With time, the skin on the face, neck , jowls start losing, showing you the signs of aging. . But, you can turn back the clock on the signs that aging has with the Facelift surgery.  

Facelift surgery, has the power to alter your appearance. It not only helps you look more youthful but also makes you feel more confident. 

Previously, a facelift was a procedure often resulting in a fake or ‘plastic’ appearance. However with the improved technologies, the modern-day facelifts focus on giving natural appearance than making drastic changes in the natural face.

If you are considering facelift surgery, below are the five things you need to know about the procedure:

Choose An Experienced Surgeon

A facelift is meant to enhance your face. You don’t want to end up looking overdone and unnatural. If not done correctly, it could make you feel even more conscious about your appearance.

Therefore, choosing a skilled plastic surgeon for your facelift is the key to great results. There has been a significant improvement in the facelift techniques over the past decade. Though most of the surgeons have excellent technical skills, it’s all about the aesthetic judgment. 

A good skin rejuvenation surgeon like Dr. Cabin is open to answering all the pre and post-operative questions. 

Get Clear On What You Want To Achieve

A facelift isn’t just about removing aging signs or tightening the skin. It is also about resurfacing the skin, restoring the volume, and doing Botox all at once. The procedure addresses the problem areas such as loose neck skin, double chin, mid-face drooping, jowls, etc.

So, it is crucial to decide what you want to achieve. The best way is to make a list of all the issues you want to fix and discuss them with your surgeon. 

A good surgeon doesn’t recommend you making additional changes as it may make you look unnatural.

The Right Age For Facelift

To narrow down the right age for facelift surgery is a bit tough as it depends upon factors like genetics and lifestyle of the people. 

On average, the age between 35 and 50 is considered the best to get the facelift surgery done. A facelift done at this age will help you look best for 10 to 12 years. However, you can redo the surgery after 10 to 12 years, and still look natural.

Recovery Period Of Facelift Surgery

Depending upon the type of facelift and the extent of dissection, the recovery period varies. Less complex facelifts generally take seven to ten days to recover. Recovery time following a more extensive surgery is two weeks.

Patients may have mild swelling for a few more weeks that can take several months to recover. 

How Long Does A Facelift Surgery Last

A well-done facelift can rejuvenate the face for eight to ten years. However, it depends upon many factors such as your skin condition, the age when you underwent surgery, and your habits (whether you smoke or drink).

Good skincare along with no smoking and sun avoidance can help you to maximize the longevity of a facelift.


Undergoing a facelift surgery helps you not only restore the natural beauty of your face but also boosts your confidence. Though facelift is indeed a quick fix, still you are responsible for maintaining the results by taking a proper diet, exercising, and sun protection.



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