encanto mirabel gift

Encanto Mirabel gift: Are you Disney fan since childhood? And that love for Disney movies and characters is still intact? And you haven’t been able to move past the magical world? Well, worry not because most people have not. And there’s no shame in admitting it. After all, Disney keeps producing wonderful movies that cater to not only children but also adults. Truly magical. Well, that I’d be what Disney does.

Encanto was such a film that came out in 2021. It was a beautiful film that was the first of its kind and made people fall in love with it. For the first time, the story revolved around a Hispanic family in a Hispanic community. And children were ecstatic to see characters who looked like them on screen. That proved that representation really does matter.

encanto mirabel gift

Encanto Cast and Crew

Encanto is an animated movie that was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Coming to the important people behind the making of the film, we have Jared Bush, Byron Howard, and Charise Castro Smith as directors. Smith is also a co-writer of the screenplay for the movie along with Bush. It wasn’t an easy job to produce such an inspiring movie, but Yvett Merino and Clark Spencer did it gracefully. And this fantasy musical wouldn’t have been possible without original songs from Lin-Mauel Miranda.

Since this is an animated film, there are voice actors instead of on-screen actors. We have mentioned a dew main characters and their respective voice actors. Stephanie Beatriz voiced Mirabel Madrigal while John Leguizamo voiced Bruno Madrigal. Olga Merediz was the voice for Mirabel’s Abuela Alma Madrigal and Maluma voiced Mariano Guzman. Luisa Madrigal is voiced by Jessica Darrow and Dolores Madrigal is voiced by Adassa. Rhenzy Felis voiced Camillo Madrigal while Diane Guerro was the voice for Isabela Madrigal. Wilmer Valderrama voiced Augustin Madrigal.

encanto mirabel gift

Encanto plot

The plot of the story is truly something out of a fantasy. Encanto is a hidden magical town in Colombia. And it’s been hidden from the rest of the world for quite some time. This town is Hispanic, as we have mentioned before. And the magical Madrigal family resides in this town.

The fun part is that each member of this family has a special magical gift. Well, some can be called magical, and some special. But they all are a result of a miracle. All the members of the family are supposed to be given a gift when they touch the miracle candle and open a door when they become of age. They apparently use the magical gifts to help the other people of the town. For instance, Dolores has the ability to hear everything while Luisa is super strong.

Speaking of Luisa, Disney further broke stereotypes by portraying a female character with super strength. We usually see physical strength being associated with men, but Encanto shows us that strength has no gender. And that girls can be super strong as well. And the fact that Luisa is the strongest does not come with a stigma. It is a very normal and celebrated thing in the movie.

Coming back to the plot, we find that our protagonist, Mirabel is the only family member that did not get her magical gift or power. And that makes Abuela treat her badly. Mirabel obviously doubts herself a lot of times. But when she sees cracks forming in her house, she realizes that something is wrong. And that her family members are gradually losing their powers. She runs away from home and tries to find a way to save her house and renew her family’s powers.

If you want to see how all this plays out and how the movie ends, check it out on Disney Plus.

encanto mirabel gift

Encanto Mirabel Gift

In Encanto, Mirabel doesn’t have a gift like her other family members. The movie doesn’t specify the reason. But theories suggest that maybe Mirabel is herself the reason why.

In the movie, we see that Mirabel wipes her hand off after touching the candle. Now that is something different from her family members as none of them wiped their hands during their gift ceremony. It is not said that wiping one’s hands will cancel the gift, but as soon as Mirabel wipes her hands, the door supposed to give her gift disappears.

Another theory exists that suggests that Mirabel was herself the miracle all along. After all, she was the one who saved the family. Multiple people in her family possess magical gifts, but none of them are the ones to actually come to the rescue at the end. It is Mirabel who is observant and wants to do something to help. She is caring, loving, and protective of her family. Something that is as cherishable as a miracle.

Things Encanto taught us

Encanto teaches us how representation of minority communities is so important. And just because you don’t know the people doesn’t mean they don’t have interesting stories. We can ask to learn from Mirabel that being different is not the same as being insufficient, that you can be different yet wonderful. Lastly, she gives us hope that there is a lot more magic in your soul than all the magic of the world put together.

Final Thoughts

Our article on the Encanto Mirabel gift has come to an end. But we hope that this has made you interested in the movie, and you will watch it soon. This was one of the best-made and most loved movies of 2021. And we recommend you don’t miss out on it. Besides, there’s a lot to learn from this movie, and we hope you learn something as well.

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