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Save Big During Internship: 6 Tricks That Will Make Your Money Last Longer


Recent graduates are already steeped in debt and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t save as much as you can. Until you get a steady job that pays well, this might be the best strategy. After all, studying is not enough to get a job anymore, you must also intern at reputable companies to increase your chances of employment once you graduate. And, as anyone would tell you, internships end up costing money.

According to Bloomsburg, during summer 75% of college students work as interns. We are all aware of how internships work. While the experience you get is extremely useful and increases the chance of getting a job, managing your commute, lunch and outings on low stipends is hard. It’s stressful for interns to save money while doing internships. Sure internships provide students with an opportunity to build skills as well as meet people working in their preferred industry, but at a cost and one that not all can bear. A good internship means a good job, but sometimes that internship can end up costing more than it pays back financially, especially when they’re unpaid.

Although many companies are trying to offer paid internship programs, there are still quite a few companies that hire interns for unpaid internship. If you’re a student, no matter whether your internship is paid or not, you should always be careful about how you spend your money at the office. 

You already have to pay for commute and food, and you might also want to partake in get together with colleagues. Doing activities and hanging out with co-workers is fun, but it’s not fun if there isn’t any money in your bank account. Then again, if you use your resources for office plans, you might not have enough to spend on outings with family and friends and that is no way to live, especially in the summer when the weather is great and people have free time to spend. However, worry not. Here are some tricks to help you save money while you’re doing your internships.

Start Cooking

When you cook your own food, your expenditure decreases dramatically. Taking lunch on an internship would help you save a huge amount of money. On a summer internship, there would be so many exciting things to spend money on. You can save money by taking lunch with you rather than buying from outside. If you live alone, you must learn cooking anyway. It is a life skill and sure to come in handy.

Get Cheap Space and Share it

If your internship is based away from your home, accommodation can be tricky and costly. A great way you can save in this area is by getting a dorm in a university or subletting an apartment on campus. You can even share a space with a friend. You’ll get some bonding done as well as save some cash.

Let Discounts Guide You

There are many student discounts available from movies, clothing stores and gyms, to restaurants and more. If you want to hang out with your co-workers, you can check out those deals. Also, you should check online for coupons as well to get discounts.

Get Cable-Internet Bundle

Internet and cable are essential for life. Cable helps you de-stress, helps you relate to society more, scares away boredom. Internet makes you more productive. Buying them separately can end up costing a lot so while you’re at it we’d suggest you bundle the deal. If you love some of those premium channels, we’d also recommend you upgrade to packages that offer them at no additional cost. For example, subscribing to Spectrum Silver will give you HBO which otherwise might cost more. If you’re sharing living space with someone, maybe you could split the cost as well. That’s sure to reduce your monthly expenditure.

Make your own Coffee

Coffee is the manna that keeps you going. But this elixir of life costs a fortune at shops. If you want to save some serious cash, consider using the coffee maker at the office instead. Most offices have them and they just might also offer the flavors you’re gaga about. Definitely worth asking about, right?

Cut Down Transport Costs

Sure, getting your own car and driving it to work sounds cool. Too bad, it costs a lot. A sure way to decrease you expenditure is to use public transport, or if you’re too fancy for it, carpool with office mates. Bike too is a great option if you’re into it. 

Home Remedies for Ringworm to Cure the Infection Gradually

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection. If you’re wondering that it occurs from a worm or not, no it doesn’t. It happens due to a highly contagious fungus called Tinea. Ringworms can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. People with low immunity levels like children and the elderly have more chances to have ringworm. Here, we will discuss the home remedies for ringworm to cure the disease if you ever have it.

The common symptoms of ringworms are scabby, red circular or ring-like patches on nails or skin. It can be visible on any of your body parts but, mostly seen on arms or scalp. Apart from regular people who can have ringworms, athletes are pretty susceptible to such infections.

Causes and risks of ringworms

Most ringworm sores are caused when you come in contact with people having the infection. They are called human dermatophytes and is highly contagious. However, one can also procure ringworms through animals (mostly domestic pets) or even from the soil.

Some of the risk factors to develop ringworms are:

  • Coming into close contact with animals or pets that have ringworm
  • Coming in contact with soil
  • Living in a humid and warm climate
  • People who have immunity issues, AIDs/HIV, diabetes, cancer, and under medication can have ringworms
  • Athletes coming in direct contact physically in sports like wrestling
  • Tight-fitting clothes causing sweat
  • Using common locker rooms or public washrooms
  • Exchanging towels, clothing or bedding with an infected person

Is Ringworm Contagious?

Ringworms are extremely contagious and transmitted from one person to the other. This can be communicated by bed-linens, towels or even clothing. Domestic pets can also cause ringworms to humans. You can limit the spread of ringworms by:

  •  Not touching suspicious surfaces
  •  Ensuring proper hygiene in the house of an infected person, by regularly laundering clothes and linens separately
  • Keeping body and hands clean
  • If you are into sports like wrestling, avoid playing unless you have treated your sores
  • If your pets have ringworms, immediately take them to the veterinarian. Also, maintain proper hygiene within the house and wash your hands at regular intervals.

Symptoms of ringworm on a human body

The term ringworm comes from the ring-like feature of what the infection looks like. It is a growing worm-like ring that appears on the surface of the skin. The core of the ring is clear. While the sore is fluid-like and feels scaly. It gives you a sense of pain and itchiness.

