Can Dogs Have Pedialyte

After a lot of hard work, when we feel tired and dehydrated, we need a fresh drink. This can be Pedialyte or any other sports drink. No wonder our canine friends play the whole day and feel dehydrated like us. In that case, you might wonder, Can dogs have Pedialyte?

Pedialyte is not recommended for dogs, though they can have it in small amounts. Consuming it in moderation or large quantities can pose health threats to dogs. Besides, dogs dealing with an upset stomach, heart disease, or kidney disease can have adverse effects from drinking Pedialyte.

This drink is not always a safe or bad alternative for dogs. If you want your paw friend to have some of it, be certain to have some safety concerns.

All About Pedialyte?

Pedialyte is a drink, also known as an electrolyte solution, specially made for children. Its job is to promote electrolyte replacement among ill people and make them rehydrated. Along with children, teens and adults rely on this drink for hydration.

Can Dogs Have Pedialyte

Pedialyte contains less sugar than other sports drinks. A litre of Pedialyte has 240 g of Gatorade and 100 calories. Its other ingredients include sodium, water, potassium, chloride, citric acid, dextrose, and some natural and artificial flavours. It can not only hydrate the body but also cut hangovers.

Whenever we lose essential fluids from our body due to vomiting and diarrhoea, we usually consume Pedialyte. Thanks to its minerals that help us gain the essential fluids back.

Can Dogs Have Pedialyte?

We can’t say bluntly that dogs can’t have Pedialyte. Sometimes it does some good for mammals when they feel dehydrated. However, vets don’t recommend offering this drink to dogs. This is because Pedialyte has many ingredients that can harm a dog. Its only safe ingredient is water, which is why dogs feel hydrated by drinking it.

If your dog is curious to have Pedialyte, you may let him take some sips, but with some caution. For example, they can’t have a bottle of Pedialyte or even half of it. Besides, they should not have any diseases because a minimal amount of these ingredients can worsen their condition.

Why Is Pedialyte Bad For Dogs?

Some common reasons for a dog to get dehydrated are vomiting and diarrhoea. Offering Jim Pedialyte in such cases can worsen their condition. This can make them more dehydrated and disrupt their electrolyte balances.

Sometimes, continuous vomiting and diarrhoea lead dogs to lethargy, which requires urgent treatment. Let’s say you haven’t let your dog drink Pedialyte, but he is suffering from lethargy from dehydration. In this case, offering him Pedialyte can be life-threatening for him.

For most children, Pedialyte is a favourite drink. It is because this drink includes fun flavours. Meanwhile, dogs are allowed to have unflavored drinks.

Pedialyte contains electrolytes and sugar that are designed for humans. The electrolytes are potassium, chloride, and sodium, and the sugar is dextrose. The electrolytes can be responsible for increasing blood pressure and restlessness. On the other hand, dextrose can disrupt blood sugar levels and increase fat in dogs’ bodies. It means diabetic dogs should strictly avoid Pedialyte or any flavoured drink.

Dogs get parvovirus from extreme dehydration. In that case, Pedialyte can also be dangerous for them. Besides, the sugar in Pedialyte is not good for dogs with congestive heart failure. The smaller the breed is, the more harsh the reactions will be to having this drink. How much Pedialyte your dog drinks is also a deciding factor in how severe his reactions will be.

The sodium content present in Pedialyte can again be harmful to dogs with kidney diseases and dehydration. Consuming more sodium means having more blood pressure, which results in dehydration and hypothermia.

Can Dogs Have Pedialyte Sometimes?

As said earlier, Pedialyte causes adverse reactions when dogs consume them more. It means small amounts of this drink may not pose any health threats to dogs, especially when they are large breeds. Whereas, small breeds can be affected by the amounts of Pedialyte that may not harm a large breed.

You can let your dog take a few sips of this drink, but only in certain situations. As said earlier, dogs who are vomiting, having diarrhoea, or having other diseases shall not drink Pedialyte. But if he is playing or running for a long time, this will make him feel the normal dehydration that we usually feel after slogging. In that case, you may offer him tiny amounts of Pedialyte, but that should not be the first option. Whenever your dog feels dehydrated, choose water as the primary source to meet this thirst.

Can Dogs Have Pedialyte

It would be better if you didn’t feed Pedialyte to puppies, even in small amounts. Their digestive ability is less than that of larger breeds. Hence, you can let your large breed drink some Pedialyte, but in small amounts, and that should be done occasionally.

In short, dogs can have Pedialyte in small amounts after dilution if they are not small breeds. Most importantly, you must get your vet’s approval. Sometimes a small amount of this drink can harm them, which your vet will know better.

How To Offer Pedialyte To Dogs?

Pedialyte has almost everything that a dog should not have. Such as sugar, sodium, flavours, and so on. This drink should always be the last resort for dogs suffering from dehydration if they are not dealing with any diseases.

The rule for offering this drink to our paw friends is to dilute it with water. Let’s say you are feeding 5 ml of this drink. Here, 2.5 ml should be Pedialyte and 2.5 ml should be water. If your dog has consumed this drink before within the diluting process, he may have it alone for the second time without dilution. And of course, the amount should be small, and small breeds can’t have it.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Pedialyte?

How much Pedialyte can dogs have?

A dog can have Pedialyte infrequently. However, a medium breed should not drink more than 2 ml, a large breed can drink up to 3 ml, and an extra-large breed can have up to 4 ml.

Can dogs drink Pedialyte with parvovirus?

When dogs suffer from parvovirus, they get extremely dehydrated, which usually occurs after vomiting or having diarrhoea. Unfortunately, Pedialyte can’t cure this virus. In fact, it can worsen the condition of dogs who are suffering from any illness.

How should you hydrate dogs?

It is better to hydrate dogs with water or ice instead of offering any sports drinks or soft drinks. You can also let them drink some fruit juice sometimes if they are not allergic.

Are electrolytes safe for dogs?

There are some foods from which dogs can get electrolytes, and they are going to be safe for them. Such as chicken bone broth, coconut water, Bullyade, Pawlific, Nupro, and Revive.

Final Verdict

After learning about so many side effects and minor benefits of Pedialyte, we may think, Can dogs have Pedialyte? Well, the answer is not a clear no or a clear yes. If your dog is healthy, doesn’t have any allergies, diseases, or health issues, and is not a small breed, a few sips of Pedialyte won’t harm him.

On the other hand, small or extra-small breeds should not have Pedialyte at all. Besides, dogs with diarrhoea, vomiting, weakness, heart disease, kidney disease, allergies, etc. should avoid Pedialyte completely.

Even if you think your dog is capable of having this refreshing drink, take the last call from your vet. If he approves, only then can you let your paw friend drink some of it.

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