After the birth of the child, parents become very careful about each and everything about the child. Every parent wishes to take care of their child perfectly without compromising any single thing. But parents are often confused between the right and wrong especially first-time parents. When it comes to a newborn uttermost care and attention is required because newborns are very delicate and sensitive. Mothers try to grasp all the points required to take care of her newborn during her pregnancy. If you are confused about the does and don’ts, then here is a small guide to baby-basics that every parent must know.

Check the feeding position

Check the feeding position

Mother’s milk is the only source of nutrition for the baby. First, make sure that your baby drinks enough milk because it is the only source of nutrition which is very necessary for the growth of your child. Give the right quantity of the milk as suggested by your doctor. Feed as many times as possible to feed your child properly. Secondly, check the feeding position. The feeding position can leave an impact on the digestion of the child. In the end, make it a rule that your baby burps.

Keep your hands clean

Your baby’s skin as well the immune system is to germs and infection. Never touch your baby without washing your hands. Make sure that you clean your hands properly to avoid all possible contacts of germs to your baby. It is not just important for the mother but for everyone else as well. Always ask others also to wash their hands before touching your baby. When a person comes from outside do not allow him or her to directly come near to your baby because a person coming from outside would carry more germs that can be harmful to the baby. Ask them to wash their hands properly.

Do not overuse baby products

Baby products are essential for proper care of your baby. There are a variety of products available for babies to take care of their skin and hygiene. But overuse of these products can harm the baby and its skin. Try to avoid these products as much as possible or reduce their use. Also, be careful that you are using products meant for the delicate skin of babies only. If your feels any kind of discomfort after using any of the products, then you must stop its use immediately.

Be well prepared

The pregnancy period is the best time to prepare yourself for your newborn. Read as much as possible. Take guidelines from the experienced. This will help you handle the situation well and will prevent mistakes. From the very first day of your pregnancy, start preparing yourself for your newborn and how you can take care of your baby in the best way possible.

If you face any difficulty and your baby cries continuously you should visit your doctor. Do not give any medicine to your baby without consulting your doctor.


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