Events related to Online Slots

With a worldwide pandemic happening and many events and activities cancelled or at least postponed, giving an account of events related to slots in 2020 is a harder task than you might think. However, if we look to the positive and assume that by the summer things will be back to a sort of normal, we have got the following play online slots events related to online slots to look forward to. In this article, you will know about Events related to Online Slots in 2020.

Slot Tournaments

Although any physical, land based casinos will be closed for the foreseeable future (until June, perhaps, at least), the online world doesn’t stop – and thank goodness for that! What would we do without the internet right now? We wouldn’t be playing slots tournaments, that’s for sure. Luckily, we do have the internet, and luckily we do have online slots tournaments to play. 

Since online tournaments are easier to arrange than the physical version, you’ll find, as you start to look around, that there are many of them happening pretty much all the time at various different online casinos. When you’re in the mood to pay and play, you should be able to find a tournament that suits you. It’s a fun way to make more out of playing slots, and it should pass some time (which is important at the moment) too! 

New Games

If you really love online slots you’ll be excited to hear that plenty of new games are being released in 2020 to take your mind off things… New games are always exciting whether you’re a connoisseur of slots or you just like to play them every now and then. Some of the new releases that are coming up soon include:

  •         Pink Elephants 2
  •         Secrets of the Temple
  •         The Vault
  •         Hot Cross Bunnies: Game Changer
  •         All Win FC
  •         Electric Avenue 

These all look like they’re going to be a lot of fun, and no matter what style of slot game you like to play, there is sure to be one that suits you. Each casino is going to be vying for your attention once these games come out, knowing that people are going to be keen to play. So although you might have a favourite online casino, it might be worth checking out some others to make sure you’re not missing out on a great deal like bonuses and free spins. 

The Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo is the place to go if you love games (obviously) and that includes slots. There will be many different new and interesting slots to play there, and lots of new ideas to try out including virtual reality – really immerse yourself in the slots and see what it’s like to play for (almost) real! 

The expo takes place on 5-8 October in Las Vegas, and it seems at the moment to be going ahead, so you might want to pre-register your interest and look into hotels and flights if you are thinking of going. 

These gaming expos are always great fun, and you’ll meet some of the biggest gaming stars as well as getting to play games that have yet to be released!


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