Can A Pistachio Kill A Dog

Whether it is about improving brain health, heart health or losing weight, pistachio is an all-rounder. If we want to reap these benefits, why not our dogs? That’s why we may wonder, is pistachio safe for dogs? Can a pistachio kill a dog?

One pistachio won’t take anyone’s life hopefully. But everything is uncertain, so we can’t guarantee 100% safety while offering this nut to your paw friend. For example, a puppy has a small oesophagus. If you offer him one pistachio without unshelling it, he may die from a choking hazard. But if you offer him this after unshelling it and crushing it, he can escape the side effects.

Pistachios can be both beneficial and harmful for pets. It depends on how and how much you are serving them.

Can A Pistachio Kill A Dog?

Many human treats, including pistachios, are good for dogs’ health in limited amounts. It means one pistachio can hardly take their lives. Sometimes, the situation can be unexpected. For example, you have a small dog whose oesophagus is tiny. If you offer him one shelled pistachio, maybe he can die from a choking hazard. But if you offer him one pistachio that is fresh and crushed, that won’t cause any health threats to him.

The way of offering this nut or any food to dogs is a deciding factor if it can harm them or not.

Are There Any Benefits Of Eating A Pistachio?

Pistachio is one of the healthiest nuts for mankind. Surprisingly, dogs and mammals can also reap these benefits. This nut has vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, potassium, protein, and fibre.

Vitamin B1 will boost energy and support the nervous system. Vitamin B6 can aid in brain health, haemoglobin level, nervous system, blood sugar levels, and so on. Vitamin E will promote dogs’ red blood cells, kidney function, vision, healthy skin, and immune system. Besides, its antioxidant properties can prevent inflammation and free radicals.

Can A Pistachio Kill A Dog

Like vitamins, the minerals present in pistachios can serve a dog’s health. Calcium will improve his bone health and iron will promote his haemoglobin level. Zinc will fasten his wound healing process and phosphorus will boost his energy. Potassium will take care of dogs’ heart health and manganese will take care of their connective tissues.

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One of the main nutrients in pistachio is protein. 100 grams of this nut has 40% protein. It means dogs can have good muscle health from having pistachios. Fibre is another essential nutrient present in this nut. This nutrient can regulate your dog’s bowel movement and prevent him from constipation.

What Are The Risks Of Having Pistachios For Dogs?

Unfortunately, pistachios can pose health risks like health benefits. This mostly happens when they eat them improperly.

Almost all nuts are high in fats, and pistachios are no exception. If your dog eats one pistachio, maybe he can escape from the side effects of its fat content. But if he eats too many of these nuts, he will indirectly consume high amounts of fats. Meanwhile, vets restrict dogs from taking too much fat as it can inflame their pancreas. Its symptoms can be lethargy, fever, dehydration, abdominal pain, weakness, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, and many more.

Hopefully, you know a pistachio nut tastes salty; it’s because of its salt content. Dogs should not take sodium at high levels as it can increase their blood pressure levels and cause dehydration and kidney issues.

Along with fats and salt, the phosphorus in a pistachio can harm dogs, if taken too much. According to veterinarians, high levels of phosphorus can be a reason for dogs having bladder stones.

Pistachios contain aflatoxin. It comes from the Aspergillus mould. This compound can result in aflatoxin poisoning or pistachio poisoning if your dog takes it in high quantities. Its symptoms include jaundice, lethargy, vomiting, loss of appetite, dark yellow urine, organ damage, and so on.

Another toxic compound present in a pistachio is urushiol. This compound can be triggering for allergic dogs.

Treatments For Dogs After Eating Pistachio

If you don’t want to kill your dog with pistachios, ensure him proper treatment after he eats it improperly. Most dogs die from eating choking hazards, meanwhile, a pistachio can also pose this threat, especially to dogs with small oesophagus. That’s why your dog’s vet will look for the blockage. For this, he may use activated charcoal to take the nut out of his throat. He can also suggest doing an X-ray to ensure that the oesophagus has not been damaged due to the choking hazard.

No wonder, dogs can eat too many pistachios out of curiosity. If your dog does this, his vet will check for aflatoxin poisoning on his symptoms.

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Assad earlier, the fat content in a pistachio can inflame a dog’s pancreas. That’s why your pet’s doctor may perform an ultrasound on his abdomen. For dehydration can treat him with IV fluids for fluid accumulation.

How To Offer Pistachio To Dogs?

You can hardly see one pistachio kill a dog. This means you can feed this nut to your paw friend by maintaining some safety concerns. First, you need to make sure that the pistachios you are buying for him are organic and fresh, not canned. Then remove their shells and crush the nuts. You can add the crushed nuts to your dog’s food, vegetables, fruits, or any other treats.

How Many Pistachios Can Dogs Have?

Maybe one pistachio may not kill dogs, yet this nut has the potential to kill dogs if taken in the wrong way. However, you may help your dog escape its side effects by offering him in the right quantities.

Can A Pistachio Kill A Dog

Pomeranians and extra-small breeds can easily eat one pistachio. Miniature Australian Shepherds and other small dogs can eat two pistachios. Border Collies and other medium dogs can have three and Pit Bulls and other large dogs can have four. Great Pyrenees and other extra-large breeds can enjoy five to six pistachios.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can A Pistachio Kill A Dog?

What nuts can kill dogs?

Some nuts are toxic to dogs and other mammals, like macadamia nuts, pecans, and black walnuts. They can make dogs’ bodies toxic and even kill them if taken too much.

Is pistachio poisonous?

Pistachio has a toxic substance, called aflatoxin. If you take this nut in moderation, it won’t be poisonous. But if you take it in high quantities, it can cause aflatoxin poisoning to humans and animals.

Can a pistachio kill a dog with a shell?

The risks of eating pistachio can be three times more for a dog if he ingests its shell too. The pistachio shell is hard and can cause intestinal blockage. Dogs who have small oesophagus are more prone to this risk.

Can puppies eat pistachios?

Puppies can eat pistachios, but only one. However, you can’t offer them pistachios like we eat. You have to first unshell the nut crush it and make a powdery form. Too much of this nut can make the salt content and fat content high.

Final Thoughts

Since pistachio offers some health risks like any other nuts, we may wonder, Can a pistachio kill a dog? The answer is a bit complicated. If you are offering an organic pistachio to your paw friend, maybe he won’t face any side effects. However, small dogs may not digest a pistachio that is shelled and crushed.

In short, you have to maintain some reaction before offering this nut to your pet. Also, be mindful of the quantity. For a small dog, it should be no more than one pistachio. If he ever eats too much, the toxic elements can kill him if you don’t offer him treatment.