Pedestal Fans vs. ACs - Pros and Cons

We all want some calming air circulation in our homes in the hot and sultry season of summer. Fans of Pedestal help keep rooms calm and breezy. People sometimes overlook the importance of fans when comparing with an air conditioner. However, there’s a wide variety of fans available in the market, out of which pedestal fans have been quite popular.

You can find hundreds of comparisons between Fans of Pedestal and air conditioners, online. In summer, pedestal fans topthe energy-saving tips list, while air conditioning offers great cooling.

Image Courtesy: Luminous

Different arguments for the usage of each appliance have been put forth. Pedestal fans offer light to moderate cooling, but at a much lower cost, using a different mechanism than an AC. In comparison, air conditioners have a much greater cooling capacity but at a higher cost.So, are pedestal fans better than air conditioners? Let us go through the advantages of both and find out which fits best in your home.

Pros of Using Pedestal Fans: –

  • The most significant aspect of purchasing pedestal fans is that they are incredibly light and compact. They can be switched on by simply plugging the switch into an electrical panel. They can also be conveniently used in your garden, terrace, or balcony.
  • They are multi-functional. They are economical, convenient to use, and easy to move without any hassle from one position to another. They are also eco-friendly.
  • They are quick to install.
  • For rooms with low ceilings, a pedestal fan is a perfect addition.
  • Particularly with children around, pedestal fans are a safe option for homes. The cage covering the fan blades makes it secure to use.
  • Since you do not have to face the difficulty of reaching up to the ceiling, Fans of Pedestal can be mounted, maintained, and cleaned easily.
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Prosof Using Air Conditioners:

  • An air conditioner is the only option if it is important to cool a wide area. This is even more usefulin the summer season when the temperature is quite high.
  • A fan is not going to do much in high temperatures. But anair conditioner can cool the space down to a comfortable temperature.
  • Air conditioners operate as dehumidifiers. Their coils absorb humidity in the air during the evaporator phase of the cycle and extract it from the air. This function is particularly useful in reducing room temperature in areas with high humidity.

Disadvantages of Using an Air Conditioner:

  • Air conditioners’ maintenance and initial costs are much greater than those of pedestal fans. When designing a house, air conditioners need to be strategically placed, especially central air conditioners. It is important to position the ductwork and vents in advance. Holes ought to be drilled into the walls forductless air conditioners, the cost of which can be huge.
  • Air conditioners contain potentially dangerous coolants. This problem is even more compounded in older air conditioners, with the gases being a source of ozone layer destruction.
  • Air conditioners require routine maintenance and a lengthy process for installation.

While both appliances, air conditioners, and pedestal fans are used for cooling, they are not similar in any way. The room temperature is not lowered by a fan,which only pushes the air around.

A smart way is to use a combination of an AC and a pedestal fan to achieve energy conservation and cooling. The energy bill will go down per month when these two are used together. This is the perfect way to get the best out of both worlds. You can check out trusted brands like Luminous. They have a huge selection of pedestal fans that will help you cool down your home.