Japanese car brands

Cars before were a luxury item, which was only affordable by royal families back in the 1800s and 1900s and not by any middlemen. However, as time passed, new car brands evolved, and it made purchasing cars easy for intermediaries too. Cars nowadays are not considered a luxury item, but a necessary item, which should be with every family and each family nowadays owns at least a car. Cars have made traveling easy for us. We can travel anytime, anywhere safely in our cars. Proceeding, here are the top-rated and most loved Japanese car brands that made car purchasing accessible all over the world. However, without any further delay, let’s jump onto the topic:-

Toyota- one of the top Japanese car brands

Toyota is one of the best Japanese car brands. It is the most loved amongst Honda and Suzuki. Toyota is the best seller, has sold around 10.35 million vehicles in the year 2017. Brand Toyota sells a large number of cars across the world. Prius, Aqua, and Sienta models of Toyota were the most prominent selling cars across the globe. Consistently through many years, Toyota has increased sales and production of vehicles with many more features. Satisfying customers with their services, Toyota also works for the welfare of society’s development. It incorporates 1.52 million electric cars.

Japanese car brands

Honda- one of the top Japanese car brands

Honda is the second most loved brand amongst the top 10 Japanese car brands. It is yet another Japanese car brand giving tough competition to all the other brand cars in the market. The sales of every car model released by Honda have been rising since the brand came into existence. In 2017 the honda brand recorded 5 million sales worldwide. The three top-rated and most selling models of the company are fit, city and vezel. If we talk about the overall performance of the cars and the brand, it is quite satisfying. 


Nissan is the third most profitable Japanese car brand. From the date Nissan started giving its best in the industry, the yearly profit margin and sales increased by 2.6 per annum. The recent Nissan sales worldwide were around 5.77 million, which is a significant sales number. The top-rated and most loved car models of the company are Sentra and Altima. Nissan is a car brand that launched its other car brands too, like INFINITI and Datsun who sell more than 60 models under their brands. 


Suzuki is yet another famous and loved Japanese car brand worldwide. The most loved model of all the other models launched by the company is Wagon R. From the past couple of years. The brand has noticed an increase in the number of sales per year with a massive amount of profit in hand, which is not less than an occasion for the owner and the co-workers. Suzuki has sold 3.16 cars per year worldwide. The business, car models, manufacturing factories of the company are distributed worldwide. It has 45000 employees working for it, 35 manufacturing houses spread across 23 countries and 133 distributors spread among 192 countries. Not only for cars, but Suzuki is also one of the largest motorcycle manufacturing and selling brands. 

Japanese car brands


Lexus is a Japanese car brand that manufactures luxury vehicles. It is a brand owned and maintained by Toyota, which is another Japanese car brand. It is marketed in more than 70 union territories and countries which is pretty great. The brand is also ranked amongst the top 10 most loved Japanese car brands, which is enormous. Lexus has been growing over the past few years. It noticed a sale of 3 million cars worldwide which is though huge but is 4% less than the previous year that is 2016.


 Daihatsu is the sixth most top-rated and most loved Japanese car brand amongst all others. It is one of the best Japanese car selling brands with an 8% sales increase per annum.The most loved daihatsu car models are hijet, tanto and mira. They all managed to get the highest sales record of the company. Daihatsu is the oldest Japanese company. It has seen many new car brands rise and fall, but this brand has always stood up against the challenges. Further, it is also known for its smaller kie models.


Mazda is the 7% largest Japanese car manufacturer and seller. It is a multinational automaker company which is set up in Fuchu, Japan. The total sale in 2017 of the company was 1.6 million of all models globally. This is a massive sales report however was less as compared to the previous year. The three top models of the company that are comfortable and reasonable not only while purchasing but in the future too are Mazda CX3, MX5 Miata, Mazda. 

Subaru- one of the top Japanese car brands

The formal name of the Subaru company is fuji heavy industries. Subaru has also been the best-selling car brand amongst all other brands in the world. In 2017 Subaru broke many records of Indian, American vehicle brands. The models which helped the company break records of different vehicle brands are outback and crosstrek. The Subaru company is still way ahead of many known Japanese car brands. The dynamics and strategies of the car brand helped it grow a lot. 

Japanese car brands


Mitsubishi is another famous Japanese car brand known in the world for its comfortable vehicles and its affordable price. It is the car brand under the multinational motor corporation company in japan. The headquarters of the multinational company is located in Minato, Tokyo, and Japan. Though Mitsubishi has had fewer sales than last year but still managed to run in the top race. 


Isuzu is not only a Japanese car brand but is also a manufacturer of diesel engines and commercial vehicles. Its headquarter is located in Tokyo. The principal activity of the Isuzu motors ltd. is the manufacturing and sales of Isuzu vehicles and diesel. There has been an increase in sales of the company over the past couple of years. And thus managed to be in the race of the top 10 Japanese car brands. 



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