With the pollutions level rising in almost every major city of India, it is important to keep yourself away from the horrendous air outside as much as you can and look your best on your D-day.

Winter is indeed an amazing time to get married and many couples tend to arrange for their wedding in the cold months of November and December. But each year, what winter brings with it is a soar in air pollution levels too. With the AQI(Air Quality Index) range in many Indian cities shooting up to the severe mark and most of the Indian cities topping the list by WHO of the most polluted cities of the world, it really becomes important to take care of yourself.

Getting the desired look for a wedding is a challenge in itself and with such high air pollution levels, it becomes all the more challenging to take care of your skin. So, in order to help you look your best, here we bring you some tips from a famous artist for bridal makeup in Mumbai which will help in beating the pollution and will ensure that you look your absolute best at your wedding.

Remember To Check Daily Weather Forecast

It is important that you check the weather updates daily in the morning and plan out your wedding planning schedule according to it. Check the hour-by-hour forecast and plan all the outdoor activities that you have to complete when the forecast is most favourable for the day.

Cover Yourself Up Properly When Going Out

If you observe that there is a lot of smog and air pollution outside, keeping indoors for the day is the ideal option. But yes, at the time of wedding planning there are things that can’t wait for the smog to be cleared out. If you find yourself in any such situation, you must absolutely try to cover yourself by wearing long-sleeved shirts and using a scarf to cover your hairs, this will really help out in sporting a flawless bridal makeup. This will ensure that your skin and hairs don’t dry out and will keep all the harmful air pollution particles away.

Move your Morning Walk Time To 8 O’clock Or Prefer Evening Walks

Have a habit of going for a walk in the morning? The early morning is the pollen load time when the flowers bloom, this can lead to various allergies getting triggered so, it is better to move the walk time a few hours later in the day or if you can endure, you must try going for the walks in the evening.

Buy AVaccum Cleaner With HEPA Filter

Regularly cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner and bringing in an air purifier with HEPA filter is another important thing to keep your home clean of all the pollutants. All the carpets and the furniture tend to attract dust and cleaning it regularly is a must.

Clean Air Conditioner Filters Every Few Days

Many of the air conditioners also help by trapping the pollutants present in the air and keeping the air filters of the air conditioners really helps in bringing down the pollution level inside the house.

Put on a Sunscreen To Mask Your Skin

Thought that sunscreen is only essential to wear in the summer season to protect the skin from the harsh sunlight? No, you can also opt for wearing the sunscreen in the winters to add in an extra layer of protection from the pollutants that are present in the air outside. Be sure that once you are back home, take a bath to get rid of all the particles of pollution trapped on your skin and moisturise your skin again with a suitable moisturiser.

The polluted air in winter months is apocalyptic in many of the major cities in India, the main reason behind the skin developing rashes and becoming dry in the winter months is due to the increase in pollution and the skin not getting appropriate hydration.

The air pollution adversely affects the sensitive skin and if you have one then following the above-mentioned tips become all the more important. So, set a daily reminder of the above points and make sure that you follow them to take care of the skin and look your best at your wedding.


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