5 ways to boost your recruiting agency business.

Recruitment is a highly competitive business sector, and to survive in today’s candidate-driven market, your agency needs a competitive edge. Whether your goals are to bring in new clients, attract more qualified candidates, or improve your customer relationships, here are five key ways for you to boost your recruiting agency business. 

1. Invest in Recruiting Agency Software

Investing in recruiting agency software like Recruiterflow will help your agency organize, manage and streamline recruitment processes while nurturing stronger relationships with your candidates. With the right tools, you can save time, money and focus on making great hires that drive business growth. Here’s how: 

  • Talent sourcing: Your recruiting agency software can promote open positions on several relevant job boards, career websites and social networking sites making it easier to reach and source potential candidates. 
  • Applicant tracking: Information received from candidates is compiled on the platform, making information easily accessible to you for screening, scheduling and background checks. It will also help you keep track of your candidate pipelines and help you stay on top of things. 
  • Analytics and Reports: Recruiting software tracks all your hiring data, provides you with reports and insights to help you make more data-driven hiring decisions. 
  • Recruiting CRM: CRM software automates your manual time-consuming tasks and provides you with a platform to collaborate with clients, personalize your communication and build better relationships with clients and potential job candidates. 

A recruiting ATS & CRM software like Recruiterflow can become your single source of truth and a system of productivity for you and your team.

2. Create Meaningful Content 

Content is a powerful tool. Creating relevant, industry-related content will attract your target audience to your website and social platforms, build your audience, and help generate more leads. The more original content you create, the better your SEO and search rankings will be, giving your business more visibility online and boosting your brand presence. This will also help establish your recruitment agency as a trusted thought leader in the recruitment space.  

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If your audience enjoys your content, they will share it widely on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, further improving your brand visibility, reaching the right clients and candidates, and thereby boosting your business.  

Content can be created in many forms: Blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, eBooks, webinars, white papers, blog posts, podcasts, social media posts, and more!

3. Leverage Social Media

Social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook are powerful tools and are just as important as your company website.

LinkedIn is the largest community of working professionals, and a strong presence on the platform will help with building strong client and candidate connections, facilitate networking, source talent and generate client leads. Facebook is also a great platform for your agency to reach your audience, through highly targetted groups and pages. The platform can be used to distribute the content that your agency develops to relevant audiences, to learn more about candidates, and gain insight into the kinds of content they resonate with. 

Your agency can then draw inspiration that that insight and work on creating similar content pieces to attract your target audience.

4. Personalize Your Communication 

Adding a personal touch to your recruiting efforts shows potential candidates that you’ve taken the time to explore and identify aspects of their background. Personalized messaging also lets candidates know why you are contacting them, how their background aligns with your client’s open role and why they are a good fit for the role. This helps make a great first impression of your recruiters and your agency, increase your odds of getting a candidate’s attention, and effectively making a placement. 

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The use of recruiting agency software makes it easier to personalize your messages, stand out among other agencies, build better relationships with your candidates and effectively improve your hiring process. 

5. Build Brand Advocacy and Social Proof 

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people copy the actions of others in a situation, based on the assumption that the others have more knowledge about the situation than they do. People rely on input and feedback fand decisions of others in order to make their own decisions. 

As a recruitment agency, earning the trust of candidates and your clients plays a significant role in building your agency’s reputation. Once you establish trust, your existing clients and candidates will become advocates for your business and spread positive feedback about your agency. This will help your recruiting agency business build credibility and social proof. More brand advocates will lead to a better industry reputation and thereby, more clients wanting to work with you. 

Encourage your candidates and clients to leave positive reviews on your webpages, write a review for your agency on Google and spread positive feedback. This can also be integrated into a testimonial section your company website and build trust with new clients and candidates that come about your recruiting agency business.