Do you like flowers? Do you connect with them on a personal level just so that you love growing them and caring for them? If so, lilies should be your definite pick. They can be one of the most enticing and bubbly bulbs for a perfect summer garden and offering their marvelous scents. They have some of the strongest stems and with the petals, they are simply made in heaven. The swoony scents they offer can brighten up our whole mood.

Wondering how to grow them in your garden? Don’t worry, because here is a brief guide on how you can grow and care for them as your babies.

How to grow lilies?

Lillies can be quite confusing when you are about to grow them. But here, we got you covered. Orange Lilly bulbs can be planted during spring or fall. Growing the lilies from the bulbs is the best idea and the stems come up to almost 2-6ft tall. Thus, even though there are different kinds of lilies they are all supposed to be taken care of in the same way except for a few tweaks here and there. The lilies you grow can be in various colors like pink, orange, yellow and white.

Tip: When you are planting the bulbs, make sure you loosen the soil with a garden tool. Lilies require a proper drainage system which is why it is required to loosen the soil. Apart from this, it helps to mix the compost throughout the soil.

How to Plant them?

While planting, keep a check on your steps because these are heavy blossoms. Sink the load at least 8-10 inches from the top of the bulb to the top of the soil. Sink them deeper if your place is hot and rises above 90 degrees F.

Plant them together usually in a group of 3 or 4. This is important because they look the best when planted in clusters or groups. Plant them in a bed so that they get proper drainage. Make sure the soil is not too acidic and if you do have naturally acidic one, add some lime to the soil to neutralize the acidic nature. You get garden lime in the markets thus; add them when you are planting the lilies. If the place where you stay receives some great rainfall, then plant these bulbs on the side or along the pavement so that they do not rot.

What are the conditions in which Lillies grow?

  • They are great when they grow in the zones of 5-8. Sometimes, they grow in zones 7-10 but that is alright.
  • The lilies require full sun to grow and a minimum of six hours of sun is required. They would need their heads in the sun. Other than that, their roots need to be cool and then you can plant them with perennials or the grasses. 

Some Features about Orange Lilly

There are a lot of Lilly types but here is one of those types of lilies that is peculiar and has our heart: Orange Lillies. They are called Canna Lilly also. They are grown in zones 7-10 and require full sun. They are perennial which is they blossom throughout the year. Apart from that, they are not at all good for cutting as it wilts very quickly. When you plant them, they blossom in late summer and in fall too.

How to care for lilies?

Now that we know how to grow and plant lilies, let us understand how to care for lilies. Here are a few steps or precautions you need to take care of while growing these beautiful blossoms:

  • Keep away from the voles and other pests. These linger in winter especially. Deer also may chomp the stems so be aware of that too. You can also find some beetles on the lilies when they emerge in the spring. These beetles are easy to find and they are bright red. They can wreak havoc which is why removing them before they start reproducing. 
  • Do not hesitate to have Lillies in your bouquets. Just because they are not cutting friendly doesn’t mean you don’t include in bouquets. You can do so by removing only the 1/3 of the step. The foliage of the lilies helps them to reproduce the Lilly bulbs for the coming year’s blossoms. Therefore, it is completely okay. 
  • Do not include the anthers in the lilies after you cut them because they can stain your clothes and the other linens.

Here are some other facts about lilies in common:

  • Lilies bloom in your garden all the time. Different varieties have different timings. The Asiatic lilies bloom in early summer, trumpet lilies in midsummer, oriental lilies mid to late summer, oriental trumpet or oriented lilies that are hybrids blossom in late summer.
  • Lillies are not poisonous to us but they are extremely poisonous for the cats. They can cause kidney failures.
  • The lilies are often known to have different kinds of scent. Some of them do not carry any scents and some have a light aroma. Orientals have a spicy scent and the Oriental trumpets have a pleasant aroma.





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