edward snowden net worth
Reflecting on his decision to go public with classified information, Edward Snowden says, "The likeliest outcome for me, hands down, was that I'd spend the rest of my life in an orange jumpsuit, but that was a risk that I had to take."

The person who has left the whole world with their jaws wide open is indeed a person who is quite frequently enquired about. Edward Snowden is the computer intelligence expert who revealed the secrets of the National Security Agency, commonly known as NSA. Even though America has canceled his passport and accused him of leaking secretive information to the world, Edward Snowden net worth and other life issues are most talked-about.

The man with caliber and guts has indeed left the world in absolute amazement. So, if you too want to know more about Edward Snowden net worth, his life, and much more, look no further than what we have in store for you.

Today, we will possibly cover details about his life, where he lives at the moment, and much more! So, let’s get going!

edward snowden net worth

Who is Edward Snowden?

For people who aren’t aware of this person who is sure to have guts, Edward is a computer intelligence consultant. The man is known for his revelation that he did for the NSA and the world really admires the intelligence that he possesses.

Birth Details of Edward Snowden

He was born in North Carolina on June 21, 1983. Snowden’s parents – Elizabeth and Lionel, were also associated with United States government bodies.

It is known that Edward wasn’t the only child; he has an elder sister who is named Jessica and would work in the United States District Court. Soon, due to work issues, Edward’s parents decided to shift and finally took place in Maryland’s Fort Meade.

Edward attended the Anne Arundel Community College after passing the GED test. However, he did not complete his graduation and went to do his master’s. But this was something that he did not complete till the very end.

Edward Snowden Work Life

Edward had joined the military in 2004. However, a dark cloud came over his career graph as he couldn’t continue working in this field for an injury take took place. We are not very sure how he got injured, but according to sources, it is said that he lives the profession due to being injured.

Later, it was known that Edward was working as a security guard in the CIA. But after that, he left the company and joined NSA in 2009.

It is also known that Edward was working in Dell too, but we are not really sure about the years he has been working over there.

After working for the NSA for 4 years, Edward Snowden was displeased about the unethical surveillance programs that were planned by the NSA and FVEY. If you think what the FVEY is, then let me tell you it is The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance.

In this, countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom are linked.

edward snowden net worth

Why Did Edward Snowden Disclose the Dark Secrets?

Edward Snowden was working for this company for a really long time and slowly gathering information about the whereabouts of FVEY and NSA.

In this, it was seen that they were collecting information from the people unethically. And this was something that Edward disclosed to the entire world. Through the mobile data, NSA was capturing information that is not correct.

When Edward Snowden disclosed this to the entire world, they were absolutely in shock. And America decided to send Snowden to jail. However, alongside the pandemic, the revelation that the information Edward spoke about previously was correct and what NSA did was ethical was disclosed.

edward snowden net worth

Where Did Edward Go After This?

When everything was open to the world, Edward had no option but to run. First, he was in Hong Kong, where he was addressing the NSA. However, Edward Snowden wasn’t there for long, and there was no place that Russia gave shelter to Edward Snowden. He started living in an asylum there.

Where is Edward at the Moment?

Currently, it is known that Edward is living with his wife in Russia. Edward’s wife is Lindsay Mills, and they have been dating each other for a really long time. Both of them are staying in Russia at the moment.

How Did American Citizens React to Edward Snowden’s Revelation?

According to the citizens of the United States, the revelation that Edward did was great. And they considered him to be a hero for them! Thus, there was a petition that was also signed to bring him back.

Seeing this, President Obama had no other option but to speak to Edward and find out if he had the documents with him or not. However, when the government authorities spoke, Edward disclosed that there were no more documents that he had with him.

Edward Snowden Net Worth

Now that you know that this man is surely intelligent and does have a high IQ level. In fact, he covered more than 145 in the IQ test, which clearly shows that he is super intelligent.

And with that intelligence, he is clearly not going to tell the world about his net worth; however it is calculated that Edward Snowden’s net worth might be about $500 thousand.

But with the rise of cryptocurrency, we are not sure how much more he has made or whether or not with this intelligence he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our blog today, we are sure that you are absolutely in awe of this personality. Edward is really one of the most intelligent people, and he has shown that with the work that he has done. It’s not an easy task to gather information from NSA and disclose it to the world. Even though the American government considered it to be a crime, the people of America still think that Edward is no less than a hero who actually protected them from their rights.


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