Getting a taxi at the doorstep in a couple of clicks on the mobile has made the life of riders simple, convenient, and comfortable. But, technology advancement has made life tough for traditional drivers and taxi business owners. In fact, the small start-ups are crossing the great divide.


That’s upsetting!

But, the things can be turned upside down by having Online Taxi Booking System in place. There are two ways to jump on the mobile booking trend- either taxi businesses build it from scratch or embrace a tested and proven white label solution.
The former option has brought enormous success to taxi businesses such as Uber, Lyft, or Grab with seamless taxi management, but it’s an expensive approach. That’s where latter alternative- white label solution acts as a lifesaver for the taxi business that wants to mobilize everything “Under the budget.”
Before knowing the importance of White label taxi booking app development for the taxi business, let’s understand what does white label solution means:
Getting rid of the hassle involved with building the app from scratch, the white label solutions are actually a product of the company that can be rebranded as a by-product and sold to different companies.
The digital solution provides a great degree of freedom to taxi businesses to customize the features and interface to sync the app with brand vision and mission.
After a couple of tweaks, the app gets ready to launch and allow the passengers to book taxi at the fingertips, enable the taxi owners to track and manage the fleet of vehicles and drivers, and increase the drivers’ efficiency as they get booking request on the mobile without needing to waste the time in the search of passengers or standing idle.
It’s impressive! The dish is serving everything under the umbrella.
The reasons why the taxi business should give more credence to white label apps over the customized apps:

Low investment and high returns

The white label solution is actually a product that’s when purchased by the taxi businesses they just need to pay one-time set-up fees or fixed monthly charges (If SaaS model is employed) to start offering mobile booking reservation facility to the passengers.
Not a single penny is required to spend on research, development, designing, and testing of the app, which lower down the initial investment and increase the profit margin.
The second benefit is it eliminates the reliance over third-party services to get the bookings for fleets, which eats up a large chunk as commission thereby a huge amount can be saved and the bottom line gets increased.
Not to forget, when the business is available on-the-go, there will be higher chances of getting more bookings, which directly uplift the revenue.
The time saved with white label app launch can be utilized in enhancing the app with new possible features to improve the services offered that directly or indirectly bring more customers and more profit to the taxi company.
Also, with a white-label solution, the businesses don’t run the risk of getting the app failed in the market. The products are already tried and tested in the market against the target audience, so businesses don’t need to worry about the viability, performance and the end results. Therefore, businesses can expect a high ROI.

Reduced time to market

In the digital universe, technological innovations are occurring at speed and before the company tries to incorporate the one, another technology takes the center stage. It’s crucial to market the app quickly to gain the first mover advantage.
The white label application is a quick and dirty approach to get the taxi services out in the hands of passengers looking for the taxi. Instead of wasting a couple of weeks to get the taxi app built, the off-the-shelf solution requires a little customization to add taxi company’s look and feel to the app and it’s ready to launch.
The readymade solution has worked wonder for the taxi businesses (In terms of getting more bookings, seizing a competitive edge, and higher profits) that have become the first mover to launch mobile booking services in the region.

⦁ Zero down the maintenance and support headache

In order to outperform and outgrow, it’s essential that app performs seamlessly post-launch, which require the taxi business to take care of the server, code updation, troubleshooting and other things to ensure everything is going alright. The hassle of maintenance and support eats up a lot of time, efforts and resources.
White label solution doesn’t put businesses in such trouble as the company facilitates post-maintenance and support services as a part of the package. In the exchange of trivial fees, the taxi business can rest assured for the app performance.

Step the brand visibility up

The taxi businesses spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on marketing to differentiate the services and grab more passengers. However, regional marketing won’t help them get passengers who are not locale. Also, regional marketing requires businesses to pour in dollars and efforts continuously.
On the other hand, the white label solution is a one-time investment that allows the taxi businesses to spread the wings across the globe and hit the milestone successfully.
The taxi apps are the darlings of the tourists, which mean the taxi business will be easily getting the bookings from the non-regional passengers without spending big bundles on marketing.
Besides, the feedback left by the passengers on the taxi app not just helps taxi business to make the services better, while it’s working as a secret ingredient in the dish to boost up the brand awareness, reliability, and credibility when handled rightly.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.


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