ReLEx SMILE Surgery

ReLEx SMILE surgery is the most advanced procedure for laser vision correction as of now. The process is becoming the most preferred procedure for laser vision correction among millennials. It has been only five years since the technology was launched. But the success rate of this procedure is incredible. Are you someone who is about to undergo a ReLEx SMILE surgery? 

Do you need to know more about the surgery before experiencing it? Then this article is the right place for you to gather some knowledge about the surgery. Let us look at some relevant information regarding this surgery. 

How Is The Surgery Conducted?

The ReLEx SMILE laser correction surgery can be conducted without cutting a corneal flap. It is a minimally invasive process requiring only a keyhole incision. This procedure creates a tiny incision of 2-6 mm. The refractive lenticule can be created in a single step. Thus, the upper layer of the corneal tissue remains untouched in this surgery.

The lenticule can be removed through the incision. This causes a minimal description of the biomechanics of the cornea. The shape of the cornea changes after removing the lenticule. Therefore, the desired correction in eyesight is achieved with ReLEx SMILE surgery. 

Does The Surgery Cause Pain?

You will be relieved to hear that the ReLEx SMILE surgery is painless. It is also a bladeless procedure. The surgery gets completed within a short period. But the results of the surgery are stable and long-lasting. There is a meager possibility that a patient will need retreatment.

A patient is anesthetized before the surgery is performed. Then, the eye surgeon uses a speculum to stop the eye from closing or blinking. Advanced laser technology is used to make the lenticular surfaces precise. Later, the lenticules are removed smoothly through the incision in the cornea. 

What Is The Cost Of ReLEx Eye Surgery?

The cost of ReLEx SMILE surgery varies from centre to centre. It usually ranges between 50k to 65k for each eye. But the benefits of this surgery outweigh the costs. The investment is worthwhile because of the tremendous success rate of the procedure. More than 40 lakh eyes have been treated with this procedure within five years of its inception. The surgery done with premium technology offers safety and comfort. It reduces the chance of getting dry eyes.

Moreover, the surgery is usually not associated with any other risks. The recovery time in this surgery is as short as the time taken to conduct the surgery. Most people can resume normal activities the day after the surgery. The cost of your surgery can vary due to your geographical location. The price also depends on the experience of your surgeon. But the difference will not be too significant. A standard rate is usually followed for this surgery.


ReLEx SMILE is a safe procedure with no significant risks associated with it. You can do proper research about the process and get some information online as well.



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