For an all in one experience, 5KPlayer is the best 4K Video Player available online, for free. This is a complete package that contains a player capable of accommodating videos, music, DVD’s, Live Streams, YouTube Videos as well as the coveted iOS feature of Airplay. Apart from the above, its multitude of perks includes a video editor as well as a customizable library. Listed here are a few of its most fascinating features that set this 5KPlayers apart – 

  1. Classic User Interface – Upon first opening the player, one cannot help but notice its well-organized yet eye-catching interface. The simple UI design of this HD Player, exuberant with utmost clarity, assists the user with easy navigation through the app. It lays down the functions of the app neatly across the main opening page, thus allowing smoother flow and user interaction. The player also comes with a sleek, dark theme to it, further elevating the design aesthetically. 

2. Flawless 4K Video Playback – The video player in 5KPlayers are capable of playing a variety of high-resolution videos ranging from your extremely popular UHD 4K Videos, HDR Videos, 360 Degree Videos as well as your 8K Videos. At no point is the 4K clarity of the video compromised upon using the player, giving you display that is almost lifelike. If not, one could say that it only enhances the quality further by taking it up a notch. 5KPlayers supports 4K playback for both Windows and Mac, leaving absolutely no stone unturned, and such clarity is made possible by its compatibility with GPU Acceleration supported by NVIDIA and AMD Hardware Acceleration. 

Compatibility with Airplay and DLNA

3. Compatibility with Airplay and DLNA – 5KPlayerss opens up an array of benefits complying with the AirPlay and DLNA feature. This UHD Player aids in streaming and mirroring content across iOS, Windows and Android platform to enjoy content on any screen of the device. Whether its music or a 4K Movie, the content is easily mirrored with zero delays. While mirroring, an option of screen recording can also be availed on it. Another feature is the ability to seamlessly mirror games, thus allowing wireless gaming with unimaginable clarity, which is something that can be hard to find in any other player. 5KPlayers makes sure it stays on its toes in the aspect of keeping its player up to date with all of the new versions of the operating software. Thus, its AirPlay and DLNA package leaves absolutely nothing out of its reach. 

Airplay and DLNA

4. Clear Audio Playback – When it comes to the aspect of playing music, this player is capable of playing all formats without the slightest bit of loss in quality, ranging all the way from your MP3 and AAC to your FLAC audio. This audio can either be cast, downloaded or live streamed from a hoard of radio channels both suggested by the player itself and any other external channel of your choice. Such quality and freedom are an aspect that can only be found in 5KPlayers

5. Universal Live Streaming – Its live streaming feature that allows both audio and video, allows playback from YouTube, Dailymotion and a host of other such sources. This live streaming also supports any external URL that can be manually entered in, making its abilities almost universal. 

6. Downloading – Its downloading feature, spanning across a variety of formats including both audio and video, is a rare ability that is hard to find in any other player. You can save any online video from more than 300 video sites and convert it to the most widespread MP4 format. 

7. Perfect Post Processing and Editing – This is a surprising feature that is also one of its best ones. It allows a video to be cut, rotated and has a host of other actions. Adding this feature ensures that nothing related to videos or audio, ranging all the way from simple playback to editing is left behind. 

8. The Library – The player comes with its own editable and customizable library that puts all your audio and video files in one place, redefining the idea of easy accessibility

It is hard, if not almost impossible, to find a player that has thought of your every possible want and need, and that is where your 5KPlayer steps in. This 4K Video player is easily one of the best players available in the market, packing into it every possibly imaginable video playback features. Upon installing this, you definitely will not feel the need to have any other audio or video player or editor on your device. It puts all other video players to shame with its futuristic clarity and thought that covers the needs of everyone in its one single amazing package, making it extremely hard to beat.


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