7 Tips for Moving in With Your Significant

Deciding to leave your solitude state and moving in with other significant is indeed a massive milestone. Nonetheless, cohabiting with someone, even if they are your long term soul mate is not an easy thing, and it also comes with a lot of challenges. It would help if you prepared yourself mentally before you decide to move in with your partner. Ideally, you will have to share everything with this person, and you will also have to change your normal routine during your free time so that you make your partner happy. Sometimes, the process of adapting to your new life of living with your partner may be so complex that you may even end up breaking up with each other during this period. Fortunately, we have outlined several helpful tips to help you adjust well and settle in successfully with moving in with other significant.

Talk About Finances

Primarily, talking about your finances with each other is absolutely key if you want to get along with your partner. In truth, no one would want to spend their entire paycheck paying for all the expenses in the house, while the other person doesn’t contribute a dime. As such, you should come up with a solid plan on how you will split the bills, from the house rent to the food that you eat every day. This way, both of you will be contented, and no one will feel the pressure of being the sole provider. Additionally, if you are looking to buy or rent a place together talk about how much you can afford and what you are both looking to spend. The dynamics of this can be different in each relationship. 

Ensure That Both of You are on The Same Page

Being all in on something with your partner can be a very exciting move. However, you may be super excited to do things, and they may not even be in the mood to do want you to want. For starters, ensure that your partner is as enthusiastic as you are about moving in together and that they are not doing it so that they only make you happy. Ensuring that both of you are on the same page will save you a lot of trouble, and it will also protect you from feeling like you are forcing things. Additionally, establishing a solid and trusting relationship before moving in will be key. This is not something that should be an impulsive decision, in fact, this should be thought about carefully before pulling the trigger. Ensuring that you and your partner want the same future for your relationship will be key.

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Ground Rules are Key

Living with someone else comes with a significant number of challenges and disagreements that may end up affecting your relationship with each other. To avoid these disagreements, establishing some ground rules is vital. For instance, you should establish some rules regarding the kitchen. Who will take out the trash? Who will load and unload the dishwasher? Who will be the one to cook dinner each night? Although these may not be the most glamorous and fun topics to discuss but they could save your relationship from a fight later on. 

Communication is Essential

While a relationship is all about feelings, communication is also a massive part of it. Communication is essential, especially when you are living with your partner. If both of you do not have proper communication with each other, you will find yourselves arguing all the time, which may make both of you miserable. If you feel like your partner is doing something gross that you probably hate, you should tell them your frustrations about their behavior to avoid future arguments. It is important both partners feel heard in the relationship especially when you live together because you are in such close quarters. You also need to be respectful of your partner’s time and space. Just because you live together does not mean you need to be with each other every minute of every day. If your partner wants to play video games but you want to watch a movie, allow them to play while you watch a movie. You could even go into a different room. Giving each other space will save you from many arguments but it will also allow you to have some well deserved alone time.

Be Ready For Anything

A breakup is something that absolutely no one enjoys. Nevertheless, when you move in with your partner, you should always hope for the best, but you should be ready for the worst. When you start leaving together, you will start buying things together, house furniture, and any other décor. Ensure that you agree with your partner on how you will split these things in the eventuality that your relationship comes to an unfortunate end. However, this is not to say that all relationships will end once you move in together. In fact, many relationships flourish and it brings a greater depth. Regardless of the outcome, be ready for a shift in the relationship.

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Be Ready To Go Big

If you are dating someone in adulthood, moving together is sometimes an inevitable move. When you move in with your significant other, there is some point where you will have to talk about marriage and creating a family together. Before this time comes, ensure that you are mentally prepared so that it does not come as a shocker to you. Additionally, moving in with your significant other will present challenges and can make you question your relationship from time to time, however, it is an excellent way to see how compatible you really are. You learn so much more about a person once you live with them. It could truly be a transformative moment in both you and your partner’s lives. 

Design Your Décor Together

If you are going to live somewhere for the foreseeable future, you want that place to look nice, and you may also want to design the place by yourself. While you and your significant other may or may not agree on the type of décor you want in the house, be sure to discuss it so that you come up with an amicable solution. From choosing a bed to deciding what color to paint the kitchen, decorating your first home with your partner can be a very exciting time. Whenever choosing try to compromise to ensure both of you are happy. For example, getting the best adjustable bed available to you will save you and your partner from many sleepless arguments. Additionally, keep in mind that your taste and your partner’s taste of decor do not necessarily need to be the same. As long as your partner is feeling heard and represented in your home, the materialistic items are not as important.  Overall, try to enjoy the decorating process and recognize that you are moving into the next step of your relationship.

While moving in with your Moving in With other significant other may come with its fair share of challenges, it is an exciting experience that is worth it. Moreover, be sure to follow the tips we have outlined in this piece so that you enjoy your stay with your partner.


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