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A crowded field and intense competition have made it an uphill task to boost e-commerce business value. The emergence of tools like WooCommerce and Shopify has made it easy to build an online store. In fact, a majority of users converting PSD to WordPress theme or switching formats are doing so to start a virtual outlet. The regular entry of new players forces the older ones to fine-tune their gameplan constantly. It is impossible to keep ahead of the competition and remain relevant to your audiences without a dynamic strategy. You need to have an effective marketing plan to promote your interface. At the same time, it is vital to ensure a good shopping experience for all visitors. Unless your store is not optimized for each stage of a potential customer’s buying journey, you cannot succeed. In this article, we are discussing some tactics that can be used to improve the overall performance of your interface. This will automatically have a positive impact on your revenue generation.

1. Devise A Strategy For Lead Generation

E-commerce operators must have a plan to attract new customers towards their business. They need to have a plan for actively gathering and pursuing new leads. There are various tactics that you can use to find new potential customers. The most widely-used strategy is to gather e-mail addresses of the visitors. You can expect people to share their e-mail IDs in exchange for an attractive offer or a freebie. These promotional messages can be displayed in the form of pop-ups to visitors when they arrive on the website. Another innovative way to reach out to new prospective users is through a toll-free number. People can call the number to get assistance and this provides you with an opportunity to convert them. You can also ask existing customers to provide referrals in exchange for beneficial offers. The more the clients the higher the valuation of your venture will be.

2. Invest In Creating A Brand

As mentioned before, there is fierce competition in the e-commerce domain. People are spoilt for choices and it is difficult to foster customer loyalty. Competitive pricing is an effective strategy but it is unviable to use it constantly. The solution to creating a loyal user base with a strong emotional connect lies in branding. In order to create a brand, you need to position your venture uniquely while addressing the target audience. The people must know that you provide a unique solution or value that they cannot find anywhere else. The value can be in the form of a novel product or an innovative client support feature or any other thing. The idea is to highlight your singular attributes to the target audience. This inspires confidence about your venture among the audience. It also allows them to forge an emotional connection with your business. Establishing a brand will always enhance the value of your enterprise.

3. Incorporate Trust Signals In The Buying Journey

Another way to increase sales as well as improve your brand value is by enhancing the credibility of the outlet. A buyer’s journey usually starts with watching an advert or finding the website in a search result. This is followed by the person visiting the interface and viewing the product page. Then she will go to the checkout page and finally complete the purchase process. Incorporating vital trust signals into each phase of the journey will definitely boost e-commerce business value. Start by including reviews in all the product pages of your virtual marketplace. People will trust your store when they find honest feedback for each item. Similarly, you can communicate to them that your checkout pages are well-protected by displaying trust badges of secure payment solutions. Shoppers like to return to dependable outlets which provide them with a secure environment to conduct purchases.

4. Highlight Product Benefits To The Audience

You can boost the sales and enhance the user experience of the interface by showcasing your product benefits. Modern-day shoppers are presented with numerous options for the same product. Their final selection depends on which item is expected to give them more benefits. When you highlight the advantages of using your offerings, the audience is encouraged to order the product. People cannot physically check out items on a virtual outlet. It, therefore, becomes important to provide them with extensive visual information about the products. Every website includes professionally shot images on product pages. You can go a step further and place product videos on the pages. These short clips will give a 360° view of the item to the audience. It will also be pertinent to provide demo videos showing the product in actual use case situations.

5. Use Analytics And Testing Tools To Make Informed Decisions

You can improve the value of your venture by using technological solutions to make informed decisions. Analytics tools can be used to track and monitor website traffic. These solutions help in analyzing traffic statistics on different key metrics which provide an insight into shoppers’ behavior. They also help to identify details like geographical locations where you are registering maximum sales. You can configure the settings to drill down and get deeper awareness. For instance, you can find out the demographics among which your website is popular. You can also know the time of the day when you see maximum conversions. Technology can also help in identifying the best approach while executing a strategy. Let’s say you are running an e-mail newsletter campaign. You can create two versions and track both campaigns to find which one performs better. Technological solutions have the potential to impact conversions in a big way. Using software solutions improves the quality of your decision-making which ultimately benefits the business.

6. Create A Simple Checkout Process

High sales figures translate into an increased valuation for any business. Simplifying the checkout process can have a positive impact on the sales of an outlet. Try to keep the fields on the checkout page to a minimum. Some business owners want to use the page to access additional information about their customers. However, the primary objective of the section is to facilitate a selling transaction. Including only the necessary fields will help in easing the process and encouraging people to complete their purchases. Some websites make it mandatory to create an account for completing a purchase. This can turn off a lot of prospective buyers who are unwilling to share personal information. Removing this restriction will help in successfully converting such visitors to paying customers.


You must have the ability to think on your feet and make quick decisions in order to successfully run an online venture. Entrepreneurs can boost e-commerce business value by using the strategies discussed here to create an effective roadmap.

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