The diameter of a lesion (medically called for any abnormity like a sore) is about two inches or around 5 cms. It appears as a rash on the skin in a group of three or four – sometimes alone. The sores usually occur on the legs, arms, face or neck.

Some other indications of ringworms occurring in a body are:

  • itchy skin
  • loss of hair
  • patches of cracks, scaliness, and red skin

Signs of ringworm

  • Ringworm in the bearded: this is also called tinea barbae. Have symptoms like red spots on the cheeks, chin or upper neck which are red and itchy. Even hair loss occurs.
  • Ringworm on the scalp: this is also called tinea capitis. They grow in circular bald spots which can be red, scaly, crusty and itchy. They can spread to multiple areas making your hair brittle and dry. The condition mostly happens to children.
  • Ringworm in the groin: this is also called tinea cruris or jock itch. These come with red spots on the inner thighs which feel itchy and scaly.
  • Ringworm in the feet: this is called tinea pedis or athlete’s foot. These appear mostly between the toes or even soles of the feet. They have symptoms of red, itchy, swollen and peeling skin. In acute cases, blisters may appear on the skin as well.

When to seek medical help?

You can always try the non-prescription anti-fungal medications which are usually used for an athlete’s foot. If you see that the medication does not work even after a week. Call a doctor.

The doctor will first examine to confirm a ringworm infection. Further, he will give you a proper course of treatment. A thorough diagnosis by a physician is extremely important.  This is because, many times, ringworm resembles a lot like psoriasis or eczema.

Ringworms are not of medical emergencies. However, things will be different when someone has a high temperature, increased swelling, pain, redness or discharge. Visit a hospital immediately in such cases. These can be symptoms of a secondary bacterial infection.

How do Specialists Treat Ringworm on your Body?

Any general practitioner like an intern, family member or child pediatrician could treat ringworm. You can also consult a dermatologist for accurate care. If you experience an infection associated with ringworm, you might need an emergency-medicine specialist as well.

How doctors diagnose ringworm

A dermatologist clinically examines a ringworm before any treatment. To examine a doctor will use a scalpel scrap to activate the border of the lesion. He will place the scrapings on a glass slide to check the sample under a microscope. Note that you will need this treatment only when ointments and medicines don’t work.

Medications for ringworm

Many ringworm infections disappear without any treatments. Home remedies for ringworm are natural and effective. But before that, let us see some other antifungal medicines like ointments that can help this treatment.

The antifungal ointment needs to be applied to the lesion and 1inch across the border of the wound. You have to apply it twice a day till it cures completely. Always keep the infected area dry and clean. The chemical compositions you should look for while buying an unprescribed ointment are:

  • Clotrimazole1% (Mycelex and Lotrimin AF Cream)
  • Butenafine 1% (Mentax and Lotrimin Ultra)
  • Terbinafine1% (Lamisil AT)
  • Miconazole 2% (LotriminAF Powder, Monistat-Derm, Lotrimin AF Liquid Spray, Micatin and Lotrimin AF Powder Spray)

The medications used for fungal infections like yeast infections or diaper rash are ineffective on ringworms. You can treat ringworms like tinea capitis (which appears on the scalp) with shampoos that have ketoconazole, selenium sulfide (1%-2.5%) or zinc pyrithione. For example, Shampoos Nizoral, Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders Intensive include such chemicals.

Home remedies for ringworm

There are plenty of home remedies for ringworm and all of them are useful. Scroll down to check what the natural remedies for ringworm are:

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar includes antifungal properties that help cure ringworms. The effectiveness takes longer than medications, but it works. To use ACV, you need to soak a cotton pad into undiluted apple cider vinegar and gently wipe the area. Repeat the process 3 times every day to see cured results.


Turmeric is a commonly used spice that has anti-inflammatory properties. A specific component in turmeric is curcumin which is beneficial for human health. Detailed studies have proven turmeric to have extensively high antimicrobial abilities and can be used as a natural remedy for ringworms.

Consumption of turmeric in food or as a beverage like tea can help you treat ringworms. You can also make a paste and mix it with coconut oil and apply it externally to the affected area. Let it dry and then wipe it off.

Keep in mind, that turmeric may leave a stain of yellow color to people with a lighter complexion. Give it a couple of days and it will fade.

Lemongrass oil

The essentials of lemongrass oil have shown its effectiveness in various fungal infections. To treat ringworms with the help of lemongrass oil, you need to dilute the oil with a carrier. Apply it twice a day daily with a cotton pad.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains certain amount of fatty acid that might kill fungal cells by damaging the membranes of the cell. Researchers have suggested that coconut oil is a beneficial remedy for those with mild to moderate skin infections. You could use it, by applying the oil to the lesion three times daily. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer to prevent any ringworm infections in the future.


Garlic is proven to be effective on various fungal infections such as Trichophyton, Candida, Torulopsis and also Cryptococcus. However, there isn’t any proof to show the effects on a ringworm infection.

To use garlic as home remedy for ringworms, you need to make a paste with the cloves of garlic and coconut or olive oil. Then wrap the area with the help of a gauze. If you see improvement, repeat it twice daily. Be cautious about the lesion to avoid swell or redness. Immediately wash it off and do not repeat.

Powdered licorice

Licorice is an herb that is used traditionally as a Chinese medicine. It has properties of being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral. Ringworms and other fungal infections are treated at home by licorice.

