Early childhood education is the pillar of wisdom, knowledge, and success. The early days have cleanest of minds and that is why anything good that is taught, stays for a lifetime. One of your foremost responsibility as a parent is to ensure holistic childhood development and that is only possible by enrolling your toddler into a preschool.

This will have your children thanking you later as they grow up and learn more about the world. Because, when they look back, they will surely understand what an impact their early childhood education had on them.
A holistic development during the early childhood days is only possible through the right education. Children grow to be more skilled, emotional, sensitive, and spiritually aware. Here’s why your child needs preschool education.

Holistic Child Development

1. Learning to Socialize

Staying away from the family compel your child to mingle with other peers at preschool. This helps to pick up necessary communication skills, learning socially acceptable behavior and dealing with people rationally.

2. Understanding Teamwork

Sharing is caring! And this is something that a child learns and understands while at preschool. Early education introduces them to other pupils and learns to do tasks together, completing homework together and playing group games. This creates a sense of responsibility towards others and understands the value of inter-dependency in a team. Not only this makes your child a team player but it also helps them shape to be great leaders of tomorrow.

3. Ensuring Holistic development

The early years of childhood demand overall growth of the character and getting the lessons that go beyond textbooks. Children are handled by teachers at preschool who help to get the best out of each child. This means they ensure children develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The impact of such holistic development is seen even in their academics as they start feeling confident about themselves and feel capable of achieving anything they set their eyes on.

4. Staying in Discipline

The great intangible benefit that children gradually adopt while at the education centre is that of the discipline. They learn this from others around them or by teacher rewarding them with their disciplined time at the preschool in Ahmedabad for that matter. This instills consciousness in them and they become aware of what they are doing and how they are behaving. Rewarding good discipline, instructing right code of conduct and friendly behavior towards others will make them better for life ahead.

5. Resolving Curiosity

Children are highly inquisitive and when it comes to their curiosity, well, it’s endless. This is why early education is important to cater to their curiosity and resolve all their doubts regarding anything and everything. With teachers and other children around they learn to observe others and seek answers to their questions by asking it to teachers and students around. They interact with others to try and identify if the other child to thinks the same way. There is certainly no end to curiosity but building logic and cognitive thinking help calming their thoughts and stay contended with their own perceived version of truth for a time being. It’s only a matter of time that they grow to discover real answers based on seeds sown at an early age.

6. Building Confidence

Some children are shy and they feel so while talking to others or even the looks of other people, especially strangers. Staying at home does no good in building confidence and this is why early education plays a crucial role to build confidence early on in life. One of the best ways to gain education is that they are enrolled in preschool where they are exposed to a lot of people. Gradually they start talking to other students, teachers make them recite poetry or narrate their recent weekend incident. They feel confident expressing themselves and learn to face people with bold courage. Growing up, this helps them to face real word brimming poised.

7. Channelizing Focus

Early education prepares children to train their brain on focusing while studying in a preschool. Few of the memory lessons like poetry reciting, numbers, learning alphabets, etc. will aid in redefining their way of looking at things which are usually in a jiffy. With planned education in preschool and teachers’ commitment towards each child, they learn to concentrate their mind on the task in hand. Engaging children in building blogs, creating sand castles, or even mundane tasks like having lunch on their own will make them more instinctive towards where to focus at what time.
There are many short-term benefits as well. Like, early education ensure children are well prepared for the next step of education i.e.; joining the elementary school, picking up sports based on their developed skills, picking up a love for arts and paintings from an early age itself. The whole idea of early childhood education is to engage children in the real world, opening up their perspective on certain things and preparing them to be the version of themselves while growing up.

Author – Bio

Usha Agrawal co-founder at LittleWings, one of the leading Preschool in Ahmedabad that focuses on the holistic development of children. Her dedication towards understanding childhood development contributed immensely to providing many kids with a solid foundation in the early years.


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