection;
  • Player data protection;
  • Customer service
  • Banking transaction protection.

In addition to the items we have listed above, there are other key features to provide the player with a great gaming experience.


We think we’ve given you all the factors you need to carefully consider when deciding to play bingo online, but these tips apply to any casino game you want to try on the internet. Before venturing into an online game room, perhaps also take a look at the player reviews:  if they are positive they will certainly give you more peace of mind. The choice is wide and we are confident that you will know how to choose an online bingo site that is right for you.


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