To get its optimum results, you need to make a mixture of 3 tablespoons of licorice powder and a cup of water. Boil the mixture and reduce to simmer for ten minutes. Let the liquid cool down to become a paste. Apply this mixture twice daily. Let it dry off and then simply wash it off or wipe it with a soft cloth.

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract has given subjective evidence that can treat fungal infections. Ringworm can be treated by making a mixture out of 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract with one tablespoon of water. Apply this to the skin twice every day.

Aloe vera

In accordance with researchers, aloe vera has six antiseptic agents that exhibit antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities. The gel of an aloe vera has many cooling properties that can soothe swollen or itchy skin. Apply this gel onto the ringworm three to four times daily to treat the infection.

Soapy water

In order to prevent the spread of ringworm to other body parts, you need to keep your skin very clean. To ensure this, you need to wash the infection with warm water and soap twice a day. Dry your skin completely because fungus thrives in areas that are moist.

Oil of oregano

People process the oil of oregano to make Wild oregano (Organum Vulgare). This consists of two very strong antifungals – carvacrol and thymol. Researches have shown a visible stoppage to a fungus infection called Candida albicans. To use the oil of oregano you need to use a carrier oil to dilute the consistency. Apply this oil three times a day to the affected area.

Note: Do not use oil oregano that contains common oregano (Organum Marjoram).

Tea tree oil

Australian natives swear by tea tree oil for decades. It has cured numerous bacterial and fungal skin infections. It has become very popular today to treat ringworms effectively.

To use it as a remedy, make a mixture with one-ounce of cold-pressed carrier oil (like coconut oil) with 12 drops of tea tree oil. You must follow this application three times a day to the infected area.

Note: People with sensitive skin should apply the oil directly to the affected area and further dilute if required.

Final thoughts

Ringworms are a common problem for people who tend to sweat a lot. If you also sweat a lot, you need to take care of your skin and prevent such an infection. These were some of the easy home remedies for ringworm than can gradually help the condition. Make sure you follow the directions and you will cure it with time.

If you think the condition is getting worse, consult a doctor immediately. DIY the home remedies for ringworm like a first-aid, if you have it already. It will help you keep up with the pain until you reach a doctor.

5 Ways You Can Keep Your Home’s Air Clean


A well-sealed home increases the efficiency of your HVAC system by reducing air loss. However, a well-sealed home also means that the same, stale air circulates through your HVAC system. There are several ways you can improve your indoor air quality and your home’s overall comfort. For example, you can install a mechanical ventilator to bring in fresh air from outside, which filters the air before it circulates through your home. You can also place houseplants throughout your home to naturally filter out air pollutants. Learn today how you can easily improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Top Responsive WordPress Plugin for eCommerce Platforms


With the advent of eCommerce platforms, online stores have grown in terms of worth revenue-generating business. eCommerce has not only provided a platform for the retailers even though it has changed the definition of store businesses. The increasing mobile use and internet-dependent life are the main cause of it

When it’s about building your own online store, you should always be aware of all the related giveaways. If you’re already blown away with WordPress open-source environment, then you must hold your breath to know about some of its most responsive plugins. All together have helped so many eCommerce websites to grow in this highly competitive environment.

To let you know all about them, we have come up with a list of top 5 WordPress plugins. Each plugin has its niche for completing some specific tasks.

Here you go,


WooCommerce: Our first plugin is often referred to as one of the best solutions if you’re up for building and expanding online stores. With its totally free cost, you can afford to create a store for a blog and its five products or include a big collection of thousands of products. As long as your hosting and site infrastructure can handle it supports you for unlimited products and visitors also.

Moreover, WooCommerce has its own extension store, right there you can find a huge range of third-party developers, which are there to create extensions for WooCommerce.

If you are still paying for certain elements like WordPress themes, shopping carts and beautiful product galleries to integrate them with WooCommerce. You can stop and save your money now. With it, Wonderpush Notifications and WooCommerce Push Notifications should be you must-have plugins for your websites, which will let your subscribers update and connect with your business through its messages deliveries. Did you know about it earlier? If yes, then it’s great, if not then you need to know a lot more. Let’s jump into another plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD): EDD or easy digital standards gives you an intuitive plugin that is meant to manage and sell digital products on WordPress. No doubt, WooCommerce has the support for the same, but EDD is known for its more focused features on digital sales, and user-friendly interface. If your business is only about selling eBooks and PDF files, or audio clips, which nothing includes anything physical. Then, you should consider EDD very seriously in use over any WordPress eCommerce plugins. The reason to include it in your business performing list and its success is its free cost. And you also have a very personalized digital sales platform including features for discount codes, activity tracking, and file access control.

Hence, you can think about it to include it in your eCommerce platform. 

Cart66 Cloud: If you are not a developer and don’t want to mess with add-ons then cart66 cloud is a better option. It is because of its smart platform for all types of people, which approaches to reduce the number of add-ons needed for the smooth work-flow of the plugin. As you know it is tricky to work on your site with a collection of add-ons and extensions. Thus, Cart66 cloud offers you a WordPress eCommerce plugin which includes mostly features included in it. 

Moreover, it is easy to configure and use that’s why most reviews regarding it are positive. Like said earlier, if you are a regular person and don’t know anything about website development then its smart design might help you to solve add-ons.

