Google Reviews vs Facebook Reviews


The Internet has opened the space for customers to speak and let the world listen to them. Online reviews and feedback are the prominent ways that customers use to share their voice on the internet, changing how online businesses deal over the internet. Let’s see Google reviews vs Facebook reviews: how to use it in b2b marketing.

Having one positive review about your business from customers is an amazing feeling – your hard work and sweat seem worthy.

A good review from the customers is a reward to the businesses, boosts the authenticity of the business, and is powerful enough to earn the trust of the other customers.

The positive online customer reviews bring more new customers to your business, building an authoritative image of your business in the industry.

Google and Facebook are the two major platforms where customers share online reviews and feedback. Many businesses are also utilizing these online customer reviews in their marketing platforms like websites, emails, business profiles, social media channels, etc. to promote the real and satisfied customer reviews with their audience who haven’t converted in customers yet.

These online reviews are powerful and spread the authentic experience of the existing customers, hence many brands have made huge profits using online reviews.

What Are Google Reviews

Google is one of the largest companies in the world, profound in every sphere and product. A few years ago, Google launched Google My Business which allows businesses to submit and create their business profile. With the help of this feature, businesses are able to build authentic business profiles.

One of the powerful features of Google My Business is that it has provided a platform where customers can easily submit their unbiased reviews and ratings about the product and services of the business.

Google reviews are presented on the internet with the real name of the customer, having a registered email address with Google.

Customers share their feedback about the product and services of the business with star ratings and text reviews that directly displays below the business profile of Google.

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What Are Facebook Reviews

The second most widely used social media channel by customers to upload online reviews is Facebook. Many brands and businesses have created their Facebook Business Page to establish their business’s strong social media presence.

Facebook Business Page allows brands to build a prominent social media presence with one of the biggest social media platforms and reach out to the targeted audiences effectively.

Another amazing benefit of Facebook is that it provides a platform for the customers to share their reviews and feedback about the business directly on their Facebook Business Page.

If your Facebook Business profile has a number of positive customer reviews and star ratings, it will boost the social proof, integrity, and affinity with your customers.

Here below we will discuss how Google reviews and Facebook reviews benefit your business, with which is the right platform for your business.

Benefits Of Google and Facebook Reviews In B2B Marketing

Customer reviews create a huge impact on new customers, influencing them for future purchase decisions. It is found that 92% of B2B buyers tend to purchase products and services from the business after reading trusted reviews from older customers.

Displaying these reviews on the B2B marketing and promotional campaigns will boost sales of the B2B industry by 27 percent. Forbes says, displaying customers reviews along with the product increases conversion rate up to 270%, which is enormous than any other marketing strategy.

Displaying Google reviews and Facebook reviews on the marketing channels increase credibility, online reputation, build human relationships with the customers, boost transparency, visibility, etc.

Dealing in the B2B businesses is more complicated than the B2C, as B2B customers are more aware of their needs, demands, and product, they buy a product after a good research. Google reviews and Facebook reviews boost social proof of the product and services which are influential and drive actions of the new customers.

Have you ever wondered what your customers do next when they visit your website and go through your product and services? The next step in their search is looking at other businesses in the industry using the product or services, asking peers’ experience, and many more.

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Google Reviews Vs. Facebook Reviews: Which Is More Important

Talking about Google, it is the prime search engine platform, providing every information to the users. It is the most trusted platform globally for authentic and useful information. This is the reason why people increasingly believe in businesses that have a good number of Google reviews on their platforms.

As only verified users with Gmail addresses can type the customer’s reviews, it increases reliability on reviews as it reduces the possibilities of spammy reviews and ratings.

For a B2B business, having a good reputation on Google, displaying reviews and 5-star ratings first on the search engine result page.

When it comes to Facebook, it is the largest, most popular, and widely used social media channel all over the world. Facebook has more than 2 billion people as active users, which is why Facebook reviews have a great impact on business growth.

Positive feedback on the Facebook business page creates an impeccable impression on the customers. However, the Facebook reviews do not make much difference on the search results, but they are widely used by the active customers to give their experience a voice and make them heard by the business as well as to other customers.

A Facebook business page is a must for the business in the B2B industry, as it displays the social presence and their work delivered to the community. B2B customers feel it is easy to type reviews on Facebook.

As B2B customers are active and aware, they all are very well acquainted with Facebook. Thus, having a good reputation on Facebook with 5-star ratings and positive reviews drive increased sales for your business.

Conclusion: Google & Facebook Reviews Are Important For Business

Lately, we can say that both types of customer reviews, either from Google or Facebook are crucial for business success. Based on your goals, if you want to acquire more new visitors to your website, Google reviews are effective. Whereas, if you want to connect your social media active customers, having a good social media presence with Facebook ratings is a cherry on top.

Surprisingly, you can also embed Google reviews and Facebook reviews on your website and product pages. This helps many brands drive customer engagement, trust, and reliability which ultimately turns into more conversion rates and revenue.

You can start utilizing the advantages of Google reviews and Facebook reviews for B2B business by integrating them into your marketing strategy.