change in Ecommerce Sales

The clock keeps ticking and the world is changing every minute. Three months back, Covid-19 graced the world with its presence and everything has changed since then- people’s behavior, the perception to life and lifestyle in general. As the situation changed, so did the buying pattern, which impacted the way companies conduct business. Find about the new change in Ecommerce Sales.

Life as we knew it and the change

In the pre Coronavirus world, Ecommerce companies ruled the roost as they introduced people to a whole new way of shopping from the comfort of their home and we were all hooked. EORS Sale, Time to change sale were the buzzwords as the entire market was up for grabs and it just transformed the way we shopped. Great discounts and a wide range of products, it was like the entire world could be accessed at the tip of your fingers. No wonder due to a change in Ecommerce Sales has boomed, with offers galore and high spending power they were on the path to significant growth when tragedy struck. The coronavirus pandemic entered our lives and lockdown was imposed. With people stuck at home and crippled logistics, the buying pattern shifted and delivering essentials became priority.

The Ecommerce companies changed their catalogs to focus on essential commodities- masks, sanitizers, gloves, home essentials started showing up in every consumer’s shopping cart. The demand for these products surged as people feared and battled a deadly virus. The companies were quick to adapt to these changes and they delivered when it really mattered. 

The New Normal

Its unlock 1.0 and Ecommerce companies are gearing up for yet another change. Zero contact is the new buzzword and every player has implemented a plan to minimize contact and ensure safe delivery to their customers. The delivery of nonessential items has been approved too but the focus will remain largely on the new product catalog- there is a whole range of sanitizers, custom made masks, comfort home wear , home décor that is being added and the catalogs are being revamped. The focus is essentials and these will continue to drive the buying pattern in a big way. 

EORS Sale – Shop To Your Hearts Content

EORS sale is round the corner and all these products will be up for grabs. The focus on essentials does not mean that the other categories are going to be left behind. With life getting back to normal in a phased manner, buying habits will also resume gradually and EORS is gearing up to bring back all your favorites and much more. The heart wants what the heart wants and what better way to please your heart than to take it shopping, lazing on your couch when the EORS begins. They do say that a ‘Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart’.

The year 2020 might have started as our worst nightmare but the situation will improve in the coming months and there will be restoration of normalcy in our lives. The remaining part of this year promises hope and change because you can only rise up after hitting rock bottom. 


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