WP eCommerce: If we talk about WP eCommerce then it is frequently considered as a direct alternative to WooCommerce. The reason behind it is the plugin set-up design of WP eCommerce is similar to WooCommerce, which includes, dashboard, interface, and pricing model. The pricing says you can download the core plugins for free and if you can pay some amount then you can add-ons to add more features. The difference between both platforms is that WP offers a golf Cart extension, which is a premium offering and its price is $99 for a single site. It provides you features like live search, premium gateways, and grid view for your product galleries.

Moreover, the advanced packaging is included in the package, whereas you need to add-on in WooCommerce. 

EcWid Ecommerce shopping Cart: The Ecwid eCommerce shopping cart is about boasting excellent ratings. Its setup looks like Woocommerce but it is quite different. The main difference to include is that Ecwid can be used on any website, whereas in WooCommerce you cannot. Also, if you have a drupal site, you can use Ecwid to launch an online store. And do you know? The same goes for WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, and many more. WooCommerce is the only WordPress plugin that is an alternative to it. The plugin is good to use, but it has one drawback that it is limited to one content management, But Ecwid is less expensive than WooCommerce, and other WordPress plugins. It has only one-month plans, but you get core plugins absolutely free and furthermore you will get more built-in features as opposed to a library of add-ons.

We hope that our piece has helped you to know about new exciting plugins that you can include in your eCommerce business. Don’t forget to mention your feedback down below in the comment box.


Surprising Facts About Mold in the Home

Chances are that you’ve heard a lot about mold removal services lately, and you may be wondering if you need them. We can tell you definitively – maybe. 

Turns out, there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to mold remediation, and some unscrupulous companies are using consumer fear to make a buck. However, some types of mold do pose a real risk to human health and to the safety of the structure they inhabit. In these cases, a mold removal team is a real asset.

To help you sort out fact from fiction and determine if you need to hire help or can safely go it alone, check out the following surprising facts about mold in the home.

1. Mold is always present in the home

Mold exists in nature and so spores are constantly circulating in the air outside and throughout your house. The problems only start when the concentration of mold inside exceeds that of outside, or when the specific type of mold is dangerous. Many types are not harmful to humans.

2. We are all mold removal specialists

If you’ve ever waited just a bit too long to clean your bathroom, you have practiced mold removal. It very commonly appears in the grout of any tile that’s exposed to water, often in the bathroom, kitchen, and utility rooms. You have probably scrubbed it away with bleach, rinsed it down the drain, and called it a day – with no ill health effects.

  1. Homes today grow more mold than they used to

In recent years, much focus has been put on increasing the energy efficiency of new construction. That’s great, because we waste a lot of energy and money trying to heat and cool drafty homes. However, homes that are super energy efficient also don’t breathe, and can therefore retain more moisture inside. That’s a recipe for mold growth.

  1. Mold remediation is big business

The proliferation of highly energy efficient properties, coupled with intense marketing efforts that scare consumers, has led to a huge boom in the mold remediation industry. Fledgling companies are springing up every day in an attempt to grab a piece of this new gold rush opportunity – dubbed “the asbestos of the 21st century” by some. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t honest, reputable, and experienced companies out there, just that you need to do a bit of research before hiring one.

  1. Not all mold is bad mold

Sure, you want to clear away any mold you find growing in your home, but don’t automatically panic about the negative health effects. There are literally hundreds of types of molds that might be found growing in a home, and only a few of them are linked to negative health outcomes. The most dangerous kind is so-called “black mold,” which produces mycotoxins that are thought to cause symptoms like coughing and wheezing in healthy people. Folks with asthma or severe allergies may suffer more.

  1. Bleach is not the best mold killer

We tend to reach for bleach to knock out anything that has the potential to make us sick. It’s the gold-standard germicide. But while bleach will eliminate visible mold spores, it doesn’t do much to prevent it from coming back. Instead, use a solution of borax and water. This cleanser is gentler but actually better at preventing a mold recurrence. After removing mold with borax, you don’t need to rinse because leaving a fine film of borax provides protection against new colonies.

  1. Dangerous molds are linked to a host of scary medical conditions

We tend to think of mold as causing respiratory issues only – and this is certainly a reason for concern. But prolonged exposure to mycotoxin-producing molds has also been linked to problems like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and brain damage. However, more studies are necessary to fully confirm the link. Don’t let any mold removal company try to scare you into buying their services based on fear.

In the end, the need for professional mold remediation comes down to the type of mold and the extent of the growth. If, for example, you get some extra mold growth in the bathroom when the exhaust fan breaks down, simply have the fan fixed and then clear away the mold.

However, sometimes water leaks are hidden behind walls and so is the mold. In these cases you may be able to smell the musty “wet sock” odor of mold but not find it. Perhaps when you discover mold it is so extensive that you’re overwhelmed. Or maybe you have noticed that people in the home are experiencing endless sniffles and respiratory challenges. 

In these cases, go ahead and call that professional. They have tools and expertise that can be really valuable. And not only that, they are trained in the art of removing mold without letting the spores go airborne and circulate throughout the home via HVAC. That is certainly a service worth paying for.


The Various Types of Disaster Restoration – and When You Need Them


Disaster restoration is simply what it sounds like – a professional service that helps return property to a safe condition after a disaster. But the work itself can be quite complex and highly specialized. The type of restoration needed after a fire is different from what’s required after a flood. And biohazard situations can occur for lots of different reasons that all demand a nuanced approach.

We’ll break down these three main types of disaster restoration and let you know when you definitely need to call a professional.


