Gayle King Net Worth

One of our favourite journalists and broadcasters of all time is Gayle King. After seeing her amazing performance for a long time, we may wonder: What is Gayle King net worth?

This famous personality possesses $80 million. This includes her real estate assets, car collections, salary, book royalties, investments, and bank statements.

She began her career as a broadcaster. Her biggest breakthrough came when she joined CBS News in 2011. In this long venture of her career, she earns $15 million annually.

Who Is Gayle King?

Gayle King, a television personality, is better known as a broadcast journalist, author, magazine editor, host, and co-host. People know her mainly for her performances in television shows. Such as “CBS This Morning,” “CBS Mornings,” “Oprah Magazine,” and many talk shows.

What Is Gayle King Net Worth?

As of 2023, Gayle King’s net worth is $80 million. Her performance and dedication towards work made her grow such a big net worth. In 1980, she had $25,000 in net worth. In 1990, it reached $1 million. Then, in 2000, she used to own $6 million. In 2010, her net worth was $29 million. After five years, it turned into $51 million. Now this famous personality has a net worth of $80 million.

Source Of Gayle King Net Worth

Gayle King earned his maximum amount from working as a magazine editor and as a broadcast journalist. She earns $12 million per year from CBS. Her other shows also pay her about $15 million annually. From her book royalties, she earned $4 million. Again, her podcast earnings are $610,000.

Gayle King Net Worth

She works as a producer and co-producer, which added 5% to her net worth. Her production company, “King World Productions,” is also a reason for her financial success.

Assets: What Does Gayle King Own?

After working so hard, Gayle King earned a good net worth, which includes her assets too. She has a real estate portfolio of $15 million. The Upper Manhattan Beach House in Malibu and the Upper East Side Townhouse are some of her expensive acquisitions.

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Gayle’s house is about $11 million, which she bought in 2014. It is located in California. This is her luxurious mansion, which has seven bedrooms, a pool area, a wine cellar, a party area, and many more. To purchase this house, she had to mortgage it for $5 million. Besides, her house is 14% of her net worth.

Along with properties, King has a car collection of 14 vehicles. Her recent purchase was a Rolls Royce, which cost $1 million. Her other vehicles include the Tesla Model S, Porsche Macan, Land Rover, Mercedes GLS, and many more. All these took up 8% of his net worth.


Gayle started her career at WJZ-TV, located in Baltimore. There, she worked as a production assistant. Then she took training at WUSA-TV in Washington for reporting skills. Then she worked as a general assignment reporter and weekend anchor on WDAF-TV in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1981, King joined WFSB as a news anchor. This was in Hartford, Connecticut. She gave her 18 years on that show. She also worked for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as a special correspondent. In 1991, she worked with Robin Wagner as a co-host on an NBC talk show named “Cover to Cover.” In 1997, Gayle worked on her show, “The Gayle King Show.” It lasted for one season only. Then, in 1999, she worked as an editor for “Oprah Magazine.”

Then in 2006, she worked as the main host on “XM Satellite Radio” in her syndicate show again.

In 2011, King hosted her show, “The Gayle King Show,” at “OWN.” On November 17, 2011, she went to CBS to co-anchor “CBS This Morning” with Charlie Rose. They both had good chemistry. Before that, she joined CBS News for “Good Morning America” as a special correspondent.

On November 10, 2011, Gayle struck a deal with CBS to work as a co-anchor for “This Morning.” There she put her opinion about keeping open facts about harassment and sexual abuse. In this show, she had an interview with R. Kelly, who expressed sexual abuse aggressively. Since King was stoic about the situation, the public gave her good recognition after that.

Besides being a journalist and editor, Gayle worked as an author too. Her books, like “Being a King” and “Note to Self,” are some of her famous collections. She also worked as a co-producer for “Surviving R. Kelly.”

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Early Life

The famous broadcast journalist, Gayle King, was born on December 28, 1954. Her hometown is Chevy Chase, Maryland. She spent her early life with her mother, father, and three sisters, who are younger than her. Her father’s name is Scott King; he was an electrical engineer. Her mother, Peggy Tucker, was a housewife. Because of Gayle’s father’s posting, she and her family had to move to Ankara, Turkey. Then, in 1966, in the United States

King studied sociology and psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park. In her college days, she used to attend WTOP-TV, a television station. It is because Gayle has been passionate about working since her early life.

Personal Life

King Gayle had a good bond with Oprah Winfrey since they were working for WJZ-TV. Winfrey said in an interview that King is the person that one deserves to have as a mother and a sister.

Gayle King Net Worth

Gayle also had a married life with Bill Bumpus. They started their journey in 1982, and unfortunately, it ended in 1993. They have two children, William Bumpus Jr. and Kirby. Oprah Winfrey, King’s best friend, is like their godmother.

Awards And Achievements

As a journalist, Gayle achieved three Emmys. In 2008, she was awarded the Television Gracie Award and the American Women in Radio Award. After two years, she achieved the Matrix Award for New York Women in Communications. She also got the “Variety’s Power of Women Luncheon” in 2017. This was because of her involvement with the nonprofit organisation. Her face is also in “Time” magazine for her tremendous work in influencing people.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gayle King Net Worth

What is Gayle King’s salary?

Gayle’s salary is $12 million, which she earns from CBS. Again, her podcast earnings are $610,000.

How does Gayle King earn money?

The American author and journalist Gayle King mainly earns from her podcasts, documentaries, authoring books, and magazine edits.

With which charities is Gayle King involved?

Gayle King works for several charities. Such as-

  • “ADAPT Community Network”
  • “Exploring the Arts”
  • “Alliance for Women in Media Foundation”
  • “GOOD+ Foundation™”

Final Thoughts

Gayle King is still a renowned personality for us. This American journalist has given her longest time to the WFSB. She also earned a high income from CBS. All these made Gayle King net worth reach $80 million. Along with her career accomplishments, her endorsement deals and brand partnerships increased her net worth.

King mostly spends her money on donations, charities, and her family. Seeing her eye-catching performance, we are expecting that she will have a higher net worth next year.