CBD for anxiety

In the world of today, stress, anxiety, and depression are bound to happen. We all are so indulged in making our careers, earning money, settling down and a lot that is going on. It has snatched away our quality time and has left no time for personal moments. In our busy schedule of ours, we have forgotten to take out some me-time. We don’t go with our families anymore, no more exciting trips and no more time to show our loved ones that we love them. To sum up, we are living in a jail, a box that has given us no chance to enjoy nature but has only paid with stress and anxiety. 

This might sound like really easy words to you but trust me the anxiety can be suicidal for some individuals. So let’s get to know about anxiety and its treatment. 

What is Anxiety? 

Anxiety is a situation where a person experiences intense, excess worry. It is a natural response of the body. It is common for everyone to experience that. Any situation of stress or fear can cause anxiety. For example, a student who has his viva today will be under the intense pressure of doing good. When his turn will come to face the examiner, he is going to face anxiety to its peak. Some students even faint out of stress and anxiety.

CBD for anxiety

But this isn’t counted under anxiety disorder because it happens to everyone, if not in school then might be in the office before giving a presentation. 


Types Of Anxiety

Multiple types of anxiety disorders can be seen in the patients. Here are some well-explained types of anxiety. 

  • General Anxiety: General Anxiety is the common anxiety that is suffered by every person. Some may suffer it too frequently.
  • Panic Disorder: Some may suffer from panic disorders. Anxiety never comes alone, it gets panic along with stress. Some individuals are quite good at handling panic situations but some are unable to cope with these attacks. Some get very serious panic attacks that they are admitted to hospitals.
  • Social Anxiety: There are individuals who are complete introverts. They are unwilling to meet people and do not allow anyone inside their circumference. Such kinds of people when told to visit a public spot or attend a family function, get a panic attack in the crowd. This can be referred to as social anxiety.
  • Specific Phobia: Having fear about something specific like fear of height, fear of water, fear of speed and many more. This is called a specific phobia. 
  • Agoraphobia: It is the phobia that develops after frequent panic attacks. It creates a fear of a particular situation or place.  
  • Separation Anxiety: Separation Anxiety is the fear of being separated from your loved ones. This can be to anyone but the patients who have already gone through some trauma can get an anxiety disorder of this kind.

CBD for anxiety

  • Selective Mutism: It is the situation where the person forgets his words or is unable to speak anything in front of anyone. Selective mutism can trouble you and create an embarrassing situation for you and your close ones.
  • Medication Induced: The medication-induced anxiety is not something that can be prevented because you never know what drug is going to establish anxiety for you. But it can be cured for sure.


Some specific causes can induce anxiety and give you some serious trouble. So let us just quickly jump on to know the causative factors of anxiety.

  • Genetics: If anxiety disorder runs in your family, then you might catch it. 
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Environmental Stress includes the stress of household work, office work or witnessing any fights in the society 
  • Drug Withdrawal
  • Medical Conditions
  • Trauma is like any childhood trauma or the loss of someone special. 
  • Substance Abuse is like being beaten by some rod, rape cases.
  • Low Self Esteem


The person suffering from anxiety faces several symptoms like the following:

  • The person feels panicked and fearful.
  • The patient gets uncomfortable and goes through a sleep disorder. 
  • Some patients are observed sweating and some patients have cold hands and feet while the attack. 
  • There is muscle tension and shortness of breath in the patient
  • The patient gets tensed muscles, heart palpitations and dizziness as well.

CBD For Anxiety 

When the patient is suffering from anxiety, it can be treated by counselling the patient. The existing fear is eliminated from the behaviour. The surrounding people should try and make the patient calm to suppress the anxiety. It can be done by telling them that nothing is wrong and all will be fine soon. 

CBD for anxiety

After this comes the medicinal part of the anxiety. Patients are given CBD for anxiety. CBD stands for cannabidiol. For the first-line defence, doctors choose CBD for anxiety. 

CBD works in a very convenient way. There are receptors present for CBD in the central and peripheral nervous systems named CB1 and CB2. When CBD for anxiety is taken in, the drugs get in contact with the receptors. This thing together alters the decreased level of serotonin which was creating anxiety.  Originally, SSRI (selective serotonin receptor inhibition) was given but it can be replaced by CBD for anxiety. 


The dose that is given to the patient is in the range of 300-600mg. The dose is decided after all the diagnostic tests and weight measurements as it is given in the unit per Kg. 

Summing Up

Only the person who is feeling the anxiety can understand what real anxiety is. It is not at all easy for them to overcome this disease. Treatments can be done but the situation can only be treated if they are in your hands. You are the real saviours of your life. 


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