Biohazard situations occur for many different reasons, including crime, unattended deaths, sewage back-up, or infectious disease. Hoarded homes are also considered a biohazard because of the accumulation of rotting trash, rodents, and unnoticed water leaks.

Properties that have been abandoned or fallen into disrepair also have the potential to become a biohazard zone that impacts the health of anyone who enters. The result of a biohazard is poor air quality, damaged building materials, and mold growth.  

When to call for help:

In the case of a biohazard, human health is at risk if the mess is not handled properly. Professional biohazard teams have the protective gear and specialized tools to do it safely, as well as the knowledge to legally dispose of soiled items.

While a few drops of blood from a cut or nosebleed do not constitute a biohazard, larger amounts of blood that have pooled in areas that are difficult to clean, such as bedding or carpets, should receive professional attention.

We recommend always calling a biohazard team when you attempt to clean out a hoard, because there is no way of knowing what is under those piles until they are disturbed.

Biohazard cleaning prices vary based on the complexity of the job, but are typically quite reasonable for the value they provide.


Water can sneak into a home in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it’s dramatic, as when a river floods its banks. Other times water damage occurs when an appliance fails. This can also be dramatic – burst water heater – or the result of a slow leak that just doesn’t get discovered for a long time.

Cracks in the foundation of your home and improper grading of the surrounding property can also cause water damage. Poor ventilation or broken seals and insulation are other common culprits.

The risks associated with standing water in the home are significant. Flood water carries lots of pathogens that can make people and animals sick. But even clean water from an appliance leak is able to destroy building materials, compromising the structure of your home.

When to call for help:

If the leak was small, came from a clean water source, and was caught early, you should be able to manage it yourself. Be sure to dry the area as thoroughly as you can and then open windows, run high powered fans, and turn on a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture that penetrated into surfaces.

Standing water that you can actually wade into should almost always be dealt with by a professional. For one thing, there could be submerged electricity that can shock anyone who touches the water. You’ll also appreciate the benefit of special hoses to suction the water out and drain it properly so that it can’t come back inside.

A good water remediation team will use professional-grade equipment to dry the area thoroughly and assess whether there has been damage to the building’s structure or if mold growth has begun.


It’s no surprise that fire destroys the things it touches. Whether those things melt into goo or char into ash, the damage from a fire is significant enough that very little can be saved.

And it’s not only the flames to blame. Smoke from a fire has a way of penetrating deeply into surfaces. Wood floorboards and drywall have pores that open up under intense heat. The smoke flows in and is trapped when the pores close again after the fire.

When to call for help:

Small fires that are contained to one area and don’t touch the walls or floors can generally be handled by the homeowner. Safely dispose of the damaged items and be ready to air out the property for several days.

Larger fires definitely require professional remediation, as the property needs to be examined for structural stability. Plenty of building materials such as flooring, walls, and carpets will need to be replaced.

Incidentally, you can also have water damage after a fire due to efforts to extinguish the flames. And last but not least, your electrical system may have been compromised in a way that could spark another fire. Be sure to have it checked and replaced if necessary.

It’s never a good day when you need disaster restoration, but it’s almost always best to reach out for professional help over going it alone. The stability and safety of your property depend on it.

How to identify an ear infection?


Ear infections are more common in young children, however it can occur in adults of any age as well. If you have had an ear infection in the past, you know how miserable life gets. Having timely treatment by a qualified ENT specialist will help you resolve the condition.

Ear infections can go from bad to worse. To prevent sick days and lost days at work, book an early ENT assessment with your doctor. Visiting a good ENT Clinic for treatment should help you be back on your feet in no time.

With that in mind, let’s help you identify an ear infection:

Ear Pain

Pain is the first sign you need to look out for. Ear pain can have many causes, a little pain here and there, for instance while travelling on an aeroplane is normal. However, if your ear pain has not subsided after a day or two then it is possible it’s an ear infection. Penetrating pain from the inner ear for over 24 hours, is another symptom.

Ear pain accompanied by a temporary loss of hearing most likely indicates an ear infection. You don’t have to worry, your ENT doctor will diagnose the condition and help you with the right treatment.

Blocked Ear Sensation

Having a blocked or plugged ear is yet another common sign of an ear infection. Just the way you feel discomfort in your ears during a sinus infection, an ear infection too can leave you having a blocked ear. Persistent ear pain with a blocked ear is one of the clearest indications of an infection.

This plugged sensation in the ears, is because the bacteria accumulates behind the eardrum. It’s advisable to be seen by your ENT doctor. Prolonged ear infections can lead to loss of hearing.

Temporary Hearing Issues

An infection in your ear can mess with your hearing capacity. It is seen that middle and inner ear infections are a common cause of temporary hearing loss. This is quite frequent in young children. Any recent changes in the way you hear can stem from an ear infection.

During an initial infection, the eardrum gets inflamed with fluid build-up sometimes in the air filled sac behind the eardrum. Then it reduces the mobility of the eardrum causing temporary hearing issues. Getting yourself reviewed by an ear specialist is the best way to know, the reason for your temporary hearing loss.

Ear Discharge

Middle ear infections are a common cause of ear discharge, although ear discharge can have other reasons for it. If the discharge is due to an infection, then the bacteria or the viruses have made their way through into the middle ear behind your ear drum. Their proliferation causes the air space to release fluid. When the fluid accumulation exceeds a certain level, the excess flows out with a foul smell. You should walk into your otolaryngologists right way if there is such ear discharge as it may also be the sign of something bigger like trauma to ear drum.

