wellbutrin weight loss

A thin, slim, zero-figure body is what a woman desires. They try gyming, crazy dieting, medication, and whatnot. It is almost a box that bounds your life. To look beautiful, girls try everything possible to look smart and presentable in any dress they want to wear. Whether it is Indian or western, they should get fit in every dress. Not their fault; our society has this taunting and bitching at the back habit that will pull you back emotionally. Thus, trying every medication or remedy helps them gain confidence. You must have guessed what this article is going to be about. In trying all the methods out, we have medicines that help weight loss. We will discuss one such medicine, Wellbutrin, as weight-loss medicine. 


Weight Gain Causes

Before knowing about the Wellbutrin weight loss, it is important to know about the reasons for weight gain so that we can avoid those habits and do not have to take any medicine. 


  • Eating More: Eating to the fullness of the stomach at once can cause weight gain. The right way of eating is to eat in portions after every 3 to 4 hours. It gives you energy for work and does not make you fat. So try to eat in portions rather than keeping a fast all day long and eating a lot at one time.


  • Menstrual cycle in Females: For females, the menstrual cycle is also a reason for weight gain. Not only hormonally, but the food cravings due to hormonal changes can cause the same. This brings up lots of calories. This can make them gain weight instantly. 


  • Slow metabolism: Some people constantly complain that they are getting fatter as they are crawling towards an older age despite the same diet they have been following for so long. This is because the body’s metabolism to burn extra fat gets slower as the body reaches an older age. This is a normal physical phenomenon and can not be changed.


  • Stress And Anxiety: Gaining too much weight can also be due to the increase in serotonin, a neurotransmitter. It gets increased when the person takes unnecessary stress and faces anxiety frequently. So it is better to avoid stress. Try to manage your time and get yourself in an excitement mode to face any situation rather than weeping on it.

wellbutrin weight loss

  • Genetics: Some individuals are fat because their parents, siblings, or other family members suffer from obesity. You might catch it if it runs in your family. 


  • Underlying Health Conditions: Underlying health issues like thyroid, diabetes, and PCOD sometimes explain the reason for weight gain. 


  • LifeStyle: Your weight gain completely depends upon your life. Eating too much junk food and doing no physical exercise can gain excess unwanted weight. Some dietary changes in such cases are mandatory. Control of cholesterol, fats, and carbohydrates can lead you to a better path. Try to replace your fried food with green veggies and fruits. 


What is Wellbutrin?

 Wellbutrin is the trade name of the drug called bupropion. It is a drug categorized under NDRI (norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake). It is an atypical antidepressant drug. 

Generally, all sorts of antidepressant drugs have side effects like weight gain, sexual dysfunction in males, sleepiness, risk of seizures, and many more to mention in the list. But if we talk about Wellbutrin, it has side effects but not like those mentioned above. It has a side effect that has become advantageous for some people. Prolonged use of Wellbutrin can cause weight loss. 

It was firstly not recommended as weight loss medicine. It was an antidepressant. But some research showed that it causes weight loss in its prolonged use. 

Together with this side effect, it also has some more to consider. It can cause dry mouth (xerostomia), insomnia, stress, anxiety, increased blood pressure, and panic attacks. If the consumer is a pregnant woman, it can cause congenital heart diseases in the child. 


Wellbutrin Weight loss

There are many weight loss methods, but Wellbutrin weight loss is unique as it was founded unintentionally. Let us now know some facts about Wellbutrin.

wellbutrin weight loss

  • Wellbutrin is given to patients who are depressed and overweight. Since it is an antidepressant, it will treat depression and, as a side effect, will help the patient lose some weight.
  • It has been noticed that the drug bupropion is not only the drug treating depression but has helped people recover from the seasonal affective disorder.
  • If you are a patient trying to quit smoking and are in rehab, you can take Wellbutrin as it aids in smoking cessation.
  • It has been effective in treating ADHD and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • It can be prescribed to patients who have bipolar disorder.
  • The side effects is wellbutrin weight loss. Hence, it proves beneficial in treating eating disorders.


The research has recorded that taking this medicine for 6 months has helped obese patients lose 10% of their weight. To maintain the weight they have lost, they take Wellbutrin for another six months. 


How does Wellbutrin work?

Wellbutrin, as told earlier, is an antidepressant with the drug named bupropion. It is the only drug that causes weight loss; thus, Wellbutrin weight loss. You must be curious to know how an antidepressant works as weight-loss medicine. 

wellbutrin weight loss

To nullify your doubts, let me tell you that these drugs affect the dopamine and norepinephrine of the body. These two chemicals play a role in the eating habits of an individual. These two neurotransmitters are responsible for the feeling of fullness, appetite, and feeding habits. Bupropion increases the levels of these neurotransmitters in the body, ultimately hampers the patient’s eating habits. 

This method gives a hand in the weight loss of an honest patient by ringing the bell of fullness at an early stage, decreasing the appetite and allowing faster metabolism. 


How to consume Wellbutrin?

The uptake of Wellbutrin should be done with complete precaution. Wellbutrin is available in two forms:

1. Wellbutrin SR: It is the sustained release version of the drug bupropion. The medicine is taken twice a day only after a doctor prescribes you. The medicine is allowed to be taken in the morning and the late afternoon. 

2. Wellbutrin XR: The extended-release version of bupropion has to be settled with the patient’s weight. It is given to the patient in the morning only. Since it is an extended version, taking it once a day is sufficient. 


The tablets are advised to swallow and not to be crushed. You should also not chew or keep it under the tongue as it changes the uptake method of the medicine. 

It is exceeded through urine as well as feces. 87% of it is excreted through urine, and the rest is excreted through stools. 

If you somehow miss the chance to take the tablet on time, you must skip the dose and continue from the next one. Taking the dose sooner or later increases or decreases the amount of that drug in your body. It can lead to the toxicity of the drug.


Summing Up

Wellbutrin is not a medicine for weight loss. Yes, it helps you lose weight, but it is an antidepressant. Without your doctor’s prescription, this drug is completely prohibited from taking. Not for anyone, but for your safety, consult your doctor before taking the Wellbutrin weight loss method.



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