Types of Dogs

For a pup lover, knowing the culture of dogs and their lives is essential to taming one.  For years, these canines have been the most faithful friends of man and the best companions, hence.

But before you think of bringing home one, you should know the best breeds or different types of dogs. With the evolving human lifestyle over the years, the love for having canine pets has considerably increased.

Different Types Of Dogs

People have turned out to be more knowledgeable about pet care. So this incredible rise to calls for enlisting some of the most lovable breeds for your homes, which are as follows:


Labradoodles are a crossbreed that is a result of crossbreeding the Labrador retriever and the toy poodle or which is known as Standard Miniature.

This breed of dogs is available in varying sizes, from very small like the poodles to little larger ones. They usually inherit the laid-back character of Labradors and intelligence from the poodles.

It is believed that Labradoodles are the best options among all the different types of dogs if you have allergies. The reason is stated to be as these pets do not inherit the usual Labrador coat but the poodle coat. Moreover, these breeds are considered low shedders among all.

As a fact, this breed is perfect for your home and great as family pets.


Cockapoo is a crossbreed of cocker spaniel and poodle. Their sizes range from very small to medium. It is comparatively less shedder because of its curly fur inherited from poodles, compared to other different types of Dogs.

These dogs look like teddies and hence find popularity among the kids paired with a friendly attitude and cooler temperament.

Always filled with energy, Cockapoos have an eagerness to learn new things. So you can have a nice time training these dogs.

Shih Tzu

This breed originates from Tibetan plateaus, which were later developed in China. If you have to know this dog breeds a-z, continue reading.

Shih Tzu is a breed of toy dogs that weigh around 4 kilograms to 7.5 kilograms at their later stages of growth. Just as its name goes, it has Japanese typefaces. With lots of potentials, this breed of dogs is always playful.

By its appearance, it is very cute, very attractive, and adorable. You can see them either playing, running, and jumping. Shih Tzu loves to be around babies and playing with them. They use different patterns and tricks when they play and entertain babies.

Undoubtedly, Shih Tzu is a caring dog and especially cares for babies a lot.


Beagles are the popular independent dogs, and they easily avail them from your nearest pert markets or stores. The characters of this breed of dogs are that they constantly rumble and at the same time, be rough.

The fact that they are rough, they bear the endless passion for playing. This makes them a close companion of children if you have them at home. They are extremely zealous, and their light weighted bodies support in swift runs and jumps.

If you closely study a Beagle, you will find them as great lovers of playing. Beagles are always happy, and it is fun to have them as they bring with themselves all the energy and playful attitude to your homes.

This dog breeds small and hence it turns out to be perfect for accompanying your children in their plays. You will be surprised to know that beagles are very caring dogs, too, so you won’t find it a problem if they are with your baby.

Golden Retriever

Just like a Labrador, it is a popular family dog, and you can commonly find them in movies, television commercials, and even TV shows.

In fact, it is rightly called the “family dog.” A golden retriever is a complete family dog, and the reasons are many. These dogs are clever, loving, and extremely faithful and brave. These dogs have been traditionally owned by families for a very long time.

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You can easily find these dog breeds with pictures and prices to know more details about it. Its calm temperament, extremely kind and playful nature make them friendlier to kids.

These popular breeds come with a baggage of energy, and you will find them patiently following your kids. They usually curl around their owners, always waiting for playing or a cuddle.

But beware of one thing that is it sheds too much fur. So be ready to have a vacuum cleaner before you own one.

Springer Spaniel

Springer spaniels are gundogs, and you can easily identify them with their long, droopy ears.

These breeds are friendly and way livelier than other different types of Dogs. They primarily find their usage while hunting.

This breed of dog is a quick learner, and you can find them enjoying life even if they become physically or mentally challenged.

But if you want them to be in your house, you have to train them properly and as they are over-excited most of the time.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are quite the popular dog breeds in India and are similar in its characteristics to that of Springer spaniel. Similar to the Springer variant, they too are gundogs. Likewise, their droopy ears help you recognize them.

They are absolute family dogs, but they usually require much exercise.

These are friendlier and loyal dogs and specifically thrive for the company of people or other dogs. There are mostly two major types of Springer spaniels, which are show-cockers or working cockers.

If you want to know how popular this breed is, then you can probably recall Lady in the Lady and the Tramp movie of Disney.


Boxers are relatively popular among all the different types of dogs, and there are many potential reasons for it.

Boxers are intelligent and sporty dogs that can be easily trained. The dog has a large head and even larger body along with stronger jaws and squared muzzles.

It is, by nature, a gentle and friendly dog. The cool temperament and inherent patience have made it an ideal dog among the children.