Headaches and Dizziness

Your ears play a vital role in your body’s balance. Those with hearing loss are prone to falling over more frequently. Ear infections can lead to bouts of nausea, dizziness and headaches. It is worthwhile consulting a physician if you have a regular case of nausea, a pounding headache or feeling dizzy.

Itchiness or Rash

If your outer ears are red, itchy and with rashes, then it can be due to some sort of infection. Outer ear infections are common. When your ears come into contact with any contaminated object or even germs in your fingers, this can turn out to cause an infection. These outer ear infections are irritating, and bacteria is generally the cause.


Having a fever is not unusual during an ear infection. An ear infection when not treated on time, can often lead to fever. However, if you are able to spot the other aforementioned symptoms in advance, you can likely avoid a fever.

See an ENT Specialist to Treat Your Ear Infection

The ENT Clinic, conveniently located at both Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Gleneagles Hospitals in Singapore has state of the art facilities offering personalised care. The clinic’s team of ENT doctors, nurses, audiologists, speech therapists and staff go the extra mile for their patients. Take the time to research and identify a full service ENT clinic with compassionate and experienced specialists to resolve a potential ear infection.

HR software systems: Top 4 features you should know about


Each year businesses around the world incur massive amounts of losses just because they are unable to use their human resources to the optimum level. Be it a mid-sized or even a small organization; it is quite overwhelming to keep a record of how every resource is performing at an individual level or if there is room to boost up their productivity by cutting down the performance slags. The challenges are even higher when it comes to larger organizations that employ a higher number of people. Under all such circumstances, the Human Resource Software or the HR System Software can be of great help to the businesses in running their day to day activity most smoothly and efficiently.

What is Human Resource Software System?

The HR Software System which is also referred to as Human Resource Information System or Human Resource Management System is a software that has been developed in such a way that it helps the organizations in managing their people-related data while also aiding in the process of recruitment, retention and proper management of the staff for a particular organization. Thus even if you have an already existent HR team, top HR software is designed in such a way that it can help the team in reaching its goals more efficiently.

Top 4 features

There are several HR management software programs that are available in the market today. While some help an organization in reaching its peak performance, others maybe just a drain of your resources without any particular contribution. That is why before you make your pick, go through the top 4 features of HR soft wares that will help you in making better choices:

  • Reduces cost: Often, companies spend a considerable amount of money in recruiting a full HR team without really getting the kind of returns that they were expecting. However, with the right software, you can downsize your HR team as even a single person will be capable of managing a large number of resources. Thus your company will be able to significantly cut down on the cost that you were spending on HR.
  • Increased Efficiency:  If you are managing a large organization, keeping track of even the necessary information of the employees can also become a very hassling task. Under such circumstances, too, the HR software can be of great help to you. You can efficiently manage the track of each employee and thus make better administrative decisions.
  • Easy access to information: With HR software you can get easy access to the employee-related information that you are looking for
  • Better analytics: The best part of the HR software is that it helps you in analyzing your HR-related data in a more systematic way such that you can make informed decisions.

Now that you are aware of these benefits, you can integrate the top HR software in the daily functioning of your organization and get better performance out of the existing human resource base as well.

Importance of Trees: Time to Rethink About Nature

As the entire world is almost under lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it gives us time to rethink about things we take for granted. Just within a few days after lockdown, nature started showing ways of retreating. There were wild animals found on the streets of Italy, dolphins coming up to the surface of water, and much more. It is time to look into the importance of trees, nature, and wildlife as a whole to understand why we need things that are basic and of primary importance.

Trees are significantly important to our environment and also to human welfare. They provide us with the air we breathe, clean water we drink. It yields food and shade to mankind, animals and other plants. Numerous species of flora and fauna find their habitat by the presence of trees. It also supplies us with wood which helps in heat and fuel for cooking. Trees contribute to building-making materials and even make it an important place for several cultural, spiritual, and recreational purposes. The role of trees is to help in maintaining a global environment and the health of the species living there. Along with the abundant benefits trees provide us with, they need conservation and regrowth.

Importance of trees

Find out in the different aspects in which we can consider the importance of trees:

Environmental value

The contribution of trees to the environment is mammoth. They provide oxygen, conserves soil, preserves water, amelioration of climate and supports wildlife. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen which we inhale.

In consonance with the U.S Department of Agriculture, “To produce four tons of oxygen, one acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide. The annual need for eighteen people can be fulfilled by this production.” Trees, turf, and shrubs also help in air purification. They cause filtration to the air by the removal of dust and absorb several pollutants like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. After the trees remove the unhealthy particles from the atmosphere, rainwater purges it to the ground.

Trees also moderate the climate by controlling the effects of the rain, wind, and sun. During summer, the leaves of the trees absorb and filter the radiant energy of the sun and keep it cool. By providing a screen to harsh winds, trees sustain its warmth. Besides the influence of trees on the direction of the wind and its speed, they even shield us from sleet, hail and also the downfall of rain. Trees also minimize the temperature of the air and similarly reduces the intensity of heat. This helps in maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse effect.

