The standard headphones which come with your smartphones, end up dump somewhere in your drawer because they are cheaply made and fails to provide the best sound quality that you were expecting. GoogleTune If you are a music enthusiast then you must know not to rely on these poorly made headphones, however, the first thing we all do is to buy a nice separate headphones that is eligible to be the part of your music journey and deserve to be carried around in friends and family. Therefore, make sure you go through all the steps that I am going to put down next to you so that it becomes clear how and what things need to be considered while buying a headphone.

Headphones or earbuds?

If you tend to spend less or you run out of space to carry your headphones and earbuds are the better choice to make. Earbuds usually come in a case now since the earbuds are now Bluetooth supportive thus are compact in size and portable to carry around with less space in style. A less costly earbuds will be cheaply made as well to be honest and you can spend $20 to $25 on them but keep in mind since they are cheaply made they would easily fall out or hurt your ears. On the other hand, if you are an audiophile then you know spending more to get more is the best option, thus an expensive one is the only you can trust to deliver quality sound and will be the one to fulfill your needs better.

Whereas there are so many people who love to go with headphones regardless of being bulky, huge and taking more space, they are extremely well in terms of sound quality they deliver as compared to earbuds. Though they run over your head, they are great sound provider due to their speakers and driver.

How much you want to spend? 

The second thing is evaluating how much of the pie you want to give up? That is the amount you are ready to spend. Remember that what you get is directly related to the amount you spend, if you have a low budget, like spending around $20, it will give the basic elements a standard headphone is able to give you without any extra cheese but spending on famous brands and giving up more amount of money will give you extra privilege in terms of sound quality, i.e. around $100 to $200 will be fine to pay for this high stereo sound that could engulf you for a good period of time.

Active or passive noise cancellation? 

There are people who want them to be aware of what is happening around them while listening to the songs, in this case, there is not much need to spend on high profile headphones with proper block out noise, these are known as passive noise cancellation headphones. Wherever, if you are a serious audiophile, don’t want people to hear you nor want to listen to surrounding noise, then spending on active noise cancellation headphones is what you required the most and they will cost you more then the previous one.

Wireless or wired?

Wireless headphones are the most demanding nowadays, these are the one who gives you freedom of music in true sense. The wireless headphones are said in two different regards, one is wireless in case of being Bluetooth supportive and another one is true wireless headphones that remove the wire around your neck, called truly wireless headphones. Apart from this, most of the people still prefer wired headphones, that is due to the belief that the wired headphones are much better to deliver quality sound as compared to wireless, but that must not be the case in every wireless headphone since it depends on the drivers mechanism and the company of which your headphones are.

Above are the few but really important facts you must not neglect if you are about to spend on headphones and want the best one to collaborate with your smartphone in order to get the best quality sound for the longer time period, hence these elements worth your consideration.


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