Physician assistants (PAs) are in high demand and make up an important part of the healthcare industry. As hospitals and clinics look to fill positions, they often turn to PAs who have the skills and experience needed to assist physicians in meeting patient needs. With competitive wages and plenty of career opportunities available, becoming a PA is a great way to break into the healthcare field. 

Requirements for Becoming a PA 

The first step towards becoming a PA is to obtain an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. While there is no specific major required for this job, courses that focus on anatomy, physiology, biology, microbiology, chemistry, physics and mathematics are recommended. These courses will help prepare you for postgraduate studies in physician assisting. 

After completing your undergraduate degree, you must then pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). This exam tests your knowledge of medical science as well as your clinical skills. Once you have passed this exam, you can then begin working as a certified PA in any state that recognizes this certification. 

Benefits of Working as a Physician Assistant

One of the biggest benefits associated with working as a PA is that you can gain valuable experience while working closely with experienced physicians and other healthcare professionals. This experience can be invaluable when it comes time to pursue more advanced roles in the field or even move into other areas such as teaching or research. Additionally, PAs often earn higher salaries than other healthcare workers due to their specialized training and expertise.                  

Lastly, physician assistants work in many different settings including hospitals, private practices, long-term care facilities and more which provides them with numerous opportunities for growth within their chosen field. PAs also enjoy flexible work hours which allows them to balance their professional life with their personal life more easily than many other healthcare professionals.  


Physician assistants play an important role in providing quality care for patients across numerous settings within the healthcare industry. Becoming a PA requires both an undergraduate degree and passing the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam, but can bring many rewards such as hands-on experience working directly with physicians and higher salaries compared to most other healthcare jobs. So if you’re looking for an exciting career path where you can help people, while enjoying flexible hours and plenty of opportunity for growth, consider becoming a physician assistant.



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