Ecological Value

Trees reside above and below the ground, making it essential for both the ecosystems. Strong and far-reaching roots holds the soil firmly, thus curbing soil erosion. By means of absorption and storage of rainwater, trees reduce overflow or sediment deposition after the storms. By doing this, it recharges groundwater and prevents the cartage of chemicals into streams, preventing floods. Leaf litter makes an excellent compost which is extremely beneficial for the soil.

Herbivores like elephants, giraffes, and koalas consume leaves for their nourishment. Birds, bats and many other insects suck nectar and the flowers are eaten by the monkeys. The fruits that we feed on are also eaten by animals. With the help of this, dispersing seeds over distant places is possible. Trees are a home shelter to numerous living creatures. Many birds, squirrels, and other animals take shelter in leave covered trees to save themselves from predators.

Social and Community Value

Trees are of great importance to all communities. For an aesthetically pleasing and peaceful environment, we can find the importance of trees in:

  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • backyards
  • roads lined with trees

To enhance of our quality of life, trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitats into our urban life. We often take shade under the trees to cool ourselves while we are doing any outdoor activity with our family or friends.

Ancient trees in neighborhoods are located as historical landmarks that bring forth a town’s pride. The production of heat island effect caused by pavements and commercial buildings also reduce by planting trees in the cities as it deflects the sunlight.

Commercial and Practical Values

Our existence has been supported and sustained by trees throughout our life. They have a broad array of commercial and practical uses too. Wood is the primary fuel, still used by half of the world’s population for cooking and heating purposes. Timber is used to construct buildings, manufacturing tools, sporting equipment, furniture, and many other household items. Paper is made of wood pulp and there are many more such importance of trees.

We all know trees provide us oranges, apples, and various other fruits and nuts. Along with the North American syrup made out of maples, which is very tasty! But are you aware that the bark of trees is used to make cork? Which is a fine source of medicines and chemicals? Bark extracts are used to make both essential medicines like quinine and aspirin. Rubber is produced by the inner bark which contains latex, which is an important ingredient.

Spiritual and Personal Value

The prime cause for us to like trees is because they are both magnificent and beautiful. Trees are of different species having a never-ending diversity of different forms, shapes, vibrant colors and textures. As season changes, the appearance of the trees also keeps changing during the course of the year. Trees have a monument-like quality because of its regal stature, strength and long lifespan. Almost all of us react to the existence of trees with a relaxed, comfortable and pleasant feeling. For even life-changing events many people plant trees as a living memorial.

Trees register the history of your families as their growth and development occur simultaneously to you, your kids, and thereafter. We eventually develop an emotional attachment to the trees we are planting or the ones we see daily.

The inseparable bond has been evidenced by numerous organizations or groups across the globe, as they put in tremendous efforts to save and protect the historic and large trees from the dangers of modernization. Do you have any childhood memories of a tree in your neighborhood or backyard? The emotional bondage a special tree creates is absolutely boundless.

Importance of trees: How can kids save trees?

One-third of the earth’s surface is covered by forests which include 700+ million acres present only in the U.S. alone. They provide habitation to an enormous species of animals and plants, which provides the world with medicine, food, fuel and even more.

importance of trees

Forests provide us with oxygen which is of utmost importance and also ensures the temperature of the earth to be fit for human habitation. But what can we do in return? Some simple ways kids can help to save trees are given below:

Smart usage of paper

By minimizing the use of paper, one can save trees from being cut down.

How could kids help us?

  • Create a space to store reusable paper. Give your kids the responsibility to store paper which is blank on one side, so that you can use it before recycling.
  • Scrap paper usage (preferably recycled). You can use scrap paper for sketching coloring, drawing, etc.
  • Using both sides of the paper. This works incredibly well in case of doing homework.
  • Usage of cloth napkins. Rather than using paper napkins, start using cloth napkins.
  • Opt for a reusable lunchbox.  Instead of using paper bags for lunch, start using metal utensils, reusable containers and also reusable water-bottles.

Play and create with trash

Some inquisitive kids love playing with empty toilet paper, shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, and paper towel rolls. These empty boxes can turn out into superhero headquarters or even forts, Paper towel rolls turn into bioscopes or periscopes and toilet paper rolls become binoculars or bird feeders.

Donation, Borrowing and Sharing Books

People read a lot of nowadays, which are made into umpteen number of books. Hence, using a lot of paper. A library is an excellent alternative to save buying new books. Also, friends who are willingly exchanging books instead of buying new ones. In lieu of, hoarding onto books that your children have outgrown of, you can simply donate them to a library, reading program or a bookstore.

Planting of trees

Planting of trees has become a very popular activity on Earth Day. During the season of fall, you should plant shrubs and trees. Encourage your kids to pick the correct tree for their space.

Forest Visit

The most appropriate way to pay tribute to the forests and trees is to spend prolonged hours of time with them. Pay a visit to the local national or state parks, out of which most of them are protected forest lands. Admission to all 401 national parks is made free during the National Park week.

Confine yourself to the trails

While visiting forests, keep in mind to confine yourself to the marked trails. This will enable you to minimize the impact that falls on the wilderness areas, as a result preserving them for the generations to come.

Get your Smokey on

Do you remember who Smokey the bear was?  He still exists, preventing us from wildfires. Perhaps this is also one of the biggest threats to the forests. Repeating Smokey’s message is worth remembering:

  • You are the only one who can prevent wildfires,
  • Always be cautious with fire,
  • Always avoid playing with lighters or matches,
  • Pay close attention to a campfire, and
  • Always make sure your campfire burns out completely before you leave it.

