Sab Zada

Standing in 2022, we mostly have to agree that social media stars are as successful as movie stars or musicians. With the help of the internet, there isn’t really any difference left between artists and influencers. The only thing that sets them apart is what they exactly do for work. But in today’s world, luckily, everyone stands a chance of becoming famous.

But some influencers and social media models have perhaps achieved a little more fame than others. And that is something to appreciate. It might look easy to be a social media star, but it takes work and dedication. You need to be consistent if you really want to make it out there.

In this article, we are going to talk about one such influencer, Sab Zada. You might have heard of her if you follow a lot of influencers and models. But if you don’t, let us tell you everything one can know about Sab Zada.

Sab Zada

Who is Sab Zada?

If we are to say who Sab Zada is in a few words, we would have to say that she is a social media influencer, model, and also a musician. But there is a lot to know about her other than that. Keep reading to find out more.

Sab Zada early life

The beautiful Sab Zada was born in 1999 in Houston, Texas. She was born on 18th June, which makes her twenty-three years of age in 2022.

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding her parents or possible siblings. Sab has never shared anything about them. This is probably because of how delicate personal information can be once you’re under the spotlight. Thousands of people see her life on social media every day, hence it would be risky to talk about family or close friends. Besides, the media is not really kind when it comes to talking about celebrities. You never know what will go wrong, and your family will be dragged into the mess as well. It is wise not to reveal too much about yourself.

Similar to her family information, her education history is not really known. Information about her school is not really known, but it was probably a school in Houston since the media star grew up there. What we do know is that she completed high school and is currently pursuing an associate’s degree from Texas University. This comes as a surprise because most social media influencers don’t pursue academics after making it on the internet. One doesn’t really expect an influencer to still complete their education if they already have an income source. But Sab Zada has proven to be different, and we hope she succeeds in her endeavors.

Sab Zada appearance

Sab is a beautiful model standing tall at 5’8”. And she weighs about 105 lbs. She has stunning hazel eyes and originally had brown hair. But like most people of her generation, she loves to dye her hair. Sometimes you’d see her blonde, and sometimes you’d see her with pink hair. And she pulls it off irrespective of what color of hair she chooses to have.

Sab Zada is an American citizen, but she is of part Asian, part Hispanic heritage. Zada is part Filipino, part Chinese, and part Hispanic.

Sab Zada

Sab Zad Career

Like most famous internet personalities out there, she started at a very young age. Sab started posting her pictures in 2017 and gradually started to gain a following with time. She also started posting videos on YouTube in 2019.

On her social media platforms, she goes by the name, Pasabist. Currently, she works as a social media influencer and model and has recently even signed with LA models. Sab Zada is also a musician who has released multiple singles on platforms like Spotify. Besides, there are rumors of her signing a deal with a music label and eventually releasing her music under a label.

When it comes to her social media, Sab Zada has over 600k followers on Instagram and over 50k subscribers on YouTube. On Instagram, she posts her brand deals and, other makeup and fashion-related content. While om YouTube, she uploads vlogs and make-up tutorials.

Sab Zada boyfriend

In recent news, you’ve probably seen pictures of Sab Zada with Jaden Smith. Some might have even heard that they are dating. Well, it’s true. The couple was recently spotted together in public and looked to be very happy and comfortable together like most couples are. According to sources, the couple started dating in late 2020 but have been keeping it under the wraps very well for a long time. But perhaps now they are ready to be seen publicly. Sab Zada seems to be very happy in the relationship, and we wish the best for the couple.

Sab Zada

Sab Zada net worth

Sabrina earns her net worth from her social media posts, collaborations, and brand deals. The young influencer has earned an impressive amount of money for her age. As of 2022, Sab has earned a net worth of around $1.8 million. This is all thanks to her hard work and determination to keep going at it in this competitive world.

Final thoughts

Sab Zada might look like any other influencer, but she’s different from most. The woman is beautiful, interesting, and works hard. She’s also unapologetically herself on her social media. Even in her videos, you can tell that she’s an honest person. Hence, all the fame she has is well-deserved.

If you wish to know more about Sab Zada, we suggest you follow her on her social media accounts. And let us know what you think of Sab Zada in the comments below.


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