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How can you define a social media audit? This term refers to several steps and strategies that you take to evaluate and grow your business profile on social media. The process is crucial because it allows online brands to stay ahead of their game in the social media world. The best thing about the audit is that it takes as little as thirty minutes to complete, and you will find several analytics and insights that you can use to stay ahead of your competitors. Carrying out auditing on your social media will help you develop and update an excellent social media-marketing plan. You can identify what is working and not working for your business, and identify several outdated profiles, a new niche, and several unique opportunities to keep your clients informed.

Why do I need to audit my social media?

When you decide to use social media as a marketing tool, you will want to regularly carry out social media audits, which means looking at your various social media channels weekly or monthly. Several benefits come with auditing your social media channels. First, you can align your social media marketing strategies to your business goals, while allowing the auditing system to show you how well your business is performing. Auditing your social media channels also gives you a glimpse of how well you are doing in the business world, and what you should change or prioritize moving forward. It also enlightens you and your team about the various social media tools you have in hand. 

Through social media audits, you can quickly identify various areas in which you can focus most of your resources to get good returns. It would help if you had a social media guide who will give you feedback that is authentic, transparent, and objective. Through audits, you can keep track of social media conversions that help pinpoint how well you are doing business on your channel. Through these conversions, you can get more clients, increase leads and appointments, and get clientele engagements. You are also able to discover several opportunities that generate leads to your social media channel. Businesses that run ads can comfortably analyze several current tactics, as they look into potential ad strategies.

Conducting regular audits will help you keep track of what your competitors are doing in the business world. You can comfortably get information about how you are performing in comparison to your competitors. To do all these and benefit from social media audits, you will need to perform several Key Performance Indicators to help you identify whether you are in line with your business goals.

How to perform the audit

There are steps you need to follow for a successful social media audit. They include:

  • Creating a document for the audit allows you to use an excel spreadsheet or a template provided through various platforms. On these templates, you need to include the social media link, the social media handle, the owner of the account, and other details
  • Tracking down all social media accounts and reactivating them. You also need to identify various social media channels where your brand does not have a presence and add it there.
  • Keep track of the web. This implies that you need to Google your company name, and find out which social media channels are affiliated to your company.
  • Ensure that information on your social media channels is up to date. Create profiles and add any short bio about your brand or company.
  •  You need to identify various demographics for each social media channel. Find out which class of people regularly uses Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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