Tips to conserve trees

One of the most important and significant things you can do to save your environment is by planting trees. To produce a sufficient amount of oxygen for one person in a day, we require around 625 square feet of surface area for vegetation. People who are living in cosmopolitan cities can also play a very vital role in the environment by making their surroundings greener. Let us go through some of the cost-effective and simple ways to plant a tree and bring in some green into our world

Save Nature by Planting Trees

  • Considering the size of your houses, if you can, try to accommodate a garden to plant enough trees, that will cool the atmosphere of your homes.
  • Choosing the correct plants according to the size of your garden or even climatic conditions is very important. You can also seek help from your horticultural society or local nursery.
  • If you have constraints to plant big trees, you could also keep creepers or smaller plants instead. Irrespective of its size, every green plant reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Always keep in mind that lawns absorb a lesser amount of carbon dioxide than plants. Considering this, always keep an extra space for plants than a lawn, while you are planning a garden.
  • If you stay in a city where there is a considerable water crisis, then always choose plants that are drought-resistant like flowering shrubs, cacti, and more.
  • Even if you reside in an apartment, you can still grow a balcony or terrace garden by placing potted plants.
  • An apartment has boxed windows that could be used to grow small flowering plants. You could even recycle discarded materials to make those pots.
  • Indoor plants are another way by which you could reduce indoor air pollution as well.
  • Replace the use of chemical fertilizers by composting leaf waste.
  • In place of gifting flower bouquets to your friends, you can gift them with potted plants encouraging them to grow plants.
  • By planting trees in parks, schools, factories, and roadside you can start off a planting program in your area.
  • Always report to the concerned authorities if you see trees being cut down. A maximum of the environmental problems arises due to public lassitude.
  • Saving trees should eventually become a personal commitment.

Save nature by conserving trees and paper

  • While buying furniture look for a substitution to wood. By doing this, you will save precious forests.
  • By curbing the use of paper, you will be saving trees.
  • Minimize wastage of paper by writing on both sides of the sheet.
  • Store old letters, envelopes and junk paper. Use them when you need to write.
  • Replace paper towels or tissues by old towels, pillowcases or sheets for household cleaning purposes.
  • While hosting a party, avoid using paper decorations, paper plates or even tissues.
  • Avoid collecting free and unnecessary pamphlets or leaflets.
  • Paper tissues should be replaced by cotton handkerchiefs.
  • Countless trees are cut down to make greeting cards. We could simply stop sending them to save the trees.
  • Gift-wrapping paper and cartons can be reused.
  • A recycled paper should be used as much as possible.
  • Schools should start eco-clubs to allot various projects for the locality.

If you truly realize the importance of trees, you will take tiny measures to conserve the environment. It slowly becomes a part of your system and lets you help the world in tiny ways.

6 Tips On How To Be Successful As A College Student


When in college, you should know that it is all about learning and balancing your social lifestyle. Below find the tips that help in being successful in college

  • Do not miss any orientation; you should consider all of them to be mandatory. Orientations are crucial since they will help in knowing the requirements a college student, where to go, and all the relevant places. It will help in understanding your way around the college. It will ease your tension and any issues that will arise as a new student. It is considered one of your first steps to success. 

Be acquitted and familiarize yourself with college resources.  You need to know where all the college facilities are the career center, counseling, campus libraries, tutoring centers, and recreation centers. Look for other recreation centers out and near the university. It will help in enriching your college life. 

Participate in extra-curricular activities like swimming, debate club, and other sports. These activities help your mental health and fitness, apart from physical health. 

  • Ensure your bond with your professors and academic advisers. Your academic advisers play a vital role in your academic goals. They will help when adding, scheduling, or dropping a course. They handle all the challenges and issues that arise in your academic journey.

When you are stranded, you must consult them. It will help with the college policies, application deadline, and procedures. You also have the option to get external help; most of the support is online. When you ask yourself, who will do my homework online? There is always someone available to help. 

  • Have a positive and good relationship with your professor. Each student has their own experience with their professor. These are individuals you will have a relationship all through your academic life, so ensure that it is a positive one. It will help you in having a smoother experience in college and hence your success. You will have a better understanding of your expectation. 
  • Have a sound mind all through your academic journey. When in college, you are bound to have tight schedules. You need to try to strike a balance between your studies and social life. If not attained, it can have negative consequences on your grades. The secret to being successful is to take proper of your health, eat well, and exercise regularly. Always prepare yourself mentally for what lies ahead. 

Get enough sleep so that you can make better decisions; eating right helps in boosting your morale and stamina. Remember to take some time off schoolwork and rest. 

  • Get involved in school activities. When you start feeling lonely, look for community activities, and join them. Make friends because it will not be an easy journey. Think of your major; some students get bored with their course and decide to switch. When asked about essays or reports, it is good to ask for help. The marks you get there will directly influence your last grade. 
  • Avoid procrastination; considered as one of the major problems when it comes to your academic success. Have deadlines when studying and know when to complete anything related to your studies. 

To be successful in college, ensure you value all your orientations. Familiarize yourself with all the college resources. Have a great relationship with all your professors. Do not have the tendency to procrastination your school works. Have a good relationship with your professors and fellow students. Ensure you have a sound mind and get involved in other school activities on campus and off-campus. Know the major you have selected and work hard to understand it better.  When you follow all the tips, there are higher chances of being successful in college. 

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