Even a few years ago, the Indian IT industry was all about global IT firms getting menial jobs done. But the availability of skilled manpower has transformed the Indian IT industry into one of the most preferred destinations for global firms. Prominent names like Infosys and Wipro have made their impact felt in the global IT landscape. Before understanding which IT stock is the best to invest in, let’s get a brief overview of the two top firms in the country.


Infosys has been in the IT service industry for more than four decades. They offer traditional IT services to clients in the manufacturing, communication, retail, financial service industry, and others. Infosys share price in the past six months has been INR 1501.35.   


Wipro works as a global IT, consulting, and business process services firm. The diversified client base of the company ranges across different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, natural resources, and more. Wipro share price in the past six months has been INR 381.40.   

Factors of Comparison

Let’s compare Infosys and Wipro on the basis of three factors:

  • Revenue Growth

Revenue growth refers to the revenue percentage increase over a point in time. A high revenue growth rate is symbolic of a fast-growing business. The annual revenue of Infosys in 2021 was $13.561 billion, which is 6.11% higher than in 2020. The annual revenue of Wipro in 2021 was $8.46 billion, which is 4.63% higher than in 2020. 

  • Profitability

The profitability of a company can be determined by evaluating the operating profit and net profit margin. The operating profit margin depends on the sales of a company according to its revenue percentage. The net profit gives the final profit of a business after considering operational and non-operational costs. 

In the second quarter of the financial year 2022-23, the profit margin of Infosys increased by 11%. The net profit of Wipro settles at Rs 2659 crore in the second quarter of 2022-23. 

  • Employment Metrics

Due to the rising demand for IT services, companies in the industry are easily able to capitalize on them. But attrition is a major roadblock in the growth of IT firms. Attrition refers to the practice of employees leaving an organization to join another. 

The attrition rate at Wipro in the last quarter has been 23%. Even though the attrition at Infosys has been reducing, it is still the highest among the key players in the Indian IT industry. The most recent attrition rate of Infosys was 27.1%

Final Thoughts

Infosys is a clear winner in terms of revenue growth and profitability. But Wipro has been quite successful at retaining its workforce for the last few years. In the current scenario, buying Infosys stock seems like a better choice. 


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