It’s likely that if you’re an esports enthusiast, you’ve tried some esports betting. However, unlike traditional sports, finding tips or winning bets for esports can be challenging. The purpose of this esports betting guide is to tell you where to find esports betting tipsters, and how to choose them. There are certain dos and don’ts you should follow if you want to maximize your chances of finding winning bets.

Qualities of eSports Betting Tipsters

In the esports betting industry, there are dozens of tipsters, but knowing who is good and who isn’t is crucial. There are some signs that can indicate an informed tipster from just about anyone who wants to set themselves up as a tipper.

Are they familiar with the game? It is important for an esports tipster to have a thorough understanding of the game they are following. It is likely that they are fans of a particular game and should be knowledgeable about it if they are providing tips for that game.

There is no misrepresentation of odds by them. In order to be considered a good tipster, one must be clear about the bets he or she is recommending. A tipster who uses their influence dishonestly or blatantly to make viewers go to a specific website is probably abusing it.

It’s safe to trust them. A good place to get esports betting advice is from streamers since they are very clear about why they are giving it out. The more viewers they have, the better their stream does. It won’t take long for them to lose popularity as a streamer if they are giving phony advice or claiming untrue inside information. These platforms are built on trust, making them good places to find esports betting tipsters.

eSports Betting Tips

In the first place, it is crucial to follow good betting procedures when looking for winning esports bets. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you maximize your chances and place more winning bets.

Take a chance on esports you know about. The esports betting market is an excellent way to enhance the viewing experience. It is, however, best to stick to games that you are familiar with. The chances of you placing a winning bet on a game you’re not familiar with are going to be much lower if you start betting on completely foreign games.

The future cannot be predicted by anyone. Almost all bets have very small odds due to the fact that they’re almost set. You should, however, remember that anything can happen when you are betting. Don’t just follow a tipster’s recommendation blindly without checking the odds.

Don’t lose your senses. It is likely that the tips coming from one source are false if they seem too good to be true. You should learn to recognize when the fun has ended and not get carried away.

Choosing the right bookmaker for your predictions

You can sometimes find esports betting tipsters recommending specific bookmakers. An example of this could be a site that offers the best odds or a site that offers a certain promotion. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you run some checks before buying into a new site. Take note of the following:

Bookmakers. There is a fine line between a bookmaker that offers too good to be true and a bookmaker that doesn’t. You should confirm that the bookmaker you choose has the appropriate license for your country and provides markets for the games you wish to wager on.

Look at Reviews. It is important to read reviews for each esports betting site before making a decision. Check reviews after you’ve decided on a site, by doing so you are minimizing your risk of anything going wrong.

In Summary

When looking for esports predictions, other factors need to be considered, but it would be impossible to include them all in this article. In addition to these factors, let us know if any other factors that need to be considered when evaluating esports predictions have been overlooked.


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