Moreover, boxers are considered as one of the ideal guard dogs as they are protective and even guide blind people on their way. These dogs’ coats are usually brindle white or fawn in color.

These stand as reasons for people to look for the dog breeds and their purpose of taming it. But there are certain facts that you need to know before you bring home a Boxer.

Boxer has to be well-fed with supreme quality of dog feed; their shiny coats need grooming whereas the nails need regular trimming.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell is a terrier, which collates the facts that these are genuinely energetic and happy dogs. They have strong will power and can be seen as busy in walks and other activities. Their very energetic nature means that they will require a high level of exercise and stimulation. Training with your Jack Russel instead of going to the gym is the perfect way to keep them healthy and even help you save on expensive gym membership.

These are medium dog breeds and were bred in the past with the sole motive of hunting. This also proves that they are pretty vocal and good as watchdogs, so you can keep them as a pet for your family.

Even though they are friendliest, they love to be around the children who know to treat dogs well.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont is terriers of smaller breeds that originate from Scotland. They have a longer body and very short legs. The fur coat is very long which has a unique hair-knot on their head, and this symbolizes this breed.

Among the different types of dogs, Dandie Dinmont Terrier is quite friendly and tough. So you might have them at home, in case you have older children to interact with them.

These dogs are available in pepper and mustard variants. The mustard-colored terriers are available in reddish-brown and pale fawn colors.

The Kennel Club has presently announced it to be a vulnerable one breed. This is because each year, the number of registration of puppies is decreasing.

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Cavalier King Charles spaniel

With relation to its name, the dog has an ancestral connection to the royal courts in England. This breed of dogs is termed as a spaniel, and the main types of dog breeds to be classified as the toy dogs. It has grown in terms of popularity in the US.

As history has to unfurl, King Charles II was addicted to having dogs. His court had the sign as “Beware of Dogs,” which literally meant you need to take care of the dogs and cannot step on them.

You can find the cavaliers in four different shades which are:

  • Ruby: These dogs have a rich red-colored body without a speck of white mark on it.
  • Blenheim: these dogs have white pearl coats with chestnut-colored dots on it. Equally divided marks on the head give a masked appearance.
  • Black or tan: this dog has a coat that is raven black in color with marks on eyes, inside legs, and cheeks.
  • Tri-color: A black or white dog with tanned patches on cheeks, legs, and eyes and tail.

In the year 2000, the 19th most popular breed was Cavalier King Charles spaniel among the different types of dogs. Personally very energetic and loving, they perfectly suit as family pets.

Staffordshire bull terrier

Originally these breeds of dogs were developed in Staffordshire to bait bulls. The fact that they are forebears; they are stocky and have compact bodies. Their usual characteristics are stiff coat, partly colored with tan, liver, or black.

These dogs are usually a gentle and affectionate breed of dogs. They enjoy being in families and around people. They are popularly known as “nanny dogs,” which proves their care towards children.

But these dogs are susceptible to changes because they are the most fickle-minded dogs among all the different types of dogs. Once in bad hands, these dogs turn short-tempered and try to be aggressive at times.

Nevertheless, people love Staffie because of their loyalty, affection, and kindness.


Poodles are generally notorious dogs but characterized by their intelligence. As a fact, they are trained well. These dogs are usually active and ridiculously fun-loving. They thrive for attention so more often, and they take upon bad habits like useless barking when they are left alone.

This dog breeds small and often behaves aggressively with people other than their families or known faces.  So these dogs need to be socialized from the early ages of growth, and the training needs to be firm. But poodles are exceptionally protective towards their owner and their family or homes.

Poodles need to be groomed, and their energy and intelligence are a plus for easier training. So if you want to have one, you need to make poodles do several exercises to keep them fit and active. You should know they are excellent jumpers, so be careful with the garden fences.

Bernese mountain dog

Belonging to a very good and trusted breed, the Bernese mountain dog is widely accepted as pets for homes. They specialize in welcoming guests and pleasing them too. Apart from these, they are keen on observations and hence make for efficient watchdogs.

They are popularly described as gentle giants and believed to be best for households. But they are not perfect for families that have smaller kids or babies. Also, due to their bigger size, you need to have a facility for bigger cars to carry them to vets.

Bernese mountain dogs have to be trained from their earlier ages, so they are groomed to live among the families. But you have to give them chances to socialize, even though they are usually not reported of being rude or aggressive in any way. They are tolerant, friendly, and enjoy the company of human beings.

So here goes an ultimate guide towards a number of breeds of different types of dogs that you can always vouch for. If you are passionate about having a dog by your side, then this wider discussion is what you need the most.

So, as this goes, the more you know about the various dog breeds, you get closer to understanding your dream pet to be a proud canine owner.


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