Halloween theme weddings can be cool but scary, depending on how you put your ideas together. You can incorporate Halloween ideas into a traditional wedding theme or throw tradition out of the window. The idea is to make your wedding as creepy but cool as possible. 

The wedding attire, decoration, menu, entertainment, and bouquet, if chosen correctly, can help pull off the theme.


Flowers form part of the bride’s accessories. They can convert a simple dress into something unique and create a centerpiece for attraction.  Some bouquet examples include black roses that hold a symbolic meaning that’s very easy to understand. 

You can also put flowers in painted Halloween candy buckets and place them all around the venue. Add skulls, chains, and pumpkins to regular flowers and you have creepy yet romantic flower decorations. If you wish to go to the extreme, choose flowers with a blood-red color.

2.Wedding Cake

Are you wondering how you can have a wedding cake with a Halloween theme? A good place to start is to incorporate intricate Halloween colors to make the cake feel creepy. Black or blood-red details work well in this case. 

How about having your service provider bake a tombstone cake for you? Check with experts at Azazie for referrals to wedding cake experts. If the baker is good at what they do, they can also create one of a kind haunted castle wedding cake. 

Other details on the cake can range from small pumpkins, octopuses, roses, skulls, owls, or spider webs. Other color choices are purple, orange, and white stripes. 

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Instead of having one big wedding cake, consider having some cupcakes or setting up a candy bar. Put your guests on edge by having a creepy sign nearby. For example, “one cupcake has poison. Enjoy your night.”

3.Wedding Dress

Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or a Halloween themed one, your wedding dress speaks volumes. You need to choose carefully and probably invest a lot more time in finding the perfect dress for the Halloween theme. Some ideas for your wedding dress are having an all-black wedding gown. 

It’ll set the mood for a creepy and gothic wedding. If you can find one with sparkly details, you’ll look not only glamorous but also dark and chic. To complete the look, use a Halloween face mask instead of makeup for a change. 


Decorations are probably the last thing you think about when planning your wedding. Yet, they are among the essential pieces of your wedding. When pulling off a Halloween-based wedding theme, you need to think through carefully. 

How you decorate the wedding venue or reception area tells people the kind of party they are at. For the best results in using décor, choose a place that matches the theme. A venue inside a cave or a historic site sets a cool but scary tone, especially if deserted.  

Hang bats around the walls to create an illusion that they’re flying around the room. Paint some pumpkins white and add them to the table settings. Black drapery will make the whole event feel even darker. 

If you’re planning to use flowers, fresh ones won’t do the trick. Leave them to wilt a little bit to give them a creepy appearance while maintaining their beauty. Use glass skulls to hold the flowers for an additional twist. 

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Take Away

A Halloween-themed wedding can be effortless to put together if you know what to incorporate. You want the wedding day to be beautiful yet spooky without scaring your guests away.  Your makeup, wedding dress, accessories, bouquet, and décor should all point towards being spooky. 

Colors like black, white, orange, and blood-red work well for this theme. Don’t miss additions like skulls, pumpkins, bats, owls, spiders, and octopuses. Anything that brings out creepiness will do. 


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