Blow Dry Your Hair

Having wet hair delays your prepping time, most notably after applying your favorite hair conditioner. Thanks to Alexander Godefroy, the inventor of the first hairdryer, blow-dryers exist to rescue your hairstyle. These drying weapons have assisted thousands of hairstylists and saved millions of women from experiencing lousy hair days. Read on to find if you should blow dry your hair every day.

However, the usage of blow-dryers remains a hot topic in the hair care community. How can you benefit from blow dry your hair? Here are some advantages of hair blow-drying.

Benefits of blow dry your hair

  1. Faster hair preparation

You can’t expect your locks to get dry after a few minutes of sitting on the couch. If you don’t want to look like Sadako from ‘The Ring,’ you must tie your hair, which is a pretty damaging move for your locks. Therefore, to beat the time for hair preparations, you need to blow dry your hair

  1. More styling options

Blow-drying opens more windows to different hairstyles. You can control the direction of the strands using a hairdryer. It’s also important to style an oil-free hair. If your locks are too lubricated because of the applied hair conditioner, blow dry your hair to get rid of the greasy texture.

  1. Prevents microbial accumulation

Keeping your hair dry also prevents bacteria from infiltrating your scalp. The germs from the air pollutants may get stuck on your strands and crawl to your pores and follicles. You can develop dandruff and other scalp infections if you let your hair stay wet.

  1. Adds more hair volume

You’ve read it right! Blow-drying can make your hair look healthy and voluminous. This hair-drying technique prevents your roots from drooping down, thereby giving your hair the extra volume that you need.

  1. Alternative hair straightener

If you have a phobia for hair straightening irons, then a blow-dryer might become your best buddy. Blow-drying keeps your hair from bending and drooping. By using this hair-drying tool, your locks can achieve a straight and healthy-looking appearance.

However, exposing your mane to any blow-dryer can cause adverse effects. Here are some drawbacks of blow-drying your hair.

Cons of Blow-drying

  1. Dry and brittle hair

Blow-drying your mane exposes your strands to the hair tool’s heat pressure, thus removing the moisture within your locks. Not only can it make your hair frizzy and brittle, but it can trigger strand breakage. 

  1. Lack of sebum on your scalp

Sebum production is essential for hair growth, and an absence of natural oils on your scalp can prompt hair problems. Blow-drying gets rid of the sebum covered on the strands, leading to scalp itching and infections.

  1. Damaged hair cuticles

You must be extra careful when blow-drying your locks. Abrasive brushing of your hair while drying it opens to possibilities of hair damage. Drying can cause hair cuticles to crack and open, allowing moisture to get away and weaken your hair strands. Therefore, always be gentle whenever you comb and blow dry your hair simultaneously.

Should You blow dry your hair Daily?

Deviating from this hairstyling habit is heart-breaking for you, but not for your hair. Though blow-drying emphasizes the beauty of your mane, it may cost the life of your locks. Therefore, do not blow dry your hair every day to avoid triggering and worsening hair casualties. However, if your hair needs a blow-drying moment, you must take measures to avoid damaging your tresses. 

First, you need to blow dry your hair. An abrupt exposure of wet hair to heat can affect its texture and strength. Then, invest your money for an excellent blow-drying tool, such as an ionic dryer. This tool does its job without giving off too much heat. Lastly, make it a habit to apply a hair conditioner on your mane. This conditioning cream keeps your hair cuticles smooth and ensures that your strands are well-hydrated.

The decision to blow-dry your hair every day is up to you. However, ensure that your hair is always moisturized and protected from this damage-causing dryer.


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