CBD Is Important

Have you heard about CBD, a compound extracted from hemp and believed to treat common ailments? It’s likely that you have come across products containing CBD at your local health stores, supermarkets, and online. In this article, you will know about 10 Reasons CBD Is Important to Human Health.

We say this because CBD is now one of the most popular alternative medicines in the U.S., ahead of marijuana, meditation, green tea, cabbage juice, lemon water; and other home-made therapies that have been popular in the past. 

But what is CBD and can it do anything for my health? 

As previously mentioned, CBD is a hemp-based compound with medicinal value, and which has been gaining popularity over the years as more people become used to hemp and marijuana as common alternative therapies. 

CBD is present in hemp and marijuana but is more commonly extracted from hemp because it is found in higher concentrations in hemp than in marijuana. 

A few key points to note about CBD:

  • CBD is not the same as marijuana
  • CBD does not make you high
  • CBD can contain THC, but not always
  • It can be extracted as a single compound
  • CBD oil is mainly derived from the leaves and flowers of hemp

It plays several roles in maintaining human health. For one, it eliminates some of the toxins and blockages that cause the immune system to become weak and therefore vulnerable to disease. As a natural antioxidant, cannabidiol fights infection and assists the body to remove carcinogenic compounds that infect and damage cells. 

Because of its antioxidant effect, it also enhances organ function; particularly when it comes to cardiovascular health, pancreatic function, as well as protecting brain cells from decay and preventing diseases such as Parkinson’s and dementia; which are normally caused by old age. 

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To give you a better idea of what it can do for your health, check out these 10 incredible health benefits of CBD:



1. Cannabidiol improves mood 

A common reason for people using it today is to manage mood, which may be useful in managing mental health issues such as bipolar or depression. It activates brain receptors responsible for regulating mood and this is what allows for hormones such as serotonin to be increased in the blood to alter or improve mood. 

2. CBD helps in removing free radicals

This allows the body to get rid of unstable cells that might cause cancer tumors. Furthermore, it prevents oxidative stress. 

3. Reduces pain

Products that contain hemp or cannabis extracts tend to minimize pain sensation for the majority of users. Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC have been noted for having a pain-relieving quality which makes them popular treatments for recurring pain such as back pain or arthritis. This effect may come from a combination of processes such as reduction of stress hormones as well as the release of feel-good hormones. 

4. CBD may delay or prevent memory loss in seniors

Cannabinoids such as CBD and CND are neuro-protective, which makes them important for brain health. But what makes CBD uniquely useful for memory loss is the effect it has on cells within the hippocampus (part of the brain that’s important for memory). It protects these cells from premature degeneration, while also helping to create new healthy cells to help with memory and other  cognitive processes. 

5. CBD may be used to manage neurological disorders

Individuals who struggle with seizures may be able to reduce the frequency of seizures by taking broad-spectrum CBD oil; which is believed to have a positive effect on neurological processes. While it isolate can provide relief for some severe disorders like epilepsy or Multiple Sclerosis, it is a combination of cannabinoids that seems to do the trick. 

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6. CBD is anti-inflammatory

As an anti-inflammatory, it may provide quick relief from injury, irritable bowel syndrome, brain injury that has led to inflammation, and many more conditions that may cause inflammation. This works in tandem with it’s pain-relieving qualities. 

7. CBD can Boost appetite 

Are you having trouble eating? One way you can boost your appetite is by taking oil; and more specifically, full-spectrum cannabidiol because it contains the full range of compounds in hemp and cannabis that give you the munchies. But don’t worry, it won’t make you gain weight. 

8. CBD for weight loss

There are a number of reasons why it is excellent as a weight loss supplement. For starters, cannabidiol is rich in minerals and fiber, which means it keeps you feeling fullfor longer. Another reason is that it increases fat burning by speeding up your metabolism. These two effects can help make your weight loss efforts bear fruit. 

9. CBD may prevent type 2 diabetes

Problems with insulin production are the cause of type 2 diabetes. While cannabidiol may not cure diabetes, it may help prevent it by regulating or preventing insulin sensitivity. 

10. CBD is good for your skin 

Skin disorders such as acne can be managed more effectively through CBD’s action on sebum production, which includes supplying antioxidant as well as antibacterial agents to the sebum glands to fight infection. As an anti-inflammatory, it also reduces skin inflammation. 

These are a few of the ways it enhances human health. Remember to see your doctor about